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  1. Hi all— I wanted to share some promising news! We’ve now been able to consistently reproduce the freeze in house on more systems and we believe we have narrowed the problem to multi-processor synchronization issues with our Web Protection code on Windows 7. We have an updated version of Malwarebytes that we’re currently testing, so far with encouraging results. I want to make this update available just as soon as possible, but we want to be sure we aren’t introducing any additional issues, so further testing is still required. Assuming all goes well, I’m hoping we’ll have more good news for you next week. We appreciate everyone who’s been working with us to help resolve this problem, even behind the scenes. Your assistance has been invaluable!
  2. Great question! As soon as a solution is available, either as part of a new component package update or a new version upgrade, we will post both a general announcement of the release here in this forum (as we do with all new versions) and we will post a reply to the pinned topic on the Windows 7 freeze issue. In addition, we'll post another reply to this thread confirming the issue's been resolved and including all the relevant version info and instructions on how to obtain it. And if the fix involves a full version upgrade, you're correct that you'll see a notification alerting you that a new version is available.
  3. This involved testing with many, many different Windows 7 systems and hardware configurations in an attempt to get as many commonalities as possible with systems reporting this based on logs provided. We are not able to replicate on demand. With our internal systems there is still an aspect of timing with this, i.e. we need to let a system run for some time before we see the freeze. No, we are still investigating. But right now we are concentrating our efforts on the Web Protection module moreso than Ransomware.
  4. Thank you all for your feedback and continued help in troubleshooting this issue. We totally understand the urgency around this and have had teams working through the weekend to resolve. We have finally procured a system that is able to reproduce the freeze and now we’re analyzing why it is occurring. It’s been extraordinarily frustrating for us to not have been able to reproduce this while seeing the reports from the field continue to come in, mainly because we know how frustrated you all are. The fact that this problem only impacts a relatively small number of systems doesn’t help if you have one of those systems or if you're dealing with customers who have this problem. Rolling back to previous version (as outlined in pinned topic in this forum) continues to be the best option as a work-around for now. While suggesting that we just push an update to all users (even those not affected by this freeze) to roll back to the earlier version may seem simple, it’s more complicated than you might think. There were other critical fixes in the 1.0.508 update that would impact other users seriously (such as BSOD fixes, etc.). And any update out to the user base has to go through another full round of testing, which takes time and which would be more complex since the update would be have to support being applied over 1.0.508 as well as earlier component packages. So we are discussing all options, but will move forward with the best one. We also have another release already planned and in the works, so initially we had been hoping to include the fix as part of that upgrade. Now that we are able to reproduce the issue we are much closer to a fix and determining the best steps forward. To everyone helping with logs and system info to try and narrow the cases, we truly appreciate it! To everyone eagerly awaiting resolution, we are treating this as highest priority and we will continue to keep you posted.
  5. That is definitely not supposed to happen, so I certainly apologize for that. We had already suspended this message earlier, so hopefully you won't see any further instances. We are investigating.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! The intention of the message was more for education and to provide awareness around our mobile line of products (which offer completely free versions as well). But I can totally understand how this could be seen as promotional and unwanted. We are working on providing an option to allow opt out of promotional messages, so hope to have that available soon. And these sorts of messages should definitely not steal focus, so we'll get that fixed as well. This message only went to a subset of users and is only set to display one time, so if you've already seen it you shouldn't see it again. Your quick feedback on these issues definitely helps, so it is very much appreciated!
  7. Hi @AlanChippy Sorry for any confusion here! Our component update packages are always released initially as independent updates, separate from our full installers. These are metered out to our user base over time rather than sent to everyone all at once. Since these are applied automatically and silently in Malwarebytes, most users don't even realize they've received an updates. But as khanmein pointed out, you can always manually force the update if you don't want to wait to receive it through the automated process. Then, typically on the day following the roll-out of the new component package, an updated Malwarebytes full installer with the latest component package already integrated is posted to our website. So by later this afternoon all the website download links should be updated with new installer that includes 1.0.482. Hope this helps clarify.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Malwarebytes does attempt to send that required client data, so it would definitely show as connection attempt and Pi.hole would block (or allow) according to your settings. And yes, on "optional" I was referring primarily to Website and Dialogue section and also as noted in the Directly paragraph in How do we collect your information?: "Some information you provide to us directly. For example, when you post comments, ask questions in our blog, fill out a user profile or voluntarily decide to grant us remote access to provide you with technical support." Glad you're happy continuing with Malwarebytes! Hopefully it'll continue working okay for you with everything blocked.
  9. Hi @Wutai-- The telemetry opt out setting "Usage and Threat Statistics" in Application Settings allows you to opt out of sending malware and scan event detail, as well as information about how you're using Malwarebytes. Certainly it's up to you if you choose to provide this data or not. It is used to help understand the types of threats actively circulating within our community and for other general cyber security research purposes with the end goal of providing better protection for all. We use the usage data to optimize product features and user experience. However, even if you've opted out of that setting there is certain key information that will always be sent regardless of the setting. This data is required and considered integral for normal and proper program functionality. The information sent includes data such as the program's license state, specific build (in case where there may be custom functionality), the operating system and other basic system info (file system, architecture), specific program version in use (including component and database packages) and other general program settings like language and real-time protection modules enabled. This is required so we know what updates and versions of the product to send you, and perhaps even more important so as to avoid any potential conflict, which to not send. You posted the link to our Privacy Policy as I was writing this up, and that's exactly where I was going to direct you for more information, so glad you found it. ? I'm not going to debate our entire privacy policy here, but I will mention that others have actually complimented us before on how easy it was for them to understand vs pages of legalese that you'll find at a lot of other companies. Your statements above leave out a few key points where we specifically state that providing information to us, like your email or phone number, is completely optional or voluntary in order for us to communicate with you at your request. For example, you voluntarily created a forum account here to ask a question. Lastly, I'll point out that the Other Privacy Considerations section explains the opt out procedure for all products. The remaining data sent is required for us to serve you correctly. We recently, along with pretty much all other companies doing business in Europe, went through an exhaustive audit of all data and privacy collection practices at Malwarebytes to ensure we were compliant with all the new GDPR regulations. If you are still uncomfortable, then it is of course your option to not use Malwarebytes. We try to be as transparent as possible with our disclosures.
  10. Hi Petera3js6igq33hM-- Thank you for your feedback! Typically we certainly aim to have new version roll-outs timed to coordinate with all website updates. But occasionally there are times where the web team's production release schedule is off-sync with ours. When faced with a choice to delay a new version of Malwarebytes or release as soon as possible knowing the web updates will follow shortly after, we tend to favor releasing sooner. This gets new detection techniques, urgent defect fixes and other enhancements in the hands of our users more quickly. Just like yesterday, if this ever happens, we'll always have an announcement here in the forum so there's some "official" notice of the new version. The website Release History should be updated shortly.
  11. Hello, AP2012-- You are correct that you probably shouldn't be seeing the "Share" link in your Malwarebytes My Account portal, as the older lifetime licenses are valid on one Windows computer only. You could try to share it, but the person who received the license would not be able to activate. This feature is more intended for customers who have purchased multi-seat licenses. For example, if you have a license good on up to 3 devices, and you are using just one on a Windows PC, you could then share the license with family members to protect additional Android phones or Macs or other Windows PCs. It's definitely confusing to have the link there for lifetime licenses, so I've alerted the My Account team to this. Hopefully we can only show the Share link if there are available activations remaining, which wouldn't apply for lifetime licenses.
  12. We have been working closely with Avast on this problem. They have discovered an issue with their driver implementation and are working on getting a fix released. They were not able to provide specific timing for this update yet. For any further details please reach out to Avast directly. In the meantime, we continue to recommend disabling Avast's Real Site feature as the best work-around.
  13. Sorry you ran into trouble there. We'd be more than happy to help, if you change your mind. Do you happen to recall whether you had received the latest component package version update? We released v. 1.0.441 last week and it addressed a number of issues related to Qt errors. The latest full version of Malwarebytes 3.5.1 available for download from our main website has this latest component package already bundled in, if you care to try test it out.
  14. Hi there-- There are no firm plans as of yet, as we're still evaluating our various options for how best to integrate the product / technology into our portfolio. Certainly the idea of adding a firewall is something we are actively considering. Stay tuned as we'll definitely keep you posted on this front!
  15. Hello, Mitch_ch-- Thank you for your feedback! I have passed your request on to our newsletter team. Hopefully we can allow you to select your preferred language for all Malwarebytes communications.
  16. To add to exile360's helpful reply, please see the Malwarebytes for Business end of life FAQs. Hope this helps clarify!
  17. Hello, all-- To provide you all with an accurate, fair and honest response, we have reached out to Consumer Reports directly to determine the exact testing methodologies and sample selection process used to test Malwarebytes Premium. It is our belief at Malwarebytes that providing you with unverified, unconfirmed and speculative statements regarding the test, or the testing organization, would not alleviate your concerns and could lead to incorrect information that might impact Malwarebytes, Consumer Reports and especially you, our loyal customers. Once we hear back from Consumer Reports, we will communicate back to you via our blog to clear up any misinformation that may have occurred. Thanks for your continued support. Malwarebytes Team
  18. Hi lmacri-- Great question! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to further clarify. At this point there will be no further component package updates sent out to legacy OSes, so 1.0.365 is the most current version for XP and Vista. 1.0.374 is not available for, nor has it been tested on, these OSes. So you've got the latest for Vista. ?
  19. Hi Pipps-- Thanks for your feedback. Currently there is no way to suppress the Scan Complete message when no threats are detected. But we've actually received the request to allow the scan results to be silent from others. We hope to add that notification to the list of notifications that obey the "Show Malwarebytes notifications in the Windows System Tray" setting in Application Settings. Alternatively, there have been discussions to build out even more granular control over all program notifications. So hopefully you'll see this enhancement added in an future Malwarebytes update soon.
  20. Malwarebytes 3.5.1 – Known issues with anti-ransomware We have identified a few issues with the anti-ransomware module in the latest version of Malwarebytes, v. 3.5.1. System slowdown/excessive memory use: The next component package update for Malwarebytes (coming soon!) should address this problem. Typically rebooting will resolve the issue temporarily. Prevents programs from updating: Programs such as Skype, Visual Studio 2017, KeePass and others may not update correctly with the anti-ransomware module enabled. We have a fix for this coming in a later update, but the work-around in the meantime is to temporarily disable the anti-ransomware module while you upgrade.
  21. Malwarebytes support for legacy Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems Malwarebytes 3.5.1 build 2522 component package 1.0.365, will continue to support legacy Windows XP and Windows Vista at the same level as we had with earlier 3.x releases. In order for Malwarebytes to better support these legacy operating systems we’ve designed Malwarebytes 3.5 with special compatibility features to allow on-going protection updates and other maintenance upgrades via a separate development track. Malwarebytes does not recommend running operating systems that Microsoft no longer supports. We strongly recommend that you consider upgrading your legacy operating systems due to the risk from exploits and other threats. However, we recognize that some customers have reasons to continue working with legacy systems so Malwarebytes wants to continue providing support for these legacy platforms for as long as possible. Users running Malwarebytes 3.5 on Windows XP and Vista will continue to receive on-going protection updates to keep safe from the latest infections. However these operating systems will no longer receive program upgrades, such as component packages or newer program versions, for new features. Malwarebytes will continue to release bug fixes, stability improvements, and other upgrades for the XP and Vista platforms on an as needed basis. You may download the latest available version for XP and Vista by clicking here. For further details, please view the official Malwarebytes Lifecycle Policy: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/lifecycle/
  22. Many thanks Marnes for your feedback! I appreciate your taking the time to help us improve. I've passed this along to the AdwCleaner team.
  23. Also, on the off chance that this is the issue, are you seeing your last Scan Results when you click the Scan tab? If so, simply click the Close link in upper right on that page and then when you go back to the Scan tab you'll see the Select a Scan screen with the Custom Scan option.
  24. @throkr Thanks for the feedback! Keep us posted on how it goes. @Access Denied It's nice when people notice the little things. Glad 3.4.5 is working well for you.
  25. Thanks, @Access Denied ! Glad to hear the good news.
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