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  1. https://jv16powertools.com/downloads/jv16pt_setup.exe
  2. This is on Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18363.592 V1909. I use HostsMan to modify the HOSTS file by added 51764 URLs to the HOSTS file. This morning a custom scan with the latest MBAM states the HOSTS file is infected with Hijack.Host. I believe this to be a FALSE Positive. Attached is the scan log and my HOSTS file. HijackHost.txt HOSTS.txt
  3. I am experiencing the exact same problem (unable to zip gathered logs) with the support tool on all my systems with Windows 10x64 Pro build 18363.535 v1909 as well as my Insider test pc with the latest insider build. I submitted a support ticket #2853191 with FarBar logs and some screenshots.
  4. False Positive ? https://cobratek.net/apps/pcinfo/release/app/x64/PCInfo.Setup.x64.exe
  5. I use "Movie Collector" to catalog all my DVD/Blu-ray movies. (https://www.collectorz.com/movie) When the program is started, MBAM blocks "Movie Collector" from accessing FromtheFrontrow.net website, calling it a trojan. False Positive ?? Note: Browser Guard also flags the URL as malicious.
  6. Accepted. And thanks for the prompt response and fix. 😉
  7. Uninstalled and re-installed MBG. Response greatly improved.
  8. This applies to Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.1.5, MS Edge Chromium Beta Version 79.0.309.51 (Official build) beta (64-bit), and Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18363.535 Version 1909. Fully understanding that MS Edge Chromium is in Beta, I want to alert Technical Support that MBG v2.1.5 significantly penalizes the speed of opening all websites. With MBG turned off, my system pops open web pages quite fast. I did not notice the slowdown as much with 2.1.3 or 2.1.4....at least not that I remember. Yes, I have KIS 20 as my primary security software, but there is no KIS extension in the browser because it will not activate in a beta browser.
  9. This morning (12-Dec-19) I was successful in getting 777 beta updated on both of these systems...so I'm all fixed up. Thanks
  10. Is there a download link that I can use to download the installer for Malwarebytes 4.0 Beta version 1.0.777? I have 2 systems that will not pick up the new beta. One system is my Windows Insider test system and the other is my Dell XPS 15 2in1 laptop/tablet. I have performed all the standard steps of using the support tool to perform clean installs, etc., but these 2 systems still will not update to the latest beta.
  11. The download link for Windows is dead on your update website.
  12. Yes, I've rebooted. The support tool gets past the license issue but still cannot collect logs.
  13. - Does this consistently occur for you? Yes, consistently on 3 different systems with basically the same software configuration and versions. - Could you open Internet Explorer: Still fails - Disconnected from internet and still fails. - Made the modification to the config file and it did get past the license section okay. I can turn off all protection in MBAM 4 license protection. However the support tool appears not to be able to gather the logs (just sits there spinning). And this is on my gaming system which is pretty fast. I let it set there and attempt to gather logs for 10 minutes with no success. NOTE: I am running KIS on all my systems. I did switch to the Free version of MBAM 4.0; however the support tool still cannot collect logs. It just sets there spinning.
  14. This applies to Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18363.476 V1909, the latest version 4 of MBAM and the latest version of MS Edge Chromium as the default browser. When opening the latest Support Tool V1.5.3.749, the support tool opens and then hangs. The tool cannot be exited via "End Task" in the Task Manager and requires a system reboot to get out of the problem.
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