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  1. I build and setup Windows computers for my customers and I used to recommend, purchase and install Malwarebytes on every computer I worked on. However, versions since 2.xxx have been a serious cause of trouble for me and all of my customers. 1 There have been at least 2 and possibly 3 versions (version of 3.xxx) that have screwed up user's computers. One release kept eating up RAM so that Windows kept slowing down and would hardly work. It took a lot of time for Malwarebytes to stop blaming customers and admit that their update was causing all of the problems The other late r
  2. I'm in the computer support business, so I know a bit more about computers than the average person. As of Oct 3, 2017 I no longer got any e-mail on Thunderbird. In an effort to figure out why I uninstalled TB, updated TB, ran tons of security scans all to no avail, after already successfully accessing my e-mail via the 1and1 Web Mail. So I knew the problem was not with 1and1. Searching the web failed to yield any helpful information, until I systematically disabled various security programs. Avast was not the culprit, but then I found it. Malwarebytes Premium, and narrow
  3. Forgot to add this to my original post: Good description of problem, unfortunately removal recommendations have not worked for me. https://malwaretips.com/blogs/dllhost-exe-32-com-surrogate-removal/
  4. I run a computer support business and of all the malware that I have had to deal with, the worst in my experience is the one that deals with "dllhost.exe, None of the well known companies that make security software (Anti-virus, Anti-Malware) other than Symantec have even given it a name, and none of them either detect or remove it successfully. Apparently it is a Fileless, Memory injecting DLL. If that does not mean anything to you, you are not alone, but it may explains why it is so difficult to detect and remove. It is not new, and you can find descriptions of it at least as far back
  5. In Malwarebytes 2.xxx there was a menu where you could specify what drives to include in a scan for each scan type. I'm having trouble finding it in the 3.06 version.
  6. Why can't adding the file or folder to the Exclusion List do this ??????? That's how it works in other security software. I have had extensive discussion with a tech support person, but they never answered this question ?
  7. None of the suggestions helps at all. At this point I don't have any patience to waste more of my time sending detailed information to you, much as I regret it. If you would make it less time consuming for users to give you the information we could afford the time. For example how about having a single menu button that sends all of the log information / configuration that you want to collect, and include A LINK to this FORUM ! ! ! !
  8. Problem is unresolved and every computer I deal with ( > 40 ) has this as an intermittent problem. None of the simple suggestions that users make work to fix this problem. This is a major bug, which should have been dealt with prior to final release of 3.xx.
  9. Well said, however I would not be quite as generous about overall Malwarebytes handling of these horrible BUGS. I have over 100 clients with Malwarebytes 3.06 issues and as much as I would like to help them and solve this problem, only Malwarebytes can really fix these isssues because the problem lies with these upgrades themselves.
  10. The solution suggested by Staff (Celee): If it is your Website Protection having issues, please try the following two things: Under Settings -> Protection, turn on "Enable self-protection module early start". Then reboot and see if your protection module starts up If that doesn't work, under Settings -> Protection, turn off the option for "Enable self-protection module". Then reboot and see if your protection module starts up Does not solve the Problem. Sometimes clicking the Turn on button on the Pop Up, fixes the problem, sometimes it does not. Even after it d
  11. After switching from 3.05 to 3.06, Real Time Protection and other problems went away. Then after 3 days the message came back on "Real Time Protection Layer Turned off", but in fact the protection was ENABLED. Clicking on fixing problem in Dashboard would not make it go away. Then, unexpectedly, Web protection was Off, so I gave up. About an hour later everything is ok, no Error messages, and when I checked Settings Protection all is ok. I'm telling all of my clients to NOT ALLOW update from 2.xx to 3.xx until all the bugs are fixed, otherwise they and I will go nuts. Weir
  12. The scheduling could and should be made a lot simpler for those of us who wish to setup a schedule for quick daily Security Scans, and more thorough Weekly Scans all done at the same time of day. Right now if you were to schedule Hyperscan at 1:00 pm using Daily Schedule, and Threat Scan (stupidly labeled as Normal for some bizarre reason, although it shows up as Threat Scan when you edit this) using Weekly Schedule, there would be a conflict with unknown consequences. Sure you could schedule the Threat Scan an hour later, but that should not be necessary if the whole scheduling was desi
  13. The Malwarebytes 3.0 update is a wonderful achievement because it offers the integrated protection of Anti Exploit, Anti Ransomware, all of which I have used with the MBytes 2.xx version. I also applaud Malwarebytes for it's VERY GENEROUS, upgrade policy for licensed users of the prior version, and the affordable pricing for unlicensed users in general. THANKS VERY MUCH - and now for some feedback. KEEPING PRIOR CONFIGURATIONS PROBLEM Even with the 3.06 update, the dashboard reported NO SCHEDULED SCANS, in spite of the fact that MBytes 2.0xx had them configured and runnin
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