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  1. I agree with this and also still on stable 262 here.
  2. Great, let's wait for the future fix ...
  3. @dcollins Excellent news : DriverMax (shielded in MBAE is working fine and SUPERAntispyware is updating without any problem !
  4. @dcollins You're lucky ... ... Just removed MB with CU 1.0.273 but didn't reinstall yet the previous stable version, so yes, I'll do that and let you know here in a few minutes ...
  5. @dcollins No, not this time. Furthermore, I noticed that Web Protection is now also blocking SUPERAntispyware from updating (see screenshot) : as soon as I turn Web Protection off, SUPERAntispyware can be updated. Due to this latest issue, I will revert (through MB-Clean) to the latest stable CU 1.0.262 which wasn't causing problems ...
  6. Hi, This issue was already solved since CU 1.0.236. With CU 1.0.273, the problem is back, even worse : not only does MB block the installation and updates of DriverMax, the launch of the installed program is now blocked too (in other words : DriverMax becomes unusable with CU 1.0.273). After doing some research and tests , Web Protection seems to be the culprit : as soon as I turn it off, DriverMax installs, updates and launches without any problem. Attached are the requested logs. I hope this can be fixed quickly ...
  7. Re - Component Update 1.0.261

    Alright; thanks for the fast reply, Porthos.
  8. Re - Component Update 1.0.261

    Component update 1.0.262 automatically installed here too ... Is a change log available ? Thanks !
  9. Re - Component Update 1.0.261

    Flawless automatic installation here too (I didn't even notice the update until I saw your topic here @bdubrow ... ). No problems anymore in regard to this previous issue and this one Nice job, a big thank to the devs !
  10. Hi @exile360, Thank you for replying; I had no doubt about the "priority" of this suggestion but to have it "on the list" is already a good thing. All the best to you ..... ;-)
  11. Hi, I suggest adding the following settings : 1. save /not clean scan logs (no detections) 2. don't keep logs older than XX days (XX = 30 by default and may be changed by overwriting) Thanks for reading !
  12. MB3, LibreOffice on W10 FCU errors

    Excellent, that's good news !
  13. MB3, LibreOffice on W10 FCU errors

    @dcollins Here are my test results : strictly no problem ! I even ran the MBAE Test. - see screenshot - (MBAE / LO 5.4.3 x64 / Win10 1709 Build 16299.64) By the way, I also have good news for your team concerning another still pending exploit issue. As you were also involved in this discussion, please have a quick look at this topic :
  14. MB3, LibreOffice on W10 FCU errors

    @dcollins No problem. I'll test that later on and report back here ...
  15. MB3, LibreOffice on W10 FCU errors

    Thanks for your advice, I'll keep the default setting. As for MBAE standalone, I can test it and report here. I never used this software, so I suppose that I will have to remove MB first, correct ?