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  1. The Allow button cannot be clicked via screen sharing or scripted methods. If you're trying to do it via screen sharing, it won't work. If that's not what you're doing, we've found that this button can be a bit buggy. macOS does not always seem to handle it properly. If clicks on the button do not seem to register, or they register but the kernel extension is still not enabled, try restarting the machine. If that doesn't work, contact Apple. Unfortunately, the operation of that button is not something we have any control over.
  2. treed

    wrong email.

    Note that this is a public forum, and not the right place for help with this problem. You should contact Malwarebytes support here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us
  3. That's not what I asked you to change. You need to fix the home page setting, and possibly the search engine setting as well. You may find it simpler to simply follow the directions here to reset Chrome's settings, as I mentioned previously: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214
  4. I don't see any answer to my previous question. Have you looked at Chrome's settings yet? Have you tried resetting Chrome's settings? Be aware that Malwarebytes for Mac won't poke around in Chrome's settings, so if something has changed those settings you have to fix that manually.
  5. Did you fix Chrome's home page and search engine settings after removing those extensions? If not, do that now. You may also find it useful to reset Chrome's settings. See: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214
  6. In the information you sent me privately, I see that you have an extension named Maps Tab installed in Chrome. That's a suspicious name, as there are a number of other "Maps"-related adware extensions, but that's not one I've seen before. Open Chrome, then choose Extensions from the Window menu. In the window that loads, disable Maps Tab, but do not remove it yet. It looks like you may have two copies of Maps Tab installed, so be sure to disable both of them. Then see if you can fix your Chrome home page and search engine settings. If you can, and all other problems are gone, then Maps Tab was the problem. In that case, I'd like to get a copy of that extension from you. I'll send you instructions privately as soon as you can verify that that extension is the problem.
  7. Ikarus has reported that this issue has been fixed, though it may take a little time for that to be reflected in VirusTotal.
  8. If I'm going to be brutally honest, it's because Ikarus sucks. I've done a lot of malware hunting on VirusTotal, and have found that Ikarus consistently throws off the results by returning tons of false positives among Mac samples. I can confirm that the hash there is the same as the hash for that file I have here, and my copy is the reference copy; it is the source of all other public copies of that installer, and it is not malicious in any way. I'll talk with the Ikarus folks about this.
  9. treed

    Spy software

    In that case, as long as she never leaves her Mac unattended without it requiring a password to log in, and as long as her boss doesn't know and can', there's no way he can install anything on her Mac.
  10. Note that if you actually have MacKeeper installed, or some kind of adware that is displaying MacKeeper ads, Malwarebytes for Mac will remove that. An ad blocker won't help in that case, and will at best cover up the problem. However, in the case of these scam MacKeeper messages appearing in the web browser, those are not generally caused by an "infection" - ie, having MacKeeper or adware installed. Those are almost always the result of visiting a bad website. What does it mean for a website to be "bad?" It could be that the site itself has been hacked, or is trying to make some money as a MacKeeper affiliate by tricking people into installing MacKeeper. It's also possible that the site is using an advertising network that is showing these pop-ups. Either way, whatever site you were visiting when the pop-up appeared should be avoided. Using an ad blocker can help with this problem, if it's caused by bad ads that would be blocked by the ad blocker.
  11. This thread really isn't the right place to get help with this. There have been many changes to the software since this thread started, and there are many different unrelated conversations here. I recommend doing exactly what Al said. Specifically: Get the latest release version of the software. Currently, in-app updates are being metered, so you may not see the latest version yet, but you can download it from here: https://malwarebytes.com/mac-download Once you have the latest version, in the future, a manual check for updates in-app will always give you the latest version, regardless of metering. If that doesn't help, turn on Beta Application Updates and install the latest beta, if any. If that still doesn't help, submit a support ticket. We may need to ask you to collect more information about your computer and the state of the Malwarebytes software, and doing that on a public forum is not the best idea.
  12. treed

    Spy software

    Malwarebytes for Mac should detect any kind of spyware, both malicious spyware and the so-called "legitimate" spyware marketed to monitor children or employees. That said, if this is a company-managed machine and her boss has deployed some kind of commercial spyware, that may not be possible to remove. We've never seen a case like that, but if IT has set a managed Mac to have a particular piece of software on it, that can be difficult to impossible to remove without IT assistance. A few questions: As David mentioned, is this a personal Mac or a company Mac? If it's her personal Mac: Has her boss or anyone from IT actually laid hands on the machine? Does the machine have FileVault turned on? Does the machine have a strong login password that is unknown to her boss or IT? If it's a company Mac: There's really no way to guarantee that she's not being monitored, so she should use that machine for work only, and nothing else. She should also keep the webcam covered. You can get covers that provide a little shutter that can be opened, in the event that she needs to do teleconferencing with video. If not, a small piece of electrical tape will do the job.
  13. Removal of that item wouldn't actually solve the problem. The only thing in there is a single preference file. As a guess, I'd say that you probably did something like delete something else, empty the trash, etc around the same time, which would have solved the problem.
  14. treed

    License key confusion

    If you have purchased a key through our website since August of last year, or purchase a new key through our website now, those keys are good on Windows, Mac and Android. There are no new lifetime keys being sold at this point.
  15. treed

    Virus on Mac?

    Have you already scanned your computer with Malwarebytes for Mac? If not, do so now: https://malwarebytes.com/mac If that doesn't detect anything, let us know.

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