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  1. It runs fine. However, if you've never used it before it gets quite tedious. Seems like it's still somewhat of a work in progress which is probably why MSFT doesnt turn it on by default.
  2. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb4_offline
  3. Oh and I don't know if it would, but there was no message like defender has been deactivated... The icon would just disappear and malwarebytes would appear. Turn off malwarebytes and defender would appear.
  4. As mentioned above, I've already done a system image and reverted back to the prior version so there are no logs anymore. Unable to help there, but Porthos confirmed the web protection aspect already. As far as the defender icon, I only turned it off/on to deal with the aforementioned issue with network neighborhood. It was booting up and running both fine until I manually turned it off and on. Thats about all I can give you other than Im using Windows Pro 64 1909.
  5. Right click in the tray > Quit Malwarebytes Wait > Double Click your desktop icon to open it back up Is Defender still there?
  6. Windows Defender Icon - There were no problems prior to updating yesterday and no it was not set to register in the security center. Network Neighborhood - I've already done a system image. Seems that release is a bit buggy. I just dont have the time to be a beta tester so Ill wait to see if they fix anything in later releases and just stay on the prior version for a while.
  7. Aaaaaaaand just noticed another issue... when I open Malwarebytes back up as described above, it makes the windows Defender icon disappear from the system tray. Happens on both computers. You know I've been with Malwarebytes a long time, but sincerely I have to say you have the worst beta testing in the world that no one sees this stuff. This is happening on different two computers. Looks like Im going to have to put a system image and roll this update back. Thanks
  8. Another day, another problem... Yesterday I updated Malwarebytes to the latest version (released on Wednesday) and it prevents Windows Network Neighborhood from showing all computers. Turn off Malwarebytes and there they are. Turn it on and they disappear again. Please fix this.
  9. No dual windows, no other windows open. The ones where it opens up almost entirely off screen are the most disturbing. Thanks.
  10. On two different computers... why is it that in the year 2020, that Malwarebytes seems to be the only program in existence that is unable to find it's place on my desktop? I click to open the program and it opens with half the interface off the desktop and not showing... I open it and it's in the lower left corner... I open it and it's center but certainly not in the last position where I closed it... I open it and almost off the screen at the top. I have no problems with any other programs on my computers so is this a known bug?
  11. IT SHOULDNT HAPPEN AT ALL!!!!!!!! Happened on two of my computers last week. Premium user and they evidently think it's ok to use my desktop as their billboard and this plan to implement has been going on two years according to other posts I've seen. In what twisted world do people who pay for a product get spammed?
  12. And now I just got a pop up outside the user interface... A premium user. Are you F"N kidding me right now???? My desktop is NOT your billboard!!!! You are quickly becoming spammers!!!!!! KNOCK IT OFF! Add the option to get rid of these pop ups. Not in a "future" update and not "going on two years later and still havent done it" as I've seen in some other threads. Add the option to stop these now!
  13. But they have time to put pop ups in...
  14. I should have seen this zero times in a two week period. You want me to be aware and I could care less. For those that do want to be aware you give them the option to opt in. There are many people in this world such as myself that do not care for and despise advertisements and will go out of their way NOT to buy anything from a company that forces them. High memory usage, slowing down the computer, pop up ads, forcing actions upon users that are not desirable (automatic restarts) and that's just what I'm aware of never mind what I dont know yet... by definition that starts to sound a l
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