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  1. The dev team has identified a defect with the installer that causes this, and they are working on a fix.
  2. First, a question: are you using Time Machine to do these backups? If so, you should under no circumstances allow anything to scan them! Time Machine backups are very fragile, and if anything other than Time Machine makes changes to them, the entire thing can come down like a house of cards... except that it may appear to be working until such time as you need to restore data, and then discover it's corrupt. Even if it's not Time Machine, I'd strongly discourage you from taking such actions on a backup. If the backup has malicious files, simply get your computer into a clean state, then b
  3. Yup, I've got both installed currently. I paused 1Blocker for now, just so that I can know that the blocks I'm seeing are coming from Browser Guard rather than 1Blocker, but it's definitely possible to keep both installed at the same time.
  4. Web protection is still in the list of future plans, but as a first step we'll provide a Safari version of Browser Guard. On Windows, Browser Guard can actually block much more intelligently than the web protection in MB4, and although there's definitely a use for both, Browser Guard will be much quicker to release. I can't give a timeframe, of course, especially since I'm not actually part of the team that's working on Browser Guard... but we're getting much closer.
  5. I suspect that's probably normal, as it will continue to use some processor and power in the background (as it must, in order to do its job). We may consider some additional controls for scanning & RTP while on battery power in the future, but we'll wait to see whether it remains a significant issue before prioritizing over other things that may have a bigger positive impact on customer experience. That's great news! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂
  6. We are excited to announce Malwarebytes for Mac 4.10, which introduces significant caching improvements. We hope that this will ease most or all of the issues some folks are seeing with high CPU usage. If you have been seeing such an issue, please install this beta and let us know how it works for you! To install the beta, simply do the following: Open the Malwarebytes app Open the settings, by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the Malwarebytes window Select the General tab, if necessary Check the Beta Application Updates box, and verify t
  7. We are pleased to announce the availability of Malwarebytes Privacy for Android! Malwarebytes Privacy for Android is a next-gen VPN app designed to protect your privacy. With a flip of a switch, your personal information is protected against interception when you're online. It has been launched initially in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It will be added to other stores in the future, once translations have been completed. You can start a trial and purchase a subscription to the VPN in the Android app directly. If you already have a license key for the Mac o
  8. Q: How do I activate Privacy for Android with an account? A: At the time of release, you will need to use a license key to activate Privacy on Android for a purchase made from our website. Soon, however, you'll also be able to activate with an account. Your Malwarebytes account must have a Privacy license associated with it. If you purchased from the web store, and haven't set up your account yet, do so at my.malwarebytes.com. Be sure to use the same e-mail address that you used for purchasing. Once your account is set up, and has a Privacy license key with unused seats, you can log
  9. Also, be aware that certain things - like restarting your phone - can cause the VPN to disconnect, if you don't see the VPN indicator in the Control Center. There will be an update in the future that will enable "connect on demand," so that the VPN is always connected whenever needed.
  10. Just make sure to get Malwarebytes running in safe mode, otherwise that test won't tell us much.
  11. Yes, this 4.9 release is really only about the M1-native code. Scan caching, which will help with the CPU usage issues, will be coming in another release, hopefully in June.
  12. I can't confirm, unfortunately, as we're not able to reproduce these issues. It's possible there may be some other third-party software issue, or perhaps a system issue, involved. If you're able to reliably reproduce the issue with the app launching times, please try this: Reboot in safe mode Reinstall Malwarebytes (needed to get it working in safe mode). No need to uninstall first. Test app launch times with Malwarebytes' real-time protection running and see if you can reproduce the same issue
  13. It gathers data for two primary purposes: Diagnosing problems with the status of the Malwarebytes software on the device Identifying undetected malware that may be on the device Although none of the data collected should be particularly sensitive, you can review the contents of the zip file before sending it. Take note of the password that the MBST tool will give you for the zip file. That password is needed to prevent scanning by antivirus engines on mail servers, since the content could potentially contain malicious files when captured from an infected system.
  14. There is always a possibility that visiting a website could trigger a vulnerability in the browser or the OS that could result in silent installation of malware on your device. That said, this is quite rare on macOS. The last known time this happened was with a Firefox vulnerability used to target Coinbase, and other cryptocurrency companies, back in 2019. Before that, the last known time it happened was in 2011-2012, with repeated attacks through Java vulnerabilities, which prompted Apple to completely remove Java from the system. So, most likely, you have not actually been infected
  15. What specifically is it that concerns you about this log file?
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