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  1. Same here: no problems upgrading from v.4.0.2 to v.4.0.3 on Win10 1909 - Build 18363.449 Pro (non insider).
  2. Hi @BillH99999, I don't have enough reports at the moment to scroll up/down (did a bit of cleaning ) but I noticed that: when I open the report window: all the separating lines are present if I hover over the listed items, all these lines disappear ... I must admit I don't remember if this was already the case with v.4.0.1. Probably not as in the previous version, each line still had a (useless) checkbox at the beginning.
  3. Hi @Gt-truth, (I was also using this browser myself before); precisely for the reasons you mentioned, it would be a good idea to remove this entry from the built-in list (which can only be done by the devs as a user can't remove these entries ...).
  4. Hi, I noticed that Cyberfox is still listed under the built-in protected applications. Wouldn't it a be a good idea to remove this entry in future releases as this browser no longer exists (unfortunately !) ?
  5. throkr

    MBG v. 2.1.0

    I know, already updated to v. 69.0.2 earlier on. Thanks.
  6. throkr

    MBG v. 2.1.0

    Hi, Thanks to the devs: with latest v. 2.1.0 of MBG (Firefox & Microsoft Edge Chromium in my case), the "Get Full Protection" button is gone if you have MB Premium installed (as stated in the release notes). Excellent !
  7. Well, when it works, I find it a very easy and fast way to get all the settings (and lists) back. Until a better way comes up ... That's precisely one of the reasons why I decided to follow @exile360's recommendation, knowing that it would not take much time. But, as said, when it works ..... Anyway starting from scratch seems a good idea and I hope you'll get lucky this time.
  8. @BillH99999, Directly after the clean install, I exited MB (right-click systray icon > quit MB) and then copied the previously saved content of the folders "config" and "scanresults" into the new ones. I then started MB again and everything was fine .... All this logged as Administrator, of course.
  9. Hi, As stated in post #2 above, I firstly installed on top of v. 4.0.1 but then ... So I decided to do a clean install (uninstall using the support tool without reinstallation at the end otherwise - at the moment - it installs v.3.8.3 ); I then followed the indications from @LiquidTension in this topic ( second part concerning the "config" folder) and got back all my settings (including allow list, scheduled scans list and protected applications list). I even imported the list of my scan results. After this I did a threat scan (as this is normally asked after a new install). I just wanted to share my experience as this might help / interest others. Thanks for reading !
  10. Hello @nikhils, Alright, no problem.
  11. Hi, I know that this Beta is still in English only but changing the language to French (and also with several other languages I tried) brings this under Settings > Notifications > Close notifications after ...
  12. Just an update: I checked the page a few times today and the message never appeared again ...
  13. Hello @nikhils, Thanks for this info.
  14. Thanks for the info. I was quite surprised as I didn't see this message when I installed MBG around 10 days ago (I'm running latest Firefox v.69.0.1) and now I know that nothing is wrong on my side.
  15. Hi, When I visit the official download page of MBG for Firefox, I see this yellow message. Why ? If I visit this page with Waterfox, there's no such message. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/
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