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  1. MB 3.4.5

    Update to my 1st post here : I'm now running MB 3.4.5 on "Spring Creators Update" (Win10 1803 - Build 17133.1 x64) since a few hours and had no issues so far ...
  2. MB 3.4.5

    Hi, Updated from 3.4.4 through "Settings"; no issue(s) so far ... - Win10 1709 Build 16299.334 - x64) -
  3. 3.4.4?

    Updated through the internal installer and 3.4.4 is running fine here ...
  4. MB 3.4 Beta 3

    Same comment as for the previous Beta 2 : works without any problems here !
  5. 3.4 Beta

    @Terrierman, are you aware of the new beta 2 release ?
  6. MB 3.4 Beta 2

    Hi, Updated through the internal installer (I temporarily activated the beta channel setting to receive this update); same comment as for the previous version : no problems at all up to now !
  7. 3.4 Beta

    Hi, Update to my previous post in this topic : after 1 week of use, still strictly no problems at all here ... I also want to mention that I like very much the new layout of the scan reports !
  8. I posted my results here .
  9. 3.4 Beta

    Hi, Updated through the internal updater and seems to work flawlessly up to now (Win10 1709-Build 16299.248). The issues related here : also seem to be resolved (DriverMax installs correctly till the end and SUPERAntispyware is updating without problem). Hopefully it'll continue to work like that ...
  10. Oh yes, I will do that ...
  11. Hi @Firefox , Many thanks for the info; I'll surely try that in the next days ...
  12. @cchilderhose Hopefully some member of the staff will jump in with a useful info about this ...
  13. Hi, Perhaps an estimation about when a new component update (after 1.0.273) will arrive ??? Thanks !
  14. I agree with this and also still on stable 262 here.
  15. Great, let's wait for the future fix ...