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  1. And it was the case in the past; the mention "Beta" was present just after"Premium" in the title bar (that's why I included the screenshot in my first post). If I remember well it was still present in the beta versions 4.0 and got lost with the beta versions 4.1 .....
  2. I agree with you ..... but ..... it should normally be mentioned somewhere .....
  3. Hi, Running MB Premium - CU 1.0.955 which is a beta version but there is no mention of it in the main title bar (see screenshot) ...
  4. throkr

    False positive

    The following site is blocked: www.info-coronavirus.be Please review as this is an official site from the Belgian Government. Thank you.
  5. @LiquidTension, anything new concerning this issue ? ..... Thank you.
  6. I understand that; my point is (was) that a reader of this report could think that it was made with ransomware protection enabled (which isn't the case), unless I tell him that I disabled the protection whilst MBST was running ..... Or am I missing something here ? My external HDDs are connected but not always running (= powered ON) and not visible in File Explorer. After running MBST, if I make them visible again in File Explorer (by turning the power switch on the HDD to ON), I see that the drive letter has been changed. BTW today I made a test: I left the HDDs ON (visible i
  7. @LiquidTension The new beta CU 1.0.931 did not fix this issue; ransomware protection still has to be disabled before starting the tool to have the zip file created with the correct infos (*) (this is important !). I have now more important infos for you: with 1.0.931: if you rerun MBST after a first complete execution (with ransomware protection disabled), you'll still have to disable ransomware protection (this wasn't the case with CU 1.0.927, as we saw earlier) if you don't disable ransomware before starting the tool, it gets stuck at the second step "Run FRST" (as I m
  8. Correct, the second time I ran MBST, it went through all the steps without problem with the ransomware enabled. It should be noticed that during the initial scan (on Win 10 2004), MB didn't react in comparison to Win 10 1909 where MB opens an alert window. Another good feedback: scans (quick + threat, for me) are significantly faster with this version 4.1.1 compared to version 4.1.0, at least for me. Thanks @Porthos, but MB is obviously not reacting in the same way on Win 10 1909 and on Win 2004 (which I'm using); see my answer just above to @LiquidTension
  9. @AdvancedSetup, @LiquidTension, I finally found out the culprit who was blocking the execution of the MBST: the ransomware protection module of MB ! Once the ransomware protection temporarily disabled before starting the tool, there was no problem and the zip file was created ... But, is this normal ??? mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Thanks to both of you for the comments.
  11. Thanks for your comments @nukecad and @gonzo. To my second point: any ideas why this affects more Microsoft Edge Chromium than Firefox ? Be advised that I use MBG alongside with uBO and the same add-ons in both browsers. Thanks!
  12. Well, I already used the MBST to reinstall MB without any problem but now I can't collect the logs. After clicking on "Gather logs", the scan gets stuck in the second step "Run FRST" and never ends; I had to cancel it. I even tried with the real-time protection temporarily disabled in Microsoft Defender antivirus. I really don't understand why this is happening ... Thank you for that.
  13. Hi, In the MBG guide (Settings screen) it is said: "Ads/Trackers: This is mainly a privacy settings, and has no effect on your safety. Turning this setting off may slow website access". As I disabled this setting for some sites, is it normal that the concerned pages are now slower to load ? I noticed this in Microsoft Edge Chromium only, not in Firefox ..... is this normal too ? I'm using latest MBG v 2.2.4 in both browsers. Thanks ! - Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -
  14. The update happened without problem in 2 steps: 1. clicking on "Check for updates" updates only the CU from 1.0.924 to 1.0.927 and this message shows up in the main UI. 2. clicking on "Mettre à jour maintenant" (Update now) updates the program from version to version No reboot needed. Be advised that I had to re-enable the self-protection module. - Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -
  15. I just wanted to thank you for this update as this solves the following issues: 1. 2. I also noticed that the page "Display" (<Settings) is now completely translated. A big thank to the developers !
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