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  1. Thanks for the additional feedback, mightaswell! Glad you're no longer seeing the BSOD.
  2. Hi Hardhead-- Thank you for your feedback. I've updated my original announcement to suggest that folks first uninstall any earlier version then install the beta. This seems to avoid the issues that you ran into. Glad all is working well for you in the end.
  3. Thank you for the logs, John A and mimghtaswell. We'll review the logs and see if we can repro.
  4. Oops, my bad! I've fixed the typo in main announcement.
  5. Hello all-- Thank you for the feedback! We're monitoring all the comments closely. I've updated my original announcement post to suggest a clean uninstall / reinstall instead of over-installing if you have an earlier version of MB3 installed. This seems to work much better with these special "beta" installers. Please keep us posted on any further issues.
  6. Hi paulderdash-- Thanks for reporting this. This is a symptom we see sometimes if you over-install the "bundled" beta installer over an existing Malwarebytes 3.0 installation. If you do a clean uninstall / reinstall instead you can usually avoid this problem. I've updated the announcement post to reflect this. The reason disabling your license also works is that self-protection is not designed to run in Free mode, so it shuts down automatically. So, if you do a full uninstall of the previous version and then reinstall the build, are the self-protection settings now responsive? Bottom line, you should be able to adjust self-protection settings as you like, so this is definitely a bug.
  7. Hello-- The product will automatically revert to Free mode after 14 days, so you can always just wait and enjoy the Premium features available during this time. Or, you can simply go to Settings > My Account and click the Deactivate Premium Trial button. Note that once you do this, you cannot re-enable the trial again later. Hope this helps,
  8. Hello-- The recently published “DoubleAgent” attack was disclosed by Cybellum to Malwarebytes on January 20th, 2017. We were already aware of the issue at the time and were working on measures to improve the self-protection mechanism in our product to protect against this attack vector. We released a fix for this in late February. The vulnerability used in the attack is not specific to anti-malware software, it affects any Windows application that does not have the appropriate protections in place. Furthermore, the vulnerability requires the attacker to have local administrative privileges on the target machine.
  9. Hello all-- We have another component package update coming out soon and we wanted to provide the opportunity for you to test it out before we release the final version. Please note, this BETA version should not be installed by anyone running Windows Vista 64-bit. There;s an issue that we're working on with Vista x64, so for now you should simply skip this beta. The bundled installer, which is Malwarebytes v. plus Component Package Update 1.0.96, can be downloaded from this link. If you have an earlier version of Malwarebytes 3.0 installed, please uninstall it first and then install this new version. Typically with these "bundled" installers for testing a clean install seems to work best. Here's the Change Log for this release: Fixed issue where real-time protection modules do not enable correctly Fixed Bad Pool Header BSOD while web browsing (in majority of cases) Fixed issue that could cause user to have to login with a temporary profile instead of their standard user profile Additional enhancements to improve memory usage Fixed issue where 3.0.5 could revert to version 3.0.0 in certain conditions Fixed numerous crashes, including service crashes Addressed several vulnerabilities The Web Protection block page now redirects to https://block.malwarebytes.com Fixed issue where Web Protection would not re-enable properly after booting back from minimal safe mode on Vista Numerous enhancements to overall protection and remediation Please post a new topic in this forum with any feedback you have on this latest version. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, calintexas-- You're correct that you'll no longer find the old Daily Protection Log in the new Malwarebytes 3.0. All program logging and reporting is completely different in the new version. The Daily Protection Log has been replaced with more robust logging to our mbamservice.log (pretty much only needed for troubleshooting purposes if you contact support) and then Protection Events in the Reports section. You'll see an individual Protection Event report every time you have a real-time protection block on your system -- ransomware detection, website blocked, malware blocked, etc. Glad 3.0.6 is working well for you!
  11. Hello-- We're not able to notify people individually, but we always post an announcement with a Change Log listing all fixes and enhancements whenever a new version is released. What I would suggest would be to click the Follow button in upper right for this post: And then ensure your forum Notification Settings are set up so that you'll receive a notification when a new post is added. This way you don't have to proactively come back and check the status but will be notified as soon as there's news.
  12. @Honey097 @feltchcc and any others who may have seen the update status not refreshing earlier... Please do a a check for updates and ensure you're on Update Package 1.0.1562 or later, and then reboot your system. There was an issue with an earlier update which caused some systems to get stuck in the odd update state. To fully recover, the reboot is necessary.
  13. Hello all-- The last component update to 1.0.75 (Malwarebytes 3.0.6 CU3) addressed a number of issues with Web Protection which could cause it to not start properly on certain systems, randomly. We have also been investigating separate reports of other protection modules showing similar symptoms. We believe we've finally found what has been contributing to this problem. Unfortunately this is another case where the problem happens intermittently, and only on certain systems, so it was very hard for us to reproduce in-house. But once we had a reproducible case it was straightforward to identify what we hope is the solution. This is in testing now and we hope to release another component package update later this month with the fix. We appreciate your patience.
  14. Hi all-- I understand the frustration. On our side it's also extraordinarily frustrating for us to believe we've fixed a problem only to have it come back again. The last component update to 1.0.75 addressed a number of issues with Web Protection which could cause it to not start properly on certain systems, randomly. We had also been investigating separate reports of other modules showing similar symptoms. We believe we've finally found what has been contributing to this problem. Unfortunately this was another one where the problem happens intermittently, so it was very hard for us to reproduce in-house. But once we had a reproducible case it was straightforward to identify what we hope is the solution. This is in testing now and we hope to release another component package update later this month. We may have a "beta" release available to preview for those who might wish to test it out early. We appreciate your patience here!
  15. This problem is actually an issue with the user interface communications so it cannot be fixed in one of the standard monthly component package updates. We have it slated for our next full upgrade release, which at this point is tentative for next month.
  16. Hi santamonica-- Sorry I didn't notice this earlier, but looks like you're also running F-Secure. There is a known compatibility issue with F-Secure. Please see this article for full details on how to configure F-Secure to avoid this problem. I'd also encourage you to report this directly to F-Secure to see if there's something they can change on their side to avoid this (others have done the same, but helps if they hear from as many of their own customers as possible. ) Hopefully this will resolve the issue for you.
  17. Thank you! You should eventually receive an updated component package, but let us know if you see any other undesired behavior.
  18. @scwagner Even if the issue is no longer happening, can you please let me know what versions show in your Malwarebytes About screen in Settings, specifically your Malwarebytes and Component Package versions?
  19. Hi Sparky_2020-- I understand that not having access to our anti-ransomware protection on XP is frustrating, but new features and technology such as this will only be supported going forward to the best of our ability. XP, and even Vista, just have too many technical limitations to make it feasible in all cases. For example, we may need to use certain driver tools that only work in later operating systems. To try and find work-arounds for older systems (that aren't even supported by Microsoft any longer) is usually either very, very time consuming or next to impossible even if we had unlimited resources. You can read some additional info in this article.
  20. Can you please try running the installer you just previously downloaded one more time over the top of what you have now?
  21. Hi santamonica-- What specific issues are you having? There is no "new" 1.0.75. But a clean installation typically helps with any issues that you have run into if you installed a build with 1.0.75 over a previous version of 3.0.5 or 3.0.6. Since you've already run mb-clean, please reboot and then download our latest installer from this link.
  22. For those running MB 3.0, can you please try quitting Malwarebytes completely and then relaunching to see if this stops the blocks? Right-click on tray and choose 'Quit Malwarebytes'. Then re-launch. Or, you can also try rebooting your system.
  23. Hi all— Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve started pushing out a new component package update. You should receive this automatically if you are running 3.0.5 or 3.0.6. We are metering these updates out, so you may not receive yours immediately. If you prefer, you may download any install our "updated" mb3-setup-consumer- installer from this link. This installer is posted and available from our main website. If you already have an earlier version of Malwarebytes 3.0.5 or 3.0.6 installed, we recommend that you uninstall the old version first and then install this newer version (please make a note of your key before doing so). Once installed, this update will show on your Malwarebytes 3.0 About screen as Component package version: 1.0.75. (NOTE: if you already installed the preview of CU3 / 1.0.75, there is no need to install again.) The fixes included are: Fixed issue with imaging programs (such as Macrium Reflect) where large artifact files were left in the System Volume Information folder if a backup is created with anti-ransomware protection enabled Fixed problem where Web Protection and Anti-Ransomware may fail to start properly Fixed problem where Web Protection detections were failing on Windows 10 Fixed problem where DNS was not resolving properly with Web Protection enabled Fixed problem where Web Protection did not show the proper block page when Bitdefender 2017 was also installed Fixed an issue where certain drivers were not stopped and unloaded in Free mode Fixed memory leaks Improved overall malware detection and remediation Additionally, both this update and our previous 3.0.6 upgrade addressed a number of vulnerabilities reported to us by various security researchers. Malwarebytes would like to thank John Page (hyp3rlinx) at ApparitionSec, Florian Bogner, Michael Engstler at Cybellum and Fortinet for their reports. Thanks!
  24. Ok, thanks for confirming! It seems like the reboot sorted the problem, so you shouldn't see it again. Please let me know though if that's not the case.
  25. Hi hubingdan-- We have a beta of an upcoming update now available that we hope addresses these issues. Please see this post for details:
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