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  1. 3.2.1 update from 3.2.0 uninstalled MB

    Hi @dancedar - Thank you for reporting your experience. That doesn't sound right at all. Would you be able to provide the logs referenced in b, c and d in this post: These will help us see what might have happened. Thanks!
  2. Malwarebytes 3.2 Beta 2 Now Available

    We're still looking into this issue and it likely won't be fixed in the final version of 3.2.
  3. Results of overinstall from 3.1 to 3.2 beta 2

    Thank you for the feedback @DarthVitrial. Glad the upgrade went smoothly. I didn't see anything too concerning in your logs, but we'll take a closer look just to be sure.
  4. Great to hear! Our testing showed that this was resolved, but very nice to hear it confirmed from you all in the field.
  5. Hi @John A Just wanted to confirm that we have been looking into this issue with Start with Windows and Fast Startup, but we likely won't be able to address it in the upcoming 3.2 release. But it's on the list for a future update.
  6. Thanks @Aura - appreciate the help and logs! And thanks @Soozy - glad the upgrade went smoothly.
  7. Beta Application Updates

    @hopper15 -- Thank you! @Porthos -- Nice!! Love the video.
  8. Announcing the Malwarebytes 3.2 Beta

    Just a note that we've now released Beta 2 for Malwarebytes 3.2. Please see this post in our beta forum for more details:
  9. Hi all-- We've just posted a link to the Malwarebytes 3.2.1 Beta 2. Please see the link and info here: This beta should migrate more settings properly and addresses other upgrade-related issues. If you have opted in to receive Beta updates via Application Settings then you'll see a notice to upgrade via the program. Otherwise you can manually over-install. Please continue to keep us posted with any feedback!
  10. Beta Application Updates

    Great -- good to hear.
  11. Announcing the Malwarebytes 3.2 Beta

    Just a note that we now have Beta 2 available, v. 3.2.1: This has addressed further upgrade and stability issues, as well as taken care of many of the migration issues mentioned in Beta 1.
  12. Hello all-- For those who have opted in to receive beta updates via the new setting in the 3.2.0 beta will see a notification for a new version shortly. We have just pushed v. 3.2.1 as our Beta 2. For now this is only going to those who have specifically opted in to this setting. Eventually we'll roll Beta 2 out to everyone and will post a announcement at that time.
  13. Beta Application Updates

    Ok, awesome, thanks for confirming. That's exactly the version you should have now. We will shortly be releasing another full installer -- 3.2.1. You should receive a notification for this if you're getting beta updates or you can click Install Application Updates again to pull it down. (give us a few minutes though... )
  14. Beta Application Updates

    Hi Phone Man Can you please check on About screen what your Component Package version is? We recently released a new component package update out to the beta track only. Thanks!
  15. Beta Application Updates

    Very wise.