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  1. bdubrow

    Italian translator error

    Thank you, MAXBAR1! We appreciate your pointing this out and providing the corrected translation. We'll try to get this updated as soon as we can.
  2. bdubrow

    Spanish translation error

    Thank you for reporting this and providing alternative translation. I'll pass this along to the appropriate team.
  3. bdubrow

    Dutch text too long

    Thank you for reporting this and providing alternative for replacement. I'll pass this along to the appropriate team.
  4. Hi lmacri-- Great question! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to further clarify. At this point there will be no further component package updates sent out to legacy OSes, so 1.0.365 is the most current version for XP and Vista. 1.0.374 is not available for, nor has it been tested on, these OSes. So you've got the latest for Vista. 🙂
  5. bdubrow

    How to make scan silent?

    Hi Pipps-- Thanks for your feedback. Currently there is no way to suppress the Scan Complete message when no threats are detected. But we've actually received the request to allow the scan results to be silent from others. We hope to add that notification to the list of notifications that obey the "Show Malwarebytes notifications in the Windows System Tray" setting in Application Settings. Alternatively, there have been discussions to build out even more granular control over all program notifications. So hopefully you'll see this enhancement added in an future Malwarebytes update soon.
  6. Malwarebytes 3.5.1 – Known issues with anti-ransomware We have identified a few issues with the anti-ransomware module in the latest version of Malwarebytes, v. 3.5.1. System slowdown/excessive memory use: The next component package update for Malwarebytes (coming soon!) should address this problem. Typically rebooting will resolve the issue temporarily. Prevents programs from updating: Programs such as Skype, Visual Studio 2017, KeePass and others may not update correctly with the anti-ransomware module enabled. We have a fix for this coming in a later update, but the work-around in the meantime is to temporarily disable the anti-ransomware module while you upgrade.
  7. Malwarebytes support for legacy Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems Malwarebytes 3.5.1 build 2522 component package 1.0.365, will continue to support legacy Windows XP and Windows Vista at the same level as we had with earlier 3.x releases. In order for Malwarebytes to better support these legacy operating systems we’ve designed Malwarebytes 3.5 with special compatibility features to allow on-going protection updates and other maintenance upgrades via a separate development track. Malwarebytes does not recommend running operating systems that Microsoft no longer supports. We strongly recommend that you consider upgrading your legacy operating systems due to the risk from exploits and other threats. However, we recognize that some customers have reasons to continue working with legacy systems so Malwarebytes wants to continue providing support for these legacy platforms for as long as possible. Users running Malwarebytes 3.5 on Windows XP and Vista will continue to receive on-going protection updates to keep safe from the latest infections. However these operating systems will no longer receive program upgrades, such as component packages or newer program versions, for new features. Malwarebytes will continue to release bug fixes, stability improvements, and other upgrades for the XP and Vista platforms on an as needed basis. You may download the latest available version for XP and Vista by clicking here. For further details, please view the official Malwarebytes Lifecycle Policy: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/lifecycle/
  8. bdubrow

    Adwcleaner dutch translation error

    Many thanks Marnes for your feedback! I appreciate your taking the time to help us improve. I've passed this along to the AdwCleaner team.
  9. bdubrow

    Translation mistakes in Online Store

    Thank you, florinch! I appreciate your taking the time to send us this feedback. I've passed it along to our ecommerce team to address.
  10. bdubrow

    Translation Error MWB Beta 3.5

    Thank you for reporting this! We've made a note of it and will get this fixed in a future update.
  11. bdubrow

    Romanian translation

    Hello! Thank you for wanting to help improve the quality and make Malwarebytes even better! The best thing to do would be to forward feedback on any bad translations or suggestions on how to improve to us here. Please tag @Erix in any comments and we can work to address any problems in our future product updates.
  12. bdubrow

    Custom Scan option missing

    Also, on the off chance that this is the issue, are you seeing your last Scan Results when you click the Scan tab? If so, simply click the Close link in upper right on that page and then when you go back to the Scan tab you'll see the Select a Scan screen with the Custom Scan option.
  13. bdubrow

    Mistake in the Romanian translation

    Hello! Thank you for passing this along. I have forwarded the feedback to the appropriate team.
  14. bdubrow

    MB 3.4.5

    @throkr Thanks for the feedback! Keep us posted on how it goes. @Access Denied It's nice when people notice the little things. Glad 3.4.5 is working well for you.
  15. bdubrow

    ANSWERED I give up

    Thanks, @Access Denied ! Glad to hear the good news.

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