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  1. 1PW

    Am I FLoCed?

    I first found this today over at Wilder's... From the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Am I FLoCed? A New Site to Test Google's Invasive Experiment HTH
  2. Hello @TerryNeal: Please try @treed's procedures at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/272441-vpn-stopped-working/?do=findComment&comment=1448506 and let the forum know in a reply how it worked. Thank you.
  3. Also seems to answer to Malware.Heuristic.1003
  4. 1PW

    VPN stopped working

    Hello @MICHAL97 and Please download the Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST-Mac.zip) Locate/Run the MBST-Mac.zip tool which will eventually yield a MWB_Info.zip file. This may take some time. Important! Please keep the MWB_Info.zip file until it is requested by a Malwarebytes Staffer. Thank you. @treed
  5. Hello @grunf and welcome back. Thank you for the detailed event viewer screenshots. Please try following the procedure within Repair Malwarebytes for Windows with the Malwarebytes Support Tool Follow the MBST-Repair steps, then please follow with a Windows system restart and test MB4 for normal operation. Then, please reply to this topic and let the forum know the result. Thank you.
  6. Hello @cli: With all that has been posted, could a clever AI ruleset enhancement be explored that would favorably effect the current VirusTotal finding? https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/271737-malwareai4090910830-found-showing-location-as-adwcleanerexe/?tab=comments#comment-1444821 Thank you. cc: @miekiemoes
  7. Hello @cli I agree with any who observe the age of this long obsoleted file. However, is it possible perhaps the latest data has not yet made its way to VirusTotal? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/450de13f98dc79c3e6359cb244fac2a6f23f848f531f5c5a3ec3b9c2af365714/detection https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/malwarebytes-anti-malware-updates.389946/page-105#post-2997413
  8. Hello @BillH99999: Thank you. Do you believe your WeatherBug app was likely updated on Monday of this week? Are you running the ad-free edition? cc: @jboursier
  9. Hello @BillH99999: In this individual instance, the data may make the process shorter and I'm certain all of us wish to make the jobs of the busy devs/staffers as easy as possible. Thank you always for your patience and understanding.
  10. Hello @BillH99999: Thank you kindly for the informative Malwarebytes AdwCleaner scan report file. Before the Malwarebytes' developer/staffers commence a thorough analysis of that system's PUP issue, it is recommended you also attach a Malwarebytes Support Tool archive report file (mbst-grab-results.zip) in your next reply to this topic: Please follow only steps 1 thru 8 of the Upload Malwarebytes Support Tool logs offline procedure and attach the resulting mbst-grab-results.zip archive file in your next reply to this topic for analysis. In the meantime, you may wish to cons
  11. Hello @Buddel: Please note with caution, at the time of this post, v8.2.0.0 is not a release but is an un-announced BETA. Thank you.
  12. Hello @treed: I have opened ticket number 3411438. To the ticket I have attached MWB_info.zip and 2 screenshots files that document what I experienced with the RTProtection Daemon when I woke my MBP11,3 from sleep while v4.8.10 beta was installed and no other apps running. I would be happy to try the current beta again or another beta if additional data is desired. BTW, v4.8.10 beta's manual threat scan took about 3 minutes when the new CPU usage High button was selected. The scan time goes about 13 minutes when the Low button was selected. While falling back to the r
  13. Like it or not, If it's not already, I believe the new "sweet spot" for many W10 systems is at or quickly approaching 12 or 16GB. The next is a good SSD.
  14. Hello @Traffa and welcome back: You should be able to locate much of the information you seek in the Malwarebytes Privacy guide. After the Malwarebytes Privacy installation concluded, was the product able to be activated with a license sent to you? If you have further questions, please reply to this topic. Thank you. I have requested that Malwarebytes staffers move this topic to the Malwarebytes Privacy for Windows sub-forum.
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