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  1. Hi throkr! Thanks for your continued interest. 🙂 We currently expect to have the next MB4 beta available for everyone in the next week or so, assuming all goes well with testing. Unfortunately I can’t be as specific for the final version. 😉 A lot depends on continued testing results and feedback from the next beta. This is the right forum to check for all the latest info though, so keep watching for updates! We’ll get the next beta version out for you all just as soon as we can.
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback on the new interface @siliconman01 and @throkr. Our designers worked very hard on that. Keep us posted on any other feedback you might have as you continue using the beta.
  3. bdubrow


    Hi there! Thanks for your patience. I'm happy to let you know we now have the first public beta for Malwarebytes 4.0 available to test out. We've set up a separate sub-forum for Malwarebytes 4.x so please see the details in this post. Looking forward to your feedback!
  4. Hi @m314— Thank you for reporting this. As exile360 noted, this definitely sounds like a bug. I’ve asked one of our quality assurance team members to reach out to you separately to see if we could better understand what might be happening in your case. The message you referenced should only display once, so perhaps there is some issue tracking that it has displayed once already on your computer. We appreciate your contacting us about this so we can investigate.
  5. Hello, Malwarebytes community! We would like to invite you to test out our latest Malwarebytes 4 Beta. You can download the Beta installer from this link. The Beta supports manual upgrades from Malwarebytes 3.8.3. In case of any issue with a manual over-install, we recommend a fresh install. Upgrading from previous 4.x versions is not supported. As with all previous Betas from all previous versions, this one provides a preview for identifying possible defects and allows early access to new features. We caution that Betas are not fully tested by Malwarebytes and may include significant issues. We strongly recommend that you back up all of your data prior to installing and using Beta software. It is offered “As-Is” and does not carry any warranties or support services. What’s New in this Malwarebytes 4 Beta: New detection engine that Improves Zero-hour detection Dynamically extends detection to mutating malware Improved performance and faster scans Complete redesign of the User Interface Simplification of the Windows Security Center integration setting Improved Web Protection component Please share your feedback in this beta forum by starting a new topic. To save time, Make sure to check current Known Issues. For reporting False Positives follow the instructions here. For reporting issues that directly relate to security (vulnerabilities), we appreciate if you follow the instructions here. Thank you so much!
  6. In the past few days, there’s been some confusion around our lifetime licenses (those with no expiration date and only sold between 2008-2014) and our choice to start enforcing their original terms. First of all, we’re sorry. We should have done a better job letting you know this change was coming, and we understand why some of you are upset. In an effort to be more transparent and clear up confusion, we wanted to take some time to explain what’s going on. What changed? What happened? The first thing you need to know is that there have been zero changes to the original terms of your lifetime license. We haven’t stopped honoring lifetime licenses and we aren’t discontinuing support. Legitimate lifetime licenses from Malwarebytes or our authorized resellers were always sold for use on one Windows PC. However, you could actually use it on three PCs before any sort of limit was enforced. The idea was to give users some leeway and make it easier to transfer your license over when you got a new computer. Unfortunately, unauthorized resellers found out about the loophole and starting taking advantage of it by advertising that lifetime licenses were valid for up to three computers. Over time, these unauthorized resellers have become a growing issue. We’ve continued to deal with rampant piracy and abuse of lifetime keys. It got to a point where our leniency was simply untenable. When we started transitioning to a new account and subscription management system, we decided the time had come to start enforcing the original lifetime license terms. The enforcement started in April and is not new with the recent Malwarebytes 3.8.3 release. When we tested the waters, few seemed to mind. Of those who did reach out, most just needed help deactivating their license on old devices. We didn’t think we needed to make any sort of official announcement. We were wrong. We forgot to account for the fact that most people don’t update right away. As the update cycle continued, what was once a trickle of issues became a flash flood. We want to make it clear that the decision to enforce device limits was strictly about cracking down on unauthorized resellers, some of which were using and reselling keys that didn’t belong to them. We did not start enforcing the device limit on lifetime licenses in order to profit or somehow punish our customers. We value each and every one of our customers, and we apologize if our lack of communication has caused you any frustration. What happens now? If you saw a “usage level” error message while upgrading, you need to deactivate Premium on an old device. To manage the devices that are attached to your license, log in to your Malwarebytes account. From there, you can deactivate old devices and free up space. If you’re getting an error that says you have Premium activated on too many devices, follow the instructions in this FAQ. If you need more help, reach out to our support staff directly. We appreciate your patience as we work through this, and we apologize for our lack of communication. Thank you, The Malwarebytes team
  7. Thanks for your comments, Frank. And totally agree that our forum support staff and helpers work tirelessly and are all awesome!
  8. Just wanted to chime in as well and also thank you @TempLost and @Max-H for confirming the seamless upgrade. We now have millions of users on the new 3.8.3 version and majority are upgrading without issue. I can totally understand the frustration of those dealing with upgrade issues, but as always, we are committed to helping folks work through any problem.
  9. Hi Dan-- Very much appreciate all your thoughtful and detailed comments! I understand that there's been a lot of frustration in dealing with many of the issues you pointed out. I just wanted to provide a few comments and let you know we do take all feedback to heart. Yes, there have been a few cases where there have been problems related to an update or new release, but we typically try to be as transparent as possible in dealing with these cases. Sometimes we start out with limited information and learn as we are able to do more testing, but we do our best to keep people informed. Regarding communicating issues out, you raise a great point. It would be extremely helpful for those kinds of situations if we had an email address for all users so we could provide this type of communication. Currently this is not a requirement, so we've had to leverage public forums like this to help get the word out. As I'm sure you're aware, our 3.x version was completely re-architected from the ground up. It was made more modular to allow us greater flexibility and control in providing new features and rolling out updates more quickly and dynamically. However, with this increased modularity came some trade-offs and we absolutely needed to spend a lot of time improving the syncing between different components. The latest 3.x versions are very stable in this regard now and the occasional issue reported is typically due to some 3rd party interference, usually another security software program installed. Once mutual exclusions are set up usually this can be resolved. If you are still having issues with the Exploit Protection, please do run our Support Tool and provide the logs requested. We would very much like to get this straightened out for you. Malwarebytes does have a much more aggressive stance toward PUPs and we detect a lot of PUPs that other security vendors do not, and many of our users appreciate this hard stance. We have clearly stated the criteria used for determining a PUP. While there are certain usability issues currently (as you rightly pointed out in your next point), our support team is always willing to help you set up exclusions for specific programs that you wish to continue using. I agree. There are numerous reasons for this, but rather than making a bunch of excuses the only comment I'll make is that after the release of 3.x we decided focusing on the core protective capability and protection-related issues were more important than other usability concerns. Of course, ideally it would have been great to be able to do it all. But it's a continual balance of prioritizing with our available resources. The issues you point out with Exclusions and Scheduling are known and I can let you know that we're already working on our next major release of Malwarebytes and we have already made some improvements in those areas. We know that Exclusions is still a major pain point. I reviewed your previous feedback and you had other great suggestions, so I'll make sure our team also sees them. Our Support team does a great job helping our customers, though depending on the specific situation some cases may require more time to resolve. We do already have the suggestion to allow exporting / importing of settings and custom configurations on our list. Hopefully that is something we can offer in the future. Totally agree it would make things easier for folks such as yourself who are setting up new systems often. Again, I do feel your frustration, but we do listen and try to be transparent about known issues and will do everything in our power to assist. I know that there are some longstanding improvements we've yet to make, but we try to include improvements in each release we put out. I appreciate your keeping Malwarebytes installed so you can continue to see our progress over the next major releases. Looking forward to your continued feedback on those!
  10. bdubrow


    Hi Nazareno-- Thank you for your interest in our future product releases! We don't currently have a set release date for the next major version of Malwarebytes, but the first step before it's released will be to run a beta. We are hoping that the beta program for Malwarebytes 4 will be much longer than our normal betas, so there should be plenty of time to check it out and provide feedback. You're in the right place to find announcements of new betas, so I'd suggest signing up to "watch" this forum, if you haven't already. To do this, just go to the main beta forum page https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/146-malwarebytes-3x-beta/ and click the Follow button in the top right. Again, the timing is not definite, but I hopefully later this summer we'll have more info for you.
  11. Hi again-- Note that we've now got a newer version going out: 1.0.563
  12. We have another new Beta update for 3.7.1, Component update 1.0.563, that we've just started sending out. The only change between this package and 1.0.562 is a fix for a defect around the false positive prevention logic.
  13. Thanks, Firefox! The correct version is 1.0.562. I’ve fixed the typo in the other post.
  14. As I mentioned both options will be dropped into the trial upon install, assuming they have not used their trial yet. We fully understand that not all users are going to buy. There will always be free users. We are trying to find the best way to communicate with the people who are interested in our business products. These flows, as well as others, are also subject to change as we test and optimize. But bottom line is that it’s the same product installed either way and the malware scanning and remediation is exactly the same.
  15. Thanks for the great feedback, Lava! We've been monitoring the response and the comments on this thread are helpful. The team is already working on a revised experience here and will certainly take all the feedback into account. The terms of your subscription dictate the terms of your renewal. We would not automatically switch you to a completely different product out of the blue, nor would that be possible legally. But more importantly, that is not who we're about as a company -- we'd just never operate that way. We try our best to be transparent so folks trust us. Here are the list of current differences if you choose "Work": You'll see a different dashboard status message when you're running the Free version of Malwarebytes 3. This dashboard just lets you know that we have a full line of corporate / enterprise products that may be a better fit for you. The Windows title bar in Free mode says "Malwarebytes Business 3.1.7" (or applicable version number) The title of the program in blue header at top of main dashboard says "Malwarebytes Business" instead of "Malwarebytes Premium". Currently upon install you are not automatically dropped into a Trial like you would be if you chose Home. But that will be changing shortly so behavior is consistent again between the two options. If you upgrade from any of the Upgrade Now links in the Free or Trial version, you will be presented with our business products for purchase. There is decreased promotional messaging in this version currently, as that is primarily directed at home users (e.g. special offers for Black Friday, etc.). Which Enterprise version do you have? Our Enterprise products include Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection and Response. None of those products will even see this screen. This screen is only seen in the installer used for our Personal and Teams products. See #6 above. Right now you'd actually see LESS of this type of marketing if you chose Work Computer. We are trying to better tailor the experience to who's actually using the product. We know that businesses use our home product and we also know that many of them don't even realize we have business products available. So we're looking at different ways to provide the best experience based on how and where you're using the product AND to make sure you have the best product to fit your needs.
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