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  1. treed

    Anti-Theft Measures

    Generally speaking, Apple provides very excellent anti-theft functionality out of the box. Although some of these ideas are theoretically interesting, they're not going to be possible on iOS. For example, fingerprint capture can't happen, because no app actually has access to the data read by the fingerprint sensor. My general feeling on anti-theft software for iOS that I've seen to-date is that it's tricking the user into buying because the user doesn't fully understand what anti-theft capabilities they have built into their iOS devices. As such, I have a fairly low opinion of it, and wouldn't want to enter that arena without a very compelling reason.
  2. It's important to keep in mind that that report is specific to Windows malware, and the Mac threat landscape is very different. The same rules cannot be applied to both. There's some good information in that article, but Macs are probably 10 years or more behind Windows in terms of the threat landscape. Current Mac malware tends to be extremely simple.
  3. Yes, we believe that Malwarebytes for Mac should be sufficient. Of course, it's important to realize that no protection is ever 100%. Anyone who claims their software will protect you 100% is lying to you. So even with Malwarebytes installed, you should still be sure to exercise caution online, and to avoid thinking that you're 100% safe just because you have a Mac with Malwarebytes (or any other antivirus software) installed.
  4. It's important to understand that a slow computer is not necessarily a sign of an infection. It can be, but that is far from the most common cause of poor performance. The most common causes for poor performance are running too much software at once, insufficient hardware resources for the installed software, hardware failures (such as a dying hard drive or bad RAM), etc. If you're talking about slow network speeds, that's almost certainly not caused by malware. I would recommend taking the machine to a more general service tech, such as the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.
  5. treed


    This is not due to malware. That site is able to send notifications, which would have that appearance. You would have to have been tricked into allowing that site to send you notifications at some point in the past. Open Firefox, then choose Preferences from the Firefox menu. Click Privacy & Security, then scroll down to Permissions. Click the Settings button next to Notifications, and remove any websites that you don't want to receive notifications from.
  6. If you didn't uninstall on the old MBP, the license is still seen as "in use." Fortunately, you can log into your account here: https://my.malwarebytes.com Then deactivate all devices on that license, and you will be able to activate on the new MBP.
  7. Yup, other than some minor bug fixes, the big change there was the inclusion of support for 11 languages in addition to English, which we're very excited about!
  8. You would need to contact customer support for that: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us
  9. treed

    Wireless Network Utilities

    It's fairly limited what can be done on iOS with regard to some kind of "safe wifi" feature. Some other apps have it, but it's kind of a joke feature at this point, we think probably more for the purpose of giving users a "Scan" button they can push without fully understanding what they're scanning. We're still trying to figure out how we could turn some of this kind of stuff into a useful feature that would provide real value to users, rather than just being a feel-good button to tap.
  10. I can say that Malwarebytes for Mac does not currently have any kind of machine learning detection. We have been looking at that, but it would have to provide more benefit than it causes problems, which is tricky on the Mac where new malware is far less common. A high false positive rate with few legitimate detections would not provide a good user experience. We're exploring other options as well to strengthen detections without causing false positives. Regarding device-wide web protection or a Safari browser extension, I can't say when either may come at this point, but we do want to do both. Apple has thrown a bit of a wrench into the works with the Safari extension, as Mojave has dropped support (mostly) for the older-style Safari extensions. I suspect (though don't know for sure yet) that the new Safari app extensions will be more limited, and more similar to an iOS content blocking extension.
  11. There are some problems with that on iOS, due to Apple's focus on privacy. Although SMS messages on iOS are sent to our server for processing, they are completely anonymized. This means: In the app, we cannot see the phone number or SMS content... or even, for that matter, that you received an SMS at all. On the server, we cannot see anything but the sender's phone number and SMS content. There is no context at all that would allow us to connect that message back to your phone. What this means is that we cannot support this kind of custom filtering on iOS. In theory, we could do it, but only if it was something that should be part of a global rule, applied to everyone.
  12. treed

    Request "Photos" and "Media Library" Access

    That would not help with detection of iOS malware, and worse, attempting to scan that kind of media and calling it scanning for malware would be grounds for immediate removal of an app from the App Store (or rejection of a new build, if Apple's App Store team spotted the claim during the review process). Apple does not tolerate any apps in the App Store that claim to be antivirus apps, since that is simply not a claim that can be true on iOS.
  13. I can't say what might be going on there without more information on what's installed. I'll send you a request for more information privately. It's entirely possible, though, that this activity is from a coin mining JavaScript on a web page that student is visiting. Malwarebytes for Mac does not do any network blocking at this time. We do have a browser extension beta for Chrome and Firefox that should be able to help block these kinds of browser-based issues, but we don't have a version for Safari yet. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/243-malwarebytes-for-chrome/ https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/242-malwarebytes-for-firefox/
  14. treed

    Apple Watch version?

    That is not something we have seen much demand for - in truth, you're the first to ask. However, it's worth considering a companion app for the Apple Watch at some point. Of course, that is not a promise that it will happen!
  15. treed

    Static issues with CarPlay

    Does it matter which of the features are enabled in the beta? Can you try switching between Advanced Web Protection and the more basic Web Protection features to see if that makes any difference?

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