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  1. treed

    linkey mac

    This is probably an issue with the browser settings. See this post for some suggestions: Let us know if that doesn't solve the problem.
  2. Removing those configuration profiles is tricky. Apple does not provide a good way to do that outside the command line, and there are many legitimate profiles that can be installed, so we're still trying to decide how to approach this problem without affecting user data.
  3. You haven't actually uninstalled. You just dragged the app to the trash, I assume, which is never the right way to remove software that requires an installer... and even a lot that doesn't. See:
  4. A bad bookmark can't hurt you, but if at some point you notice a bookmark in the list that doesn't belong there, you should definitely delete it.
  5. Can you provide that number so that we can whitelist it? The problem is as you suspected... scammers are spoofing these legitimate numbers, which gets them reported to a lot of different lists.
  6. Please see this topic for some suggestions:
  7. Do you have some kind of outgoing firewall that may be blocking connections, such as Little Snitch or Lulu? If so, you will need to review any such software and ensure it is not blocking connections that Malwarebytes needs to function properly. See page 2 in the user guide: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/Malwarebytes-For-Mac-User-Guide.pdf In the External Access Requirements section under System Requirements, there is a list of servers that Malwarebytes needs to be able to communicate with. Ensure that none of the following Malwarebytes processes are prevented from accessing those servers: Malwarebytes Agent FrontendAgent RTProtectionDaemon SettingsDaemon
  8. treed


    Are you referring to your account on my.malwarebytes.com? If so, on the website, you will see a button in the upper right corner with your name. Click that, and a menu will drop down with a Log Out item.
  9. Yup, as Al points out, we'd need more information. What files were removed, and what were they detected as? Have you restarted your computer after removing them?
  10. I checked into this. Older versions of the software will only update if they are connected to wifi at the time that the OS decided to do the update. With version 1.1.1, the app will now schedule that update to happen as soon as the device connects to wifi. So, just upgrade to 1.1.1 and you should see an improvement.
  11. treed

    VPN will not connect

    Thanks for the report!
  12. I need to collect more information from you, and will contact you directly.
  13. What were the files that were removed? Have you restarted your computer?
  14. Check the solutions found here and see if that fixes the problem: If not, please post back here.
  15. Please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of Malwarebytes for Mac. Open the app and choose Check for Updates from the Malwarebytes menu. The latest version has a fix for this issue.

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