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  1. Thank you, clearing my browsing data in firefox allowed me to get access to the site back.
  2. I'm located in PA. The United States. I went to the site many times today. I just hope I'm not locked out of my account for good.
  3. They'll be a lot of these requests. They changed the restrictions. I had to change mine today too.
  4. I can say from past experience that Malwarebytes only allowed one lifetime license per pc. They never meant that you could use a single lifetime license on more than one pc at a time. It's why I bought 2. We have always had 2 computers.
  5. introducing play mode screen? Is there a way? Thank you.
  6. Malwarebytes has a free version which you can scan and remove threats it finds. For the realtime you must pay, but to remove malwarebytes all you need to do is go to the control panel add/remove programs.
  7. Someone mentioned about Windows 10. I run Windows 10 Pro and no freezing here. It is just my brother's Windows 7 computer. He said he think it does it when updates.
  8. When will this be fixed? My brother runs a Windows 7 computer that sometimes freezes, but he doesn't want me to disable protection or load a previous version. He loves Malwarebytes. I just hope you get it fixed soon.
  9. Will the lifetime licenses still work? I hope they will. Thank you. Michelle
  10. I found out my own answer. They don't work together correctly. After installing Malwarebytes Norton fails to update. I took Malwarebytes off after that and Norton updates once again.
  11. I have Comcast's Norton Security Online with Malwarebyes installed. Am I going to have any problems or should they work together correctly? Thank you. Michelle
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