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  1. TotalAV malware?

    TotalAV is from a known maker of junk software, and is not effective. The developer also creates programs like ZipCloud and JustCloud, which were, for a long time, found in around half of all fake Adobe Flash Player installers. Since the developer is known to engage in this kind of fraudulent marketing, you should not trust any of their stuff.
  2. Restarted required

    If you're not seeing the full screen, that's an issue with your system... Malwarebytes simply asks the system to display a notification in the Notification Center. If you're not able to see the entire right side of the screen, you may have inadvertently zoomed the screen. Go to System Preferences -> Accessibility and check the Zoom settings. Use the zoom controls that you have set to zoom out. If you haven't zoomed the screen, but you can't see the entire screen, you should probably talk to Apple. This may be a hardware issue.
  3. This is not adware or malware, or anything else installed on your system. It's a problem caused by bad ads on one or more particular advertising networks. The best solution is to get yourself a reputable ad blocker.
  4. Adwcleaner

    AdwCleaner has been acquired by Malwarebytes, but it's a Windows-only tool. There are no plans to port that to macOS, and there's really no reason to do so.
  5. Restarted required

    What you're describing does not sound normal. Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? Make a screenshot by following the directions here: Attach the screenshot file, which will be found on the desktop, to a reply to this message.
  6. That assumption is correct. Malwarebytes for Mac is not uploading file samples or anything else... currently, the sole usage of the network is for a basic check-in and to check for and download updates. Database updates are very small, only about 400 K at this time. The check-in is just to let our systems know the app is there, with a very small amount of non-identifying data, such as the Malwarebytes version and OS version, and should only be performed once per day.
  7. Cannot remove icon from Taskbar

    That's the problem. You didn't appropriately remove it. Any software like this MUST be uninstalled properly... if you just drag the application to the trash, that doesn't remove it properly. Al has given you a link to the uninstall directions. Note that if you were using version 3.0.x, you should use the uninstaller linked to from there. If you were using 3.1, that now has an integrated uninstaller which should be used instead of the 3.0 uninstaller. If you deleted the application, so that you can no longer trigger the uninstall process from there, then you can still run the 3.1 uninstaller, which is still on your system, manually. In the Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu. In the window that opens, paste the following path: /Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/Resources/Remove_Malwarebytes.pkg Then click the Go button. Run the Remove_Malwarebytes.pkg file that is revealed in the window that opens.
  8. Cant Install on Mac

    Without seeing the install.log file that I requested previously, I can't comment. However, I can say that in each and every case I've seen where the installer has failed, it has been caused by a problem with the system, not a problem with Malwarebytes. 100% of the time. I'm not saying that it's impossible that we could have a bug, but I'd need to see the install logs to know. What updates are you talking about? Is it Malwarebytes for Mac updates you're having trouble with, or other updates?
  9. Restarted required

    Perhaps we are talking about different things. I'm talking about the notification that Malwarebytes displays in the Notification Center when something is quarantined: If that is what you're seeing, and you have not interacted with this notification in any way, then you should click the Close button within the notification. If you're seeing something different, please post a screenshot. Make a screenshot by following the directions here: Attach the screenshot file, which will be found on the desktop, to a reply to this message.
  10. Restarted required

    This is not malware. Are you saying that the notification continues to come back after it has been closed? Or have you never clicked either the Close or Restart button in the notification? If the latter, close the notification by clicking the Close button. In the macOS Notification Center, these kinds of notifications will remain until dismissed.
  11. Cant Install on Mac

    Be aware that, on some systems, the installer can stay on that step for a couple minutes. Please be patient and let it finish. If you forced the installer to quit prematurely, you'll need to run the installer again. If you let it run for much longer than that with no results, please let me know.
  12. What are these problems you're having? As Al points out, 85 GB for the system is not unusual. My system here is bigger than that.
  13. IOS protection

    Yes, agreed, that would be good to have, and we're definitely looking into things along those lines.
  14. Source of quarantined items

    Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Even in the future when we improve our logging, it may not be possible to tell the original source that got it onto the machine.
  15. Potential False Positive?

    As mentioned above, there's no indication that 7zX itself has any malicious behaviors, so you shouldn't need to treat this as a breach. As for AppCleaner, note that you should NEVER use something like AppCleaner to remove applications. Apps from the Mac App Store should simply be dragged to the trash. Anything else, you need to check with the developer and get the proper uninstaller, or verify that an uninstaller is not needed. The issue with using things like AppCleaner is that they often don't remove everything they should, and in some cases may remove things they shouldn't. 7zX and MPlayerX should not need any further removal; Malwarebytes should detect any of their components that need to be removed.