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  1. Hello, Malwarebytes community-- Just a quick note to let you that on Friday, April 2, 2021 we released an new component package 1.0.1249 for Malwarebytes As usual, if you don't want to wait for the 'Update Available' notification, you may retrieve the update manually by clicking "Check for updates" in Settings > General. Here’s the one change included in the new component package: Fixed: Win 7 machines - mbam.exe crashing and uninstall/reinstall does not fix it
  2. Hi there! Just catching up and saw this thread. Appreciate the feedback on this topic! To confirm what @AdvancedSetup said, please know that we do fully intend to build out additional functionality that will allow you to control whether you see promotional messages. This will be rolled out into a future update automatically once it's available.
  3. Hi there! Just catching up and saw this thread. Appreciate the feedback on this topic! Please know that we do fully intend to build out additional functionality that will allow you to control whether you see promotional messages. This will be rolled out into a future update automatically once it's available.
  4. Further update on this... After very positive feedback from our beta, we have officially released this update with the fix to general availability. Please see this post for details.
  5. Hello-- We have just released a new beta version that intends to address the performance issues that can occur with Ransomware Protection enabled on Windows 10 2004. Please see this post in our beta forum for more information. You can opt in to receive beta updates by launching Malwarebytes 4, going to Settings > General > Beta updates and then toggle the switch so the setting is enabled. After you've opted in to the beta updates, manually check for updates from that same screen: Settings > General > Application Updates and then click the Check for Updates butto
  6. Hi all-- We are aware of an issue with Windows 10 2004 and Malwarebytes that can lead to performance problems. This seems to be related to conflicts with our Ransomware Protection. Please see this Knowledge Base article for additional information. We are actively investigating, and have recently been able to reproduce the issue in-house. We hope to narrow down the root cause shortly. For now, here's our recommended mitigation suggestions: Delay upgrading to Windows 10 version 2004 until a fix is available. Reboot your system. Perf
  7. @D56 the response above from @exile360 is correct. When running Malwarebytes 4 the "Endpoint domain information" is what the program looks at to determine whether Malwarebytes is installed on a machine that is connected to a domain (e.g. typically a business domain.) It has nothing to do with browsing history or web traffic / website domain addresses. Hope that helps!
  8. Hi Firefox-- I know there's been some confusion around this recently, so hopefully I can clarify. There are a couple of different types of component package updates that we regularly release. Standard component package updates that include a release announcement in our main Malwarebytes for Windows support forum, specifically tracked on this thread. These will typically include new protection enhancements and SDKs, occasional new features, defect fixes, performance improvements, etc. The changes included in these updates will be seen by and available to all users who have those
  9. Hello, all-- We are very excited to let you know we've just launched a major version upgrade to our flagship Malwarebytes product for both Windows and Mac. Please see all the details here in this post for Windows and then see the details for Mac here. There's some exciting new enhancements, so we encourage everyone to learn more and take the new versions for a spin! Please share your feedback with us in the appropriate product forums linked to above. We appreciate all your continued support!
  10. Hello, Malwarebytes Community-- We're very excited to announce the release of Malwarebytes 4.0 for Windows! This release provides a major evolution of our detection technology, as we announce our new Malwarebytes Katana Engine. The Katana engine combines innovative new detection technologies with our best existing detection engines to bring you even greater security. In addition to the malware detection improvements, we've redesigned the user interface with a cleaner and simpler design: Key features: Improved zero-hour detection – pinpoints new threats as they
  11. Hi throkr! Thanks for your continued interest. 🙂 We currently expect to have the next MB4 beta available for everyone in the next week or so, assuming all goes well with testing. Unfortunately I can’t be as specific for the final version. 😉 A lot depends on continued testing results and feedback from the next beta. This is the right forum to check for all the latest info though, so keep watching for updates! We’ll get the next beta version out for you all just as soon as we can.
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback on the new interface @siliconman01 and @throkr. Our designers worked very hard on that. Keep us posted on any other feedback you might have as you continue using the beta.
  13. Hi @m314— Thank you for reporting this. As exile360 noted, this definitely sounds like a bug. I’ve asked one of our quality assurance team members to reach out to you separately to see if we could better understand what might be happening in your case. The message you referenced should only display once, so perhaps there is some issue tracking that it has displayed once already on your computer. We appreciate your contacting us about this so we can investigate.
  14. Hello, Malwarebytes community! We would like to invite you to test out our latest Malwarebytes 4 Beta. You can download the Beta installer from this link. The Beta supports manual upgrades from Malwarebytes 3.8.3. In case of any issue with a manual over-install, we recommend a fresh install. Upgrading from previous 4.x versions is not supported. As with all previous Betas from all previous versions, this one provides a preview for identifying possible defects and allows early access to new features. We caution that Betas are not fully tested by Malwarebytes and may include signi
  15. In the past few days, there’s been some confusion around our lifetime licenses (those with no expiration date and only sold between 2008-2014) and our choice to start enforcing their original terms. First of all, we’re sorry. We should have done a better job letting you know this change was coming, and we understand why some of you are upset. In an effort to be more transparent and clear up confusion, we wanted to take some time to explain what’s going on. What changed? What happened? The first thing you need to know is that there have been zero changes to the original terms of
  16. Thanks for your comments, Frank. And totally agree that our forum support staff and helpers work tirelessly and are all awesome!
  17. Just wanted to chime in as well and also thank you @TempLost and @Max-H for confirming the seamless upgrade. We now have millions of users on the new 3.8.3 version and majority are upgrading without issue. I can totally understand the frustration of those dealing with upgrade issues, but as always, we are committed to helping folks work through any problem.
  18. Hi Dan-- Very much appreciate all your thoughtful and detailed comments! I understand that there's been a lot of frustration in dealing with many of the issues you pointed out. I just wanted to provide a few comments and let you know we do take all feedback to heart. Yes, there have been a few cases where there have been problems related to an update or new release, but we typically try to be as transparent as possible in dealing with these cases. Sometimes we start out with limited information and learn as we are able to do more testing, but we do our best to keep people in
  19. As I mentioned both options will be dropped into the trial upon install, assuming they have not used their trial yet. We fully understand that not all users are going to buy. There will always be free users. We are trying to find the best way to communicate with the people who are interested in our business products. These flows, as well as others, are also subject to change as we test and optimize. But bottom line is that it’s the same product installed either way and the malware scanning and remediation is exactly the same.
  20. Thanks for the great feedback, Lava! We've been monitoring the response and the comments on this thread are helpful. The team is already working on a revised experience here and will certainly take all the feedback into account. The terms of your subscription dictate the terms of your renewal. We would not automatically switch you to a completely different product out of the blue, nor would that be possible legally. But more importantly, that is not who we're about as a company -- we'd just never operate that way. We try our best to be transparent so folks trust us. Here are th
  21. Thanks for asking, OrangeSour! This is a new screen added to the installer that some users have been seeing since our 3.6.1 release. Now we're rolling it out to all existing users as part of the 3.7.1 upgrade. It's pretty self-explanatory. Let us know where you're using Malwarebytes -- either on a personal or home computer or on a work computer / in a business environment. There are no major differences in underlying functionality at all. The only difference is if you choose Work computer you'll see information about some of our available business products that may be a bet
  22. We've just posted a test preview build that we believe should prevent the freeze from occurring. We are still testing this internally, but wanted to make the build available to those who are comfortable with testing a pre-beta build. Please see the post in our beta forum here.
  23. We've just posted a test preview build that we believe should prevent the freeze from occurring. We are still testing this internally, but wanted to make the build available to those who are comfortable with testing. Please see the post in our beta forum here.
  24. Hi all— I wanted to share some promising news! We’ve now been able to consistently reproduce the freeze in house on more systems and we believe we have narrowed the problem to multi-processor synchronization issues with our Web Protection code on Windows 7. We have an updated version of Malwarebytes that we’re currently testing, so far with encouraging results. I want to make this update available just as soon as possible, but we want to be sure we aren’t introducing any additional issues, so further testing is still required. Assuming all goes well, I’m hoping we’ll have
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