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  1. My auto renew didn't happen like it was set to do. It said some nonsense that the payment method didn't work. Well that payment method works everywhere else, and has worked for Malwarebytes years previous. It's asking me to update payment method, but when I've looked at that, it's trying to charge me more money than what I pay. I've submitted a few support tickets, but each one gives a generic, "we're too busy to fix our screw up, and who knows if we'll ever do what we're supposed to as a business"
  2. Show it one time but have an option to mark so that you'll never see it again.
  3. I don't want your VPN stop spamming me every time I open Malwarebytes. I already have a good VPN. I have had a Premium account for many years, I don't pay so that you can spam me with your own PUP.
  4. Thank you for the information. This should be right out in front so it's clear and not in a Privacy Policy statement that many will not click that link and look at it. Having that information being one of the first things you see is a big selling point. I'm familiar with WireGuard, I've used it with one VPN, very fast and safe. Now, this is Malwarebytes privacy policy of no logs, what is the one of the actual provider? They may log or they may not.
  5. Who is the third party that is doing the VPN? We need to know so that we can look at their logging policy, see if they are running diskless servers, and other things. I sure wouldn't use a VPN that won't release that information. If the VPN logs anything, they're not worth having. I trust Malwarebytes, but I sure won't trust a VPN that I can't look into. The number of servers you say it has is too tiny, they're going to be constantly overloaded and that makes it slow and worthless. PIA is junk, NordVPN has been screwing up badly for some time now, I'm with ExpressVPN now and it works
  6. The phone was activated on the 28th, not one of the PC's, but yet the phone is the only one showing it's name, but with an incorrect activation date.
  7. Yes they are both activated fine, it just recently stopped showing each PC name on the web page.
  8. It used to show the names of the PC's on my subscription devices page, now the only one that shows is my phone.
  9. I paid for 3 PCs I'm only using one. When I try to activate another PC it says I've used them all up. When I look at my account page it shows the 1 PC. I looked at my bill and it shows just like it has for several years of yearly payments that I paid for 3 PCs. Please let me know what reference numbers you need so this can be resolved. Thank you
  10. I have 3 seats and I'm using 2. I installed on my phone but it's not taking the key. It says check the key I entered, which I have and it is correct. What should I do? Here is my Reference number 116547036
  11. All of the same happening with me, Win 10 Pro, Malwarebytes version
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