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  1. Now all that was pretty funny I must admit!
  2. Thank you for letting me know! 😊
  3. Hello, can I be in this Beta Group? Please..😊
  4. I just have installed Malwarebytes on my iPad 6th generation. i will try it out for awhile. 😁 Thanks all!
  5. Yes this is a sad sad day...😪
  6. Alrighty then Thank you! I appreciate your response. Usually I get all of calls from different numbers asking me to extend my car warranty or apply for credit card. So I usually block those numbers. Some leave a voice message but this time they didn't. Otherwise the program is running smoothly. 😊
  7. May I ask when I report an unknown phone number how does MB Call Protection determine if its spam or not? Just curious..
  8. Yes it installed easy peasie! You're welcome MAXBAR1😊
  9. Thanks for the Beta Malwarebytes Call Protection. Excited to test this app.😁
  10. Sorry I was thinking that I was off topic @Popeye. @treed again thanks for the quick feedback. Getting wiser everyday. I will certainly uninstall CCleaner immediately.
  11. Well I didn't realize that CCleaner wasn't necessary on my Mac. I do use CCleaner on my PCs. But I will adhere to your excellent advice. Much appreciated. That's all I need is to crash my Mac because of this App. I sure would like to hear what @treed has to say in all of this. Since I'm still a green apple in the knowings of my Mac even after all these years.
  12. Thanks MAXBAR1, I do not use Cleanmymac but I do use CCleaner ...My Mac system is a 2007 running with OS upgrades along the way. I've replaced the Hard Drive in 2013. So I'm thinking that my Mac is slower because of its age. As long as things are running... I'm good with the MBs 30 minute scans.😊
  13. Hi Popeye, Looks like the scanning of MB Premium is taking around 30 minutes with 27,836 on my El Capitan. But I had to shut down my other Antivirus because I think there might be a conflict when both are scanning around the same time. oops🙄 Whatever the scanning is pretty slow...but faster then a 2 hr 30 min scan of my other AV. 🤣
  14. Thank you so much for your quick response! I will keep this in mind. I believe @Popeyeonly runs Malwarebytes Premium on his Mac? Love the help that I get from you all.😎
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