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  1. Thanks for posting this additional information on how you were able to get this working, crosscheck29. It may indeed help others with a similar problem, but it also helps us narrow down what might be causing the problem in the first place.
  2. Absolutely - definitely a good idea for the OP to follow up over in the malware removal section!
  3. Hi CynthiaMoore-- The new quarantine flow is quite a bit different than the earlier version, so it is worth a bit of explanation. I think daledoc1 was thinking of a slightly different scenario with the earlier reply, but I understand how that could happen. The confusion is around the term "selected." To answer your question, yes, if you select "Ignore Once" then that is the action that will be performed only for those 20 unselected PUPs. The other 2 malware threats will still be removed if the boxes for those checked. And then yes, you're correct, a subsequent scan will pick up those other 20 items you chose to ignore only one time. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, mitch. We've added some new rules into the scanning engine which could account for some increased time in the heuristics analysis phase of any scan. But other users have reported that subsequent scans don't take quite as much time as that initial scan, so you may see some improvement there.
  5. Thank you for the comments! I just want to clarify that we did actually remove the banner from the main Dashboard in 2.1.4, so we are taking the feedback into account. Premium users now only see a banner on the active Scanning window, which is at least some improvement from the earlier version. But please also note that there’s still on-going discussion on how best to handle these messages, including possible options to control whether or when these messages appear. So we do appreciate the continued feedback.
  6. Hi abuela--Glad you discovered that you could re-position the Edit Schedule dialog. Sorry for the confusion around that! This is indeed a known issue and while there are some additional improvements we could make such as centering the dialog again after the Advanced button is clicked, I'm hoping we can instead completely redesign these screens so they're more user-friendly (and not so HUGE!). So, we've got this item on the list, just not sure of the exact time-frame when it'll be addressed.
  7. Thanks for the continued follow up, yardbird! We shouldn't need any further logs here.
  8. We did not specifically change anything with this behavior in the 2.1.4 release. The way it's supposed to work now is, if "Automatically quarantine detected items" is not checked, then any threats detected will not be quarantined immediately. A notification will instead be presented, and you must choose how to respond. If you do not respond to the notification within forty (40) seconds, only then will the threat be quarantined automatically.
  9. To clarify, the question of continued support for the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.75 has come up a couple times recently in here in the forums. Here's one of the posts that quotes the official statement of support for 1.75.
  10. Please try this again - this has now been updated. We've also implemented some new processes internally to ensure this gets updated much more frequently.
  11. You're absolutely right. Typically we do update that package more regularly, so not exactly sure why it's so far behind right now. We're checking on this and will get this updated as soon as we can.
  12. Rather than keep this thread open for additional posts, we're closing it so any issues for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1 can be posted in our standard support forum or you can also visit the Support portal for FAQs and links to contact our Support team directly. This will help us provide better support and track issues more accurately.
  13. Hi Staticguy--this is pretty much by design, as the Free version is only designed to run on-demand. The extra control and flexibility to have quick access to the interface is another reason to consider upgrading to the Premium version. Thank you for the feedback on the trial! It definitely shouldn't be installing the trial version if you've specifically unchecked that check box during the install, so we'll check on that. You should be able to click any of the End Trial buttons in the program any time during your trial to end it. We're looking at other ways to make this more straightforward.
  14. Hello everyone-- We’re very excited to announce that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1.4 officially launched today! This release consists a number of user interface enhancements, most notably a completely updated design. You may download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1.4 by clicking here. The new version is available for new downloads only at this time. We won’t be enabling updates for current customers until early next week (just in an effort to stagger the release). If you’re a current user and you want the update early, you’re always welcome to download and install the new version over any older version you’re running now. We hope you find the new design intuitive and problem-free, but if you have any issues please let us know. You can always report problems in our Help forum or you can visit our Support portal where you’ll find our Knowledge Base and user guides, and where you can contact our Support team directly. Here's the full list of changes in this release: Improvements: Brand new UI design! Much cleaner look with a toned-down color scheme.Improved scan flow – all scans now automatically check for and apply the latest database updates so you're always scanning with the latest protection. (Exception: this will not occur with Scheduled Scans if you have the option to “check for updates before scanning” disabled.)Simplified Quarantine flow – threats detected are pre-selected for removal and users are presented with a single “Remove Selected” button. Clicking “Remove Selected” quarantines all checked items. If you uncheck any threats you will see a new dialog asking what action should be taken on the unselected items: Ignore Once, Ignore Always, Cancel.Improved malware protection capabilities, including enhanced rootkit detection and removal.The Minimize button now minimizes the main program window to the taskbar instead of the tray.The default display timeout for notifications was changed to 3 seconds instead of 7 seconds.The default value for "Show notification after successful update" is now set to "Off" for all scheduled updates.Removed the informational message from the main dashboard view.Remove support for Thai language due to quality issues with the translation.Installation of a Consumer/Home version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware over a Business version is now blocked. Issues Fixed: Admin users should no longer see a prompt to login as admin to perform a program upgrade.Fixed issue where the web protection service (MWAC) was not restarting properly.Fixed numerous issues with scheduled scans, including showing the correct date for “Next scheduled scan” on the dashboard.Fixed issue where mbamscheduler was starting on boot when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was set not to start with Windows.Fixed issue where any non-English language selected during installation would not be applied after installation.Fixed issue where Malwarebytes Anti-Malware did not always automatically update the database on installation.Fixed an issue where the “Delay Protection at startup for 15 seconds” setting showed as enabled, but was actually disabled. (We recommend reviewing this option to ensure it is configured as you intended.)Fixed issue where "Error Code 6" displayed at the end of scans.Fixed issue on Windows XP where scheduled scans on reboot would not start if the "Enable self-protection module" was checked.Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now honors self-protection settings detected from a previous installation.Fixed issue where context menu scan was not honoring user selection under detection and protection setting.Several issues with notifications were fixed.Several enhancements were made to the user interface to address accessibility issues.Several UI and user experience enhancements implemented. Known Issues: Certain elements of the user interface, such as tables, do not support screen readers. We’ll continue to improve our support for accessibility-related items over the next several releases. The version information displayed the Protection Log for program updates is displaying an incorrect fourth digit. The fourth digit represents the build number, and if curious, you can find the exact build on the About screen in Settings.The informational messages that display during scans (and on the Scan Results page in the Free version) are only available in English for the time being. We hope to provide translations for these in a future release. There may be other minor issues around missing translations, which vary by specific language.
  15. Hello, MrNo, and welcome to our forum! I really appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback on the issues with our current Danish translations. We'll definitely make a note of those and will make sure we address them in a future release. To give you some background, our current translation process relies in part on community volunteers (and we're very grateful to them!). But we absolutely need to improve our review process so that we ensure we meet the standard of quality that people expect from us. I will be following up with you separately on this subject to see if you might be willing to help us here. Thanks again and we appreciate your support of Malwarebytes!
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