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  1. I have noticed not only an improvement in the shut down process, but a bigger change with the boot up. Applications load much faster during a restart or cold boot. I am very happy with the 1.0.508 update. No complaints here.
  2. I have been using the 1.0.527 update now for almost a week. To date I have experienced NO problems. My PCs are back running like they use to. 😂 A BIG thanks to the staff of Malwarebytes for resolving this issue.
  3. Since installing 1.0.527 last Friday on my desktop, I have been hard freeze FREE. No problems what so ever. System is running like it use too. Knock on wood. 🙂 Same good results with the 1.0.527 install on my laptop. I've also noticed that 1.0.527 has cleaned up my Reliability History in regards to mbamservice.exe and Windows Shut Down issues.
  4. I've had 1.0.527 installed since 7:30pm last nite. So far two separate sessions totaling 12.5 hours of use without a hard freeze on my desktop.
  5. Just to update my previous post....... subsequent trial on my end showed that disabling the Automatically Check for Updates option doesn't totally resolve the hard freeze issue. It still occurred, but less frequently. I have since reverted my version of Malwarebytes back to the earlier version. The hard freeze problem has been totally resolved now.
  6. Discussions about Windows 7 Reliability History caused me to take a peek at my desktop. According to the log, the machine was pretty stable until 09/19/2018 which is the date I installed version of Malwarebytes. Prior to 09/19/2018 I would have an occasional note on the history about Windows not being shut down properly. This error is related to an unknown application that was slow to close when I shut down the system. After 09/19/2018 errors related to mbamservice.exe start to appear in the history on a regular basis and after 12/06/2018, when 1.0.508 was installed, is when t
  7. I don't know if this is related, but I have been doing some experimenting on my own. Since the hard freeze never occurs for me right after boot up or for a period of time after boot up, I decided to play around with some of the Malwarebyte settings that interact with Windows 7 during my time on the computer. With Malwarebytes set for FULL protection I have found that if I disable Malwarebytes' Automatically Check for Updates setting and do the updates manually the freeze problem is gone. So far my testing has been only for 2 days, but prior to this I was experiencing at least one freeze onc
  8. Additional Update...... I double checked the laptop I cited in my original post that was having a hard freeze issue and the KB44713187 Security Update hasn't been installed yet. The laptop does have a Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN network adapter. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Update......... Well, the KB44713187 uninstall solution was short lived. With-in 6 hours it hard froze again. After uninstalling KB44713187 the desktop was rebooted several times. I ran the Support Tool and have attached my logs. As noted in my original post this machine dual boots Windows 10 Home x64. So far no problems with this hardware and that OS. Windows 10 is running flawless. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. My desktop uses the motherboard's network adapter which is....... Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-V Thanks again !
  11. Thanks for posting this information. I will take the liberty of joining your test as well. On my desktop it was intermittently locking up until 3 days ago when it started doing hard freeze once a day. Yesterday it did it twice. I have since uninstalled KB:4471318 and will let you know how it goes. System: Home built desktop. MSI X99a Sli Plus motherboard with Windows 7 Pro x64 No pattern to the freezes. It has happened when I started a manual defrag, when opening FireFox to browse, after sitting idle (no suspend or hibernate, just screen saver) and when opening Windows Liv
  12. Thanks for the advice. Per this thread I have disabled both Ransomware and Web Protection in Windows 7 so I will see how it goes. So far no problems. An update ....... I did spend some time with the laptop doing the Windows 8.1 Microsoft Updates along with the Malwarebytes 1.0.508 update. No problems at all with this operating system using Windows Defender as the AV. Web Protection and Ransomware protection is enabled as well.
  13. Experiencing a hard freeze on two of my systems after the 1.0.58. These are a hard freeze with the mouse, keyboard and desktop screen froze. Requires pressing the power button to shut down. Problem does not correct itself if let to wait it out. The latest system was my laptop which has had two hard freezes and one soft freeze. With the soft freeze the keyboard and mouse were still functional and I was able to crtl - alt- del to Task Manager for a reboot. The shutdown / Restart button was un-responsive during the soft freeze as well as the desktop icons. The screen was responsive w
  14. I'm a Malwarebyte's Premium owner with 3 subscriptions and have experienced this on 1 PC so far. I can see having pop-up ads on the Free version, but the Premium version should be just that....... a premium version of the software free nags. If the marketing folks still wish to annoy their loyal customers, at least provide an opt out option. On top of that, I don't even own an Android device. ?
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