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  1. Thanks, Porthos. I can repro this as well. We're checking on it.
  2. Thanks for the info -- we'll be looking into the self-protection issues here to confirm it's not just an issue with this "pre-updated" installer.
  3. Excellent. Thank you for confirming this!
  4. Can you try rebooting to see if that fixes the issue? This installer isn't the "true" way this update will be delivered, but more a work-around to let folks test out the component update early. If rebooting doesn't help, then it would be helpful to get a copy of your mbamservice log. I understand you're frustrated, but we're working on addressing these issues as quickly as we can.
  5. That's encouraging. Please keep us posted!
  6. Hi digmorcrusher-- I'd encourage you to try the newest version, just posted a short while ago. This is newer than anything you would have installed yesterday and would show 1.0.75 as the Component Package version on the About screen.
  7. Hello, ejbeak! It is certainly the intention that this update will address the Web Protection issues. You should not need to uninstall any earlier version that you currently have installed, so installing on top of your existing version should be fine. If you experience any problems with the installation, however, then please uninstall the old version and install this new one.
  8. Hi there-- We now have a new beta / preview available that should hopefully address this problem. Please see the details here:
  9. Hello-- We have a beta of an upcoming update now available that we hope addresses these issues. Please see this post for details:
  10. Hello-- We've just posted a new beta update installer to test out the upcoming Malwarebytes 3.0 component package update. I've updated the info and download link in this post: The issues with Web Protection and Anti-Ransomware not starting should hopefully be resolved now, as well as the issues with DNS not resolving properly. We would certainly appreciate it if you could try this latest installer and let us know if these issues are resolved. The installer version is but after install the component package version displayed on the About screen should be 1.0.75. Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!
  11. While we're investigating on our end we also encourage all users running into this issue to contact F-Secure to report the same to them, too. There may be something they can tweak on their side, too. There is likely some interaction their program has at a lower-level that could cause issues like this, which is precisely why they have a "compatibility" mode. Please do contact them, too, and let them know they're interfering with Malwarebytes properly starting up.
  12. Hi purduephotog-- It's tough to know exactly what might be happening in your case without logs for troubleshooting. We posted a new preview version of an upcoming update for 3.0.6 available from this link. If you download and install this version and continue to see the same behavior, it would be helpful to get the logs referenced in this post: Then we can try and see what's going on.
  13. Hi Colcolt-- We'd be happy to try and help you further if you could please provide the logs requested in this post: Thank you,
  14. Hello aonris-- I apologize for the trouble here. This is a known problem in Spanish and we hope to fix it in a future update. As a work-around so you can schedule a new scan, please temporarily change your language to English (or French or Portuguese or some other language) and then edit your scan. After you are done editing you can reset your language setting to Spanish. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi KHRoxas-- There is a known compatibility issue with F-Secure that has been reported by several others. In F-Secure, if you set the Deep Guard setting to "Compatibility mode" then you should no longer see the "unable to connect to the service" error in Malwarebytes.