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  1. The phone was activated on the 28th, not one of the PC's, but yet the phone is the only one showing it's name, but with an incorrect activation date.
  2. Yes they are both activated fine, it just recently stopped showing each PC name on the web page.
  3. It used to show the names of the PC's on my subscription devices page, now the only one that shows is my phone.
  4. I paid for 3 PCs I'm only using one. When I try to activate another PC it says I've used them all up. When I look at my account page it shows the 1 PC. I looked at my bill and it shows just like it has for several years of yearly payments that I paid for 3 PCs. Please let me know what reference numbers you need so this can be resolved. Thank you
  5. I have 3 seats and I'm using 2. I installed on my phone but it's not taking the key. It says check the key I entered, which I have and it is correct. What should I do? Here is my Reference number 116547036
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