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  1. Hi there! Do you already have Malwarebytes 3.2.2 installed? There is no need to upgrade to this version if you already have v. 3.2.2 installed. The only change in this build was a change to the installer, so does not affect any other part of the code. You can certainly over-install if you'd like, but it's not necessary. So long as you're on v. 3.2.2 you'll receive future Component Package and Installer updates/upgrades as usual. If you do not yet have v. 3.2.2 installed, you can download directly from our main website or from this link.
  2. Hello! I'm happy to announce that Malwarebytes v. 3.2 is now released. You can download Malwarebytes 3.2 directly from our main website or from this link. Here’s the list of What’s New in Malwarebytes 3.2: Performance/protective capability Improved memory usage Reinstalling with an older installer will no longer downgrade update packages Improved self-protection module stability and resiliency Numerous enhanced malware protection techniques and remediation capabilities Usability Clicking ‘Install Application Updates’ button now downloads available component updates and releases regardless of limits in place for automatic update delivery Added a button to access the ‘Malwarebytes My Account’ portal from in-app My Account screen Added new setting that allows you to opt in to automatically receive Beta component updates and full releases Minor user interface redesigns, including confirmation of scan completion post-reboot Stability/issues fixed Fixed numerous problems that could occur when upgrading from earlier versions to Malwarebytes 3 Fixed an issue where updates would fail if attempted right after PC comes out of sleep Fixed an issue where the user interface could become non-responsive if mapped drives were present Fixed several issues that could lead to an ‘Unable to connect the service’ message Improved overall stability of drivers Addressed several translation issues Fixed several crashes and hangs related to the service and tray Addressed many other miscellaneous defects and user interface improvements Thanks!
  3. This was actually in response to a comment much earlier in the thread about the massive signature databases included in other AV products. I'm not commenting on the sample set used by test organizations. Our concerns and continued discussions for participation in these tests are around methodology. Bottom line, we may participate at some point in the future, but we've had other competing priorities and thus this has not been a key focus. We've also discussed providing videos showing actual detections, and while I don't think we could provide the actual samples (as a matter of policy), we might be able to provide an identifying hash or something for those who wish to recreate the tests. We do understand that folks are interested in seeing this sort of "proof" -- completely get that. We'll see if we can raise the priority on getting something in place.
  4. We've actually just received another CheckmarkCertified certification from West Coast Labs for our remediation. So we do participate in tests that make sense for the product. The biggest problem with other comparative AV testing is that the current test methodologies don’t mimic real-world environments. The best illustration of our performance against real-world threats is how we handle actual malware outbreaks. If you look at two recent examples of widely spreading threats that made the news – WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya—our Malwarebytes Premium protection blocked each of those out of the gate via our signature-less protection. So a massive signature database of old, non-active threats is not an indicator of overall protective capability. While we’re still considering other test options, our primary focus remains on research and staying ahead of the newest threats hitting the scene, just as we’ve always done for years. This is why we are able to find and clean threats that other AVs with high scores in those comparative tests miss every day.
  5. Just a note that we've now released Beta 2 for Malwarebytes 3.2. Please see this post in our beta forum for more details: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/146-malwarebytes-32-beta/
  6. Hi dagar74-- Yes, EMET is indeed this issue here. There are compatibility issues between MBAE and EMET as noted in this FAQ in MBAE beta section: There's more info in that FAQ, but in our view you should be fine with Malwarebytes' exploit protection.
  7. Hi all-- Please see details of our latest Malwarebytes 3 beta here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/146-malwarebytes-32-beta/ Please feel free to test it out and let us know how it goes over in the beta forum! Thanks!
  8. Hi Arsenal123-- You can go to Setting > Application > Display Language and change the default language to English (U.K). That should do it.
  9. Thanks, Firefox! You should no longer need the exclusions for SEP, though there's no need to remove them. We have confirmed here, but it would be great if you wanted to also confirm that in your environment.
  10. Thanks, Iain! And we have noted that language issue, so we'll get it addressed in another upgrade. (Can't do any user-interface changes currently in the component updates, so have to wait for full new version upgrades. )
  11. Thanks for confirming, Aura! And thanks for providing the visual above so folks know what to look for.
  12. Hello all! We have just released a new Component Package Update that will begin going out to Malwarebytes 3.1 users over the next several days: We have created an updated installer and I was hoping to enlist some of your help. Can you please install the latest installer over your current Malwarebytes 3 (or MBAM 2.x) installation? We are investigating an intermittent issue where some users will see a "cannot connect to service" message after upgrading from an earlier version via in-product prompts or manually over-installing with an updated installer. I would expect the over-install to proceed just fine, and when it does, I'd love confirmation of that! But if you run into this particular error it would be a huge help if you could provide the following logs for us to review: Collect the Setup installation logs Press Windows Key + R to bring up your run dialog In the window, type %TEMP% and click Ok In this new window, you should see some files that start with Setup Log and have numbers and times after them Please zip up those files and attach them to your reply Create and obtain an mb-check log Download MB-Check and save to your desktop Double-click to run MB-Check and within a few second the command window will open, then click "OK" This will produce one log file on your desktop: mb-check-results.zip Attach this file to your forum post by clicking on the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." or simply drag the file to the attachment area Create and obtain Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) logs Download FRST and save it to your desktop Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit Double-click to run FRST and when the tool opens click "Yes" to the disclaimer Press the "Scan" button This will product two files in the same location (directory) as FRST: FRST.txt and Addition.txt Attach both of these logs to your forum post by clicking on the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." or simply drag the files to the attachment area Thanks in advance!
  13. We've just release component package update 1.0.160. There were a number of defect fixes, protection improvements and stabilization enhancements, but here are the top items: Fixed compatibility issue with SEP 12/14 that caused most of our protection modules not to start correctly Fixed an issue that could occur on a CU update that could cause anti-exploit to not start properly Fixed a number of issues with Exclusions, including Scan Exclusions not working correctly for all trace detections The installer available from our website has also been updated to include this package now, available from this link..
  14. Hello-- Looks like you have F-Secure installed and there is a known compatibility issue with F-Secure. Please follow the instructions in this post to add an exclusion for Malwarebytes within F-Secure: The directory you'll need to exclude is: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware
  15. Hello-- Thank you for providing the information! Just wanted to confirm that we will have another component update released shortly for Malwarebytes 3.1 and this should no longer be a problem once that update is applied. After a scan all detected traces will be able to be excluded properly.
  16. A later component package update has been released: 1.0.141 This included a minor change to how threat data is sent back to us. The installer from the website has also been updated to include this package now.
  17. Hi all-- Just wanted to clarify that in general component package updates (CUs) will not be announced and we won't be posting specific change logs for these. These updates are meant to be applied silently and automatically in the background. We've broken this rule in the recent past because we had a few high-profile issues that were addressed by a particular CU and we wanted to specifically call those out. But this shouldn't be considered "normal." These updates are meant to address miscellaneous defects, protection technique improvements and stabilization enhancements. In fact, those items can be considered the perpetual change log for these CUs going forward. We are constantly improving process and access to the latest versions of our software. Within a day or so after a new CU is released we'll have up updated full installer available from our website with the latest CU and database updates included. This means anyone downloading Malwarebytes 3 from our website will always have the most up-to-date software. We are also working on improvements that will allow you to always pull down the latest components or full program versions from within MB3 even if the "allowable level of upgrades for the day" set on our side has been met. This means that clicking Install Application Updates will automatically pull down any available CU updates or program upgrades regardless so those wishing to manually upgrade can always do so quickly and easily.
  18. We have just released a new component update package for Malwarebytes 3.1 -- 1.0.139. Here are the high level items fixed: Improved performance with Microsoft Edge Some additional memory usage enhancements Fixed an issue where the “Enable self-protection early start” setting could interfere with upgrades Fixed a conflict with K9 Web Protection Several other miscellaneous crash and defect fixes This update is applied automatically if you have automatic application updates enabled. If you don't wish to wait for the automatic update, you may manually install using our updated Malwarebytes 3.1 installer, which can be downloaded from our main website or from this link. Thanks!
  19. On May 19, 2017, we received reports from Malwarebytes 3.x users that Malware and Web Protection modules disabled themselves and any attempted scans stopped almost immediately after starting. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.x users were not impacted by this incident. During the investigation, we identified that the root cause of the problem was by a database publish processing error that caused certain Malwarebytes 3 incremental database packages to be built incorrectly, causing the symptoms mentioned above. We have also confirmed that this problem only affected 64-bit packages starting with Update Package Version 1.0.1973 published at 5:04AM ET, which was validated by our telemetry. Upon confirming the issue, we immediately paused updates (at 7:31AM ET) to prevent further corrupted updates from being sent out to any Malwarebytes 3.x customers. We then fixed the issue on the database processing pipeline and published an updated database package with version number 1.0.1976 posted to our servers at 8:49AM ET. Simultaneously, we resumed normal database update deployment. The majority of Malwarebytes 3 users with automatic updates enabled recovered from this situation automatically. In a small number of cases, a reboot or restart of the Malwarebytes service might be required to re-enable the protection modules. We deeply apologize to those who were affected by this issue and our deepest gratitude for your patience with us during this ordeal. We do believe you deserve better than this. As you read this, we have already identified several areas where our database publishing process can be improved and have started implementing better error checks, and will continue to do so, to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.
  20. Thanks for the feedback, Firefox! The other bit of info I can provide is that we do periodically reset the trial flag so that even if an installation has already received its trial there's a possibility to trial in the future. We can't guarantee when that might be, but just wanted to throw that out there. The type of control you're looking for will most likely not be added back into our standard home version any time soon. I'll get it added to the list for consideration and discussion though.
  21. Hi Phobos_Anomaly-- The product will notify you when it is expiring and so long as you renew your current subscription and do not let it lapse, your subscription will be renewed at your original subscription rate. Renewing 1 day prior to expiration is fine. If the subscription lapses, then basically it means you would need to purchase a new subscription at the new price. Hope that helps,
  22. Hi MikeAustin-- To add to Firefox's advice and request for logs, I wanted to mention a couple things. What you're seeing on your system is definitely not normal. If you're still running Kaspersky, then mutual exclusions may very well be necessary to get the two products to play nicely together. The new Malwarebytes 3.x is a complete rewrite from the ground up and integrates several new protection technologies which is why it behaves differently from the legacy MBAM 2.2. Just because an older version didn't require exclusions for certain other security apps does not mean a completely new version would not require them. I can tell you we have many, many users running Malwarebytes 3.x alongside Kaspersky with no issue. Even if whatever is going on on your system is not due to compatibility issues, we are typically able to help troubleshoot if you work with us. The level of protection provided in 3.x greatly surpasses what you have in 2.x, so I'd encourage you to upgrade.
  23. Hi prombamuser-- This is actually expected now with version 3.1.2. You will only see a notification if malware has been detected via a scheduled scan. You can still see full Scan Logs and results in the Reports section should you ever want to verify scans are running. Hope that helps,
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