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  1. www.shvaika.info is being flagged as a suspicious TLD violation. Is this a False Positive?
  2. www.shvaika.info is being blocked as TLD. Is this a false positive ? As near as I can determine there is no malicious activity on this website.
  3. https://windows10gadgets.pro is being detected because of Fraud. Is this a False Positive?
  4. This is most likely a False Positive https://cdn1.ashampoo.net/ashampoo/5710/ashampoo_burning_studio_21_21.5.0_sm.exe
  5. This is on Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18363.628 V1909 with the latest Malwarebytes and also FileASSASSIN installed. My default browser is MS Edge Chromium and KIS 2020.0.14.1085(g) is running. I have all the MBAM and MB Support Tool exclusion added to KIS 2020. Problem 1: Ransomware protection has to be deactivated to permit the Support Tool to accept the license. Problem 2: FileASSASSIN has to be uninstalled for collecting and zipping the Logs
  6. The support page that is suppose to permit users to submit a support ticket does not work with the new MS Edge Chromium browser as the default browser.
  7. I uninstalled FileAssassin and the support tool ran quickly and zipped/saved the logs as it should. I hope you can fix this conflict between these 2 MB tools. I use FileAssassin in the Task Scheduler to delete several files on system reboot, so FileAssassin is routinely used on my systems. I completely uninstalled MBAM 4 using the support tool, re-installed it and updated again to 804. Now Snagit works okay and so does file compression. I did the same on my Dell XPS 15 2in1 laptop with the same positive results. What changed I have no idea, but am satisfied that the issue is no longer present.
  8. I ripped out KIS 2020 yesterday at the request of a MB support technician for another issue that relates to the MB support tool and it did not change anything. The problem still presists. It took me a couple of hours to get KIS 2020 re-installed and functioning properly again because MBAM had to be removed before KIS would re-installed. I don't have time today to go through all that again. My opinion is that it would not change anything because this is happening on all my systems.
  9. Attached is an independent FarBar set of logs (not from the MB Support Tool) FarBar Logs.zip
  10. This new beta 804 conflicts with TechSmith's Snagit v20.0.1.0. The Capture function of Snagit cannot capture if the MBAM GUI is open on the desktop. I cannot attach the MB support tool files because the Support tool cannot zip the files. In addition, Windows File Compression hangs totally if it is invoked with doing a Custom scan of the primary drive. System has to be rebooted to clean the hang. NOTE: If I place my C:\Program Files\ WinRAR folder in the Allow list, this hang does not occur.
  11. My default browser is the new MS Edge Chrome The FP does seem to be fixed this a.m. Thanks much
  12. https://jv16powertools.com/downloads/jv16pt_setup.exe
  13. This is on Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18363.592 V1909. I use HostsMan to modify the HOSTS file by added 51764 URLs to the HOSTS file. This morning a custom scan with the latest MBAM states the HOSTS file is infected with Hijack.Host. I believe this to be a FALSE Positive. Attached is the scan log and my HOSTS file. HijackHost.txt HOSTS.txt
  14. I am experiencing the exact same problem (unable to zip gathered logs) with the support tool on all my systems with Windows 10x64 Pro build 18363.535 v1909 as well as my Insider test pc with the latest insider build. I submitted a support ticket #2853191 with FarBar logs and some screenshots.
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