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  1. Hi, Do you already have an idea when the next MB4 Beta will be released ? I read somewhere here that this new version (4) will remain longer in the beta state as the previous versions, but (if my question doesn't come too soon ) when can we expect an official final release ? Thanks for your time !
  2. Hi @TerryM I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with my lifetime license. Just wait for the answer from support: in my case, they blacklisted my compromised license and gave me a new (lifetime) license key. The whole procedure lasted a few days but all is well and clean now when I visit My account. Hope this helps ...
  3. Hi @BillH99999 You're welcome. In case you missed it this is mentioned on top of the reports window: "Scan reports (Last 30 days)" (see screenshot in post #1).
  4. Hi @LiquidTension, thank you. Hi @BillH99999 : only the reports from the last 30 days are kept, so why not keep these (could be useful) ? If not there will not be that much to delete (but OK, that's just my opinion ... )
  5. Hi, I have a question concerning the "Reports" window: what exactly is the usage of the selection box at the beginning of each line ? This was necessary in previous versions to reveal the hidden options (view, modify, delete) but in MB 4 Beta these options are revealed by hovering over each line. Furthermore, they were already dropped in the "Allow list" and "Scan scheduler" windows of MB 4 Beta, which makes sense for the a/m reason. Thanks for your time !
  6. One question: where / how can I see if the update package component is up to date (the main UI of previous versions had a line in the bottom right corner showing this information) ? I know these updates happen every hour (I configured this setting this way) and I can find the details under the "about" tab but that doesn't really tell me if I have the latest package ... Thanks for your time. 🙂
  7. Hi, Well, I think we can close this topic as the new MB4 beta is now out for testing and has a completely different interface ..... (see my comment here)
  8. Hi, I installed MB4 Beta, as a test, to have a look at it. Installation over 3.8.3 without any problem. I like the new interface very much, find it quite easy to use. Made 2 scans (quick & threat) and both completed a little bit faster than with the previous version. No FP up to now. (Win10 1903 - Build 18362.295)
  9. Updated from 3.8.1 and had to re-enable the context menu item. (Win10 1903 - Build 18362.207)
  10. Hi, Running fine here (up to now) on Win10 1903-Build 18362.175; manual install.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your fast reply. As I have set this policy myself, I'll add it to my exclusions. I just was surprised by this detection because I have this setting since quite a few years and it was never detected before.
  12. Hi, These 2 entries seem to be false positives; see attached scan log. Thank you ! MB Scan log.txt
  13. Hi, Good news: I just installed next DriverMax version 10.16 with MB - 1.0538 without any problem (As previously, I have set DriverMax under the protected applications). So, it seems that this issue is now resolved ...
  14. No problem here on Win10 1809 - Build 17763.292. Clicking on the bell icon (no notification) brings up a little window telling that there are no notifications; another click closes this window and reverts back to the GUI.
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