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  1. Thanks for clarifying! Rather than starting with the advanced Exploit Protection settings, let's first confirm that it is Exploit Protection that's causing your issue. Please do the following: Open Malwarebytes. On the Dashboard, turn the 4 Real-Time Protection modules off. Once all 4 modules are offer, verify that the issue does not occur. If it doesn't, turn one of the modules on, wait ~15 seconds and then check if the issue occurs. If it does, make a note of the protection module. If it doesn't, repeat the process until the culprit is identified. Please let me know the results.
  2. Hi @comdude2, Thanks for the information. Based on your latest post I'm not clear on what you meant by the following: Which settings are you changing that results in the issue no longer occurring? Essentially, I'm after the following: How do you have the Malwarebytes product configured that results in the issue? How are you reverting the Malwarebytes product configuration so that the issue no longer occurs?
  3. Hi @ClassicCity, Thanks for the feedback. We have a story for adding this into Malwarebytes version 4. It may not make it into the next release, but we have it noted down as a future change.
  4. Hi @Flyer172, Thanks for the file. Your scan configuration is OK. So we can see from your screenshot that all detections are checked. From here, what are you clicking? If you click Quarantine, the items should be quarantined. Your screenshot indicates you clicked Cancel.
  5. Hi @bellamy22, We have a defect what we believe is the cause of this and hope to have a fix in the next beta release. Would you be willing to test the next beta version once it's released?
  6. Hi @Tudno, Thanks for the report. When this issue occurred each day, was it around the same time of day? I see you have both Ransomware Protection and Self-Protection disabled. Can you enable Self-Protection please (leaving Ransomware Protection disabled) and verify the issue doesn't return. To enable Self-Protection: Settings -> Protection -> Startup Options -> Enable Self-Protection module. ----- Would you be willing to temporarily revert to the previous component package and check if the issue still occurs? If you are, please uninstall your existing Malwarebytes installation and use the installer linked below to install the previous component package version: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/942x9q0uphu1jpkqy1i37u3mg74d5cmp After installation, open Settings -> Turn off the, "Automatically download and install..." setting. Ensure Ransomware Protection and Self-Protection are both enabled and check if the issue still occurs.
  7. Hi @Flyer172, You're seeing the "Cancel", "Always Ignore" and "Ignore Once" options because the detections are unchecked. At the end of the scan, make sure the detections have a checkmark next to them. This will allow you to quarantine the selected items. Did you manually uncheck the detections or were they already unchecked? If the latter, it might be due to how you have your PUP and PUM settings configured. Note that the Automatic Quarantine setting in Settings -> Security applies to Real-Time Protection malware detections; not scan detections. ---- Please carry out the instructions in the link below so we can take a look at your scan configuration and results: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396
  8. Hi @neoman, Thanks for the report. Could you try the following and let us know if this has any impact: Open Malwarebytes. Click Settings. Click Protection. Scroll down to Startup Options. Turn the, "Enable self-protection module" setting off. ----- Please provide us with some additional system information to help us narrow down the cause. Instructions can be found here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396
  9. Hi @Jaldy, Thanks for reporting this. To confirm - since disabling the Self-Protection component, have you encountered the issue again? Could you provide us with some additional system information to help us narrow down the cause please? Instructions can be found here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396 ----- If you temporarily re-enable Self-Protection now, does the issue return? Would you be willing to perform further troubleshooting with Self-Protection enabled?
  10. Thanks for the update. That's certainly an unexpected result. Just to confirm - you now have Self-Protection enabled after the clean reinstallation and the issue is not occurring? Please do let us know if you find the issue returns.
  11. Hi @spectrumfox, Thanks for reporting this. How often does this issue occur? Is it every Windows session? When the issue occurs, is the entire system frozen? Is mouse/keyboard input still possible? Or is the freezing limited to particular programs? Does the system eventually recover or is it frozen indefinitely? When did this first start occurring? Were any significant changes made to the computer around this time? Is this consistently reproducible? Please do let us know if the issue correlates to a particular component being enabled in Malwarebytes. Please carry out the instructions below so we can get some additional information to help troubleshoot: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396
  12. Hi @b52gunr, Thanks for the feedback! We'll eventually have an (optional) in-application feature tour that goes over the main changes. This should somewhat help reduce potential confusion with accessing features such as the Scan Scheduler. With that said, we certainly do appreciate where you're coming from. Changing the cursor when it's hovered over one of the cards ("Detection History", "Scanner" or "Real-Time Protection") is something we're actually already considering. If there are any other areas where you feel we could do a better job of highlighting a particular user action, please do let us know!
  13. Hi Sherm, I wouldn't suggest powering off the machine in that manner. You may end up doing more damage to the computer. Yes, we saw that. As both exile360 and myself mentioned, all startup related activity in Malwarebytes is handled by the Malwarebytes Service. There should no items in the Task Manager startup list that are related to your Malwarebytes product. ----- When we talk about restarting, we're referring to the following action: Click the Windows Start button in the bottom left corner of the screne. Click the power button at the bottom of the Start menu. Click Restart (not Shut down). After the computer has restarted and login process has fully completed, you should see the Malwarebytes trayapp icon in the system tray/notification area next to the system clock. You may need to click the chevron (^) to see it.
  14. Hi @comdude2, Which non-default Advanced Memory Protection setting(s) have you enabled? Note that this is part of Exploit Protection and is not new. For most systems, we do not recommend adjusting these settings and instead leave them as default. To confirm, when you restore the settings to default (depicted below), the issue is no longer exhibited? Please take a screenshot of your Advanced Memory Protection page.
  15. Hi @Hal1949, Please try to stick to this topic when posting about the issue. Could you carry out the instructions in post #6 please so we can some information on your system.
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