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  1. Things are looking up for Malwarebytes -- as verified by independent testing. Thanks to the larger team for continuing to improve the product. And thanks for keeping your word (one of the very few companies that has done so..) with the lifetime license holders.
  2. Ok, went through the steps of the repair tool. Everything is fixed and working. I've attached the logs as requested. It would be good to know why this occurred. Just a guess.... I'm thinking Cylance messed with Malwarebytes in some way. But I have no indicator for that. Just a hunch. Comment on the repair tool. Very small thing... but... as the "Postreboot cleanup, please wait" thing went on and on and on... It stated "'please wait." So I did not click "Yes" on the 'Do you want to reinstall' pop up thinking it might disrupt the Postreboot cleanup.
  3. Uh oh.... things got worse. I tried what you stated exile360.... closed Malwarebytes, went to reopen it... and got this. Tried to 'Run as Administrator' and got the same error. I guess I now uninstall and then reinstall?
  4. It's blank. Generally for me... no big deal. I remember which blank space requests updates.. I'll wait for updates until it gets fixed. Just wanted to notify the MBAM team.
  5. @exile360.... I always learn things when I read your posts. Thank you for your contributions here.
  6. This partnership is good. For current Malwarebytes Premium members... is there a menus of prices (deals) for us to add Mullvad? Here's what I want you (Malwarebytes & Mullvad staff) to do. There are many deals out there for lifetime VPN. Come up with a Mullvad/Malwarebytes lifetime VPN price for those who have Malwarebytes Lifetime licenses.
  7. I downloaded... all smooth. Just from one individual experience here.... this does seem ready for prime time. Thanks gents. I know it's minor.... but I for one vote for adding a 'Check for Updates' button to the front page.
  8. I believe the block is part of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard (MBG) advanced anti-Fake News Module. The MBG Module, knowing that the bible is a collection of myths and fairy tales --- flagged the inappropriate content based on the claim of "facts." Good Job MBG.
  9. But I want the promotional emails.... really. I like knowing what Malwarebytes is up to.. All the whiners and complainers around here.... "I wanna use your software free and strongly object to a few emails here and there or the few minutes it would take to create a throw-away email account... wah wah, whine complain...." And it's always people who generate no revenue that bitch and moan the most. If my account is registered at my.malwarebytes.com.... will I get the promotional emails?
  10. Frank_


    ============================================== In this small test done at Malwaretips, Malwarebytes Browser Guard killed it. Top finish. Great work on that piece of software. BDTL = Bitdefender extension WDBP = Windows extension Great work on that piece of software. ---- Will this extension stay independent and free? Or will it be linked with MBAM Premium much like the very good CheckPoint Sandblast product? (https://avlab.pl/test-web-browser-extensions-protection-against-malicious-software) Either way is fine with me.... just if it is linked with
  11. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/malwarebytes-is-now-enforcing-lifetime-licenses-to-one-pc/ Many indignant people. But over what? Over not being able to 'get-over' anymore? While many people have claimed that they definitely bought 3-PC licenses.... I'm still waiting to see anybody produce an invoice that actually says that. Through this unpleasant process of finally terminating unpaid software services to some very indignant and demanding people.... I'm very impressed with the patience and professionalism of Porthos, Ron, Maurice, exile360..
  12. I upgraded to Malwarebytes Premium 3.8.3.... and it went great. My license is doing great too. "Never expires." Thanks for asking.
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