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  1. Thanks for your comments @nukecad and @gonzo. To my second point: any ideas why this affects more Microsoft Edge Chromium than Firefox ? Be advised that I use MBG alongside with uBO and the same add-ons in both browsers. Thanks!
  2. Well, I already used the MBST to reinstall MB without any problem but now I can't collect the logs. After clicking on "Gather logs", the scan gets stuck in the second step "Run FRST" and never ends; I had to cancel it. I even tried with the real-time protection temporarily disabled in Microsoft Defender antivirus. I really don't understand why this is happening ... Thank you for that.
  3. Hi, In the MBG guide (Settings screen) it is said: "Ads/Trackers: This is mainly a privacy settings, and has no effect on your safety. Turning this setting off may slow website access". As I disabled this setting for some sites, is it normal that the concerned pages are now slower to load ? I noticed this in Microsoft Edge Chromium only, not in Firefox ..... is this normal too ? I'm using latest MBG v 2.2.4 in both browsers. Thanks ! - Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -
  4. The update happened without problem in 2 steps: 1. clicking on "Check for updates" updates only the CU from 1.0.924 to 1.0.927 and this message shows up in the main UI. 2. clicking on "Mettre à jour maintenant" (Update now) updates the program from version to version No reboot needed. Be advised that I had to re-enable the self-protection module. - Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -
  5. I just wanted to thank you for this update as this solves the following issues: 1. 2. I also noticed that the page "Display" (<Settings) is now completely translated. A big thank to the developers !
  6. Well, by the time I manually checked for updates, I only received this CU update after I turned beta updates on ( as I normally have it off). That's why I posted in this section of the forum.
  7. Hi, I received this beta update today (not announced yet ...). I'm referring to this still existing issue: As @LiquidTension said, you are aware of it; I just want to be more specific as I found out these details today. In fact, the language of the message is correct except if you combine background Cityscape with themes Use system default / Light. As I am now using System default + Data Web, the message appears correctly in French. - Windows 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -
  8. I have it running together with Windows Defender since years without any problem. Now on Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264
  9. Hi @FetzBox22, I guess that, at the moment, this item exists in English only, but, at least, date and time are correct (matching with the used language version).
  10. @exile360, Thanks for the fast reply.
  11. Hi, As shown in the following screenshot, the line "Last updated ....." is not translated (I'm using the French version). Thank you.
  12. Strange, I tried again now and downloads are working fine now... Anyway, thanks for your time.
  13. Hi, MBG (latest v. 2.2.2) is blocking downloads from following site: kcsoftwares.com. Additional info: for me, this happens in Firefox only, not in Microsoft Edge Chromium... Could you please review ? Thank you.
  14. Hi, This update brings back the solved issue mentioned previously here: Thank you.
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