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  1. throkr

    DriverMax.exe false positive

    Alright, thank you for this info.
  2. throkr

    DriverMax.exe false positive

    Latest version 10.15 installs as it should now (I mentioned previous version 10.14 for info only, as I'm always using latest version(s)). Now I have an additional question: will this issue show up for every future new version of DriverMax (this would be quite annoying and unusual ...) ? Thanks for your time !
  3. Thank you for that.
  4. Hi, Just a reminder : this layout problem is still present in latest version 3.6.1 (I suppose it's still on the to do list) ... Thanks !
  5. throkr

    DriverMax.exe false positive

    Done. FYI : this issue already happened with previous version DriverMax 10.14.exe and MB 3.5.1. DriverMax.zip
  6. Hi, DriverMax.exe is suddenly detected as malware (see attached log) ... Thank you. Malware.txt
  7. Just as info from another user (thought it might be useful): I have a lifetime license for both of these products, run them both in real time since a very long time now and never had an issue. Hope this helps. 🙂
  8. Hi, Updated through settings and running since a few hours without problems on Win10 1803-Build 17134.81 ... 🙂
  9. Alright, thank you.
  10. Hi, I just noticed a slight layout problem in the new dashboard (see screenshot). Additional question: the program who monitors the available updates of my installed software (SUMo) advises me that there is a build 2527; how / where can I get this latest version because through settings it tells me that there is no newer version after build 2522 ? Thanks !
  11. throkr

    MB 3.5.0 Beta

    Hi, Great : all the a/m fields are now translated in the latest version Thank you !
  12. throkr

    MB 3.5.0 Beta

    Hi @Santos117, Thank you for this info ! BTW, I just found another (older) line which is still not translated (was already present in earlier versions, I think) - see screenshot.
  13. throkr

    MB 3.5.0 Beta

    Hi, Working fine here since a few hours on Win10 1803 17134.1 x64 Pro. I like the new dashboard layout but the French version still needs some (new) lines to be translated (see screenshot). Thanks to the devs for the amazing job !
  14. throkr

    MB 3.4.5

    Update to my 1st post here : I'm now running MB 3.4.5 on "Spring Creators Update" (Win10 1803 - Build 17133.1 x64) since a few hours and had no issues so far ...
  15. throkr

    MB 3.4.5

    Hi, Updated from 3.4.4 through "Settings"; no issue(s) so far ... - Win10 1709 Build 16299.334 - x64) -

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