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  1. Joy, OK, that definitely gives me some ideas. Two things, first is the fact that, at least the last I heard from the Devs, whenever Malware Protection is disabled it's never truly "turned off", instead it actually just goes into a sort of "allow all" mode so that nothing is detected as a threat. What this means is that if Malware Protection is the problem, then turning that module off probably won't do anything to help which makes me lean towards that as being the cause. I will petition them once again to change this, but at this time there is no known workaround short of exiting completely as you did. Second, while it isn't too likely, it is at least somewhat possible that the issue is that one of the other modules isn't fully terminating as it is supposed to. In order to test, please do the same test you did before where you disabled each module one by one, but this time instead of just disabling it then testing, reboot the system then perform your test to see if the issue is resolved. So again, start with Ransomware Protection, turning it off, then rebooting the system, then performing your test to see how performance is. Please do that one at a time for each module and let me know how it goes. Thanks
  2. OK, go ahead and re-enable Ransomware Protection then try disabling Malware Protection to perform the same test. Continue to do so with each protection component until you find one that eliminates the issue when disabled. If none of them do, then confirm that right-clicking the Malwarebytes tray icon and selecting Quit Malwarebytes does eliminate the problem. Let me know how it goes and which module is at fault etc. Thanks
  3. OK, that's the latest, so the issue must still be present. If you disable Ransomware Protection does that eliminate the issue?
  4. OK, and if you open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>About what does it show for Component package version:?
  5. Greetings, Unless I am mistaken, I believe this is normal because the tray's process is for the UI of Malwarebytes which displays interactive notifications from the protection components and scheduler along with the tray icon itself which also includes an interactive right-click context menu. The background components which aren't interactive such as the service (MBAMService.exe) does run as a background process as it should. I believe this is how it is supposed to be and is expected unless someone else from the staff can correct me.
  6. Greetings and welcome, For assistance with subscriptions, including disabling autorenewal please refer to the information in this support article. If there's anything else we can assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  7. I believe you have to click down to a specific log view/filter view on the left (where it shows the folders containing the various views/log types such as Windows Logs>Application, Security, Setup and System) and when you click on the one where the events are stored (most likely System based on the nature of these events since they're hardware related), you should be able to right-click on it and choose Save All Events As... then browse to a location where you wish to save it (such as your desktop) then create a name for it (like System Events) then choose whether to export display settings for it (which shouldn't be necessary for an English OS) then you can zip and attach the file here in your reply.
  8. You should check out Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU). It allows you to overclock by manipulating BIOS settings from within Windows, and the changes you make are reflected in your BIOS after you reboot. It allows you to store multiple profiles, including the system defaults in case there's an issue, and it automatically undoes any changes you make the moment the system crashes due to unstable settings so there's never a need to mess with jumpers on the board etc. Most of the settings are easy to understand and you can find tons of guides and advice online on how to use it and what each setting is and does and whether or not you should mess with it.
  9. Are you doing any undervolting on your CPU? That can be a good way to reduce heat when overclocking if your CPU can handle it (the better chips which come from closer to the center of the die tend to allow for more undervolting than the lower quality ones that come from further out, but getting a "good" one or a "bad" one is totally luck of the draw as Intel/other chip makers do not label those parts differently). Are you doing Custom scans? I ask because 11 minutes seems really long to me. My Threat scans are typically around 2 minutes or less, even with my older 4910MQ CPU which isn't as fast as your 6700K.
  10. It will preserve your license, but your settings will be lost so it would be a good idea to make a note of any customized options you've configured, including exclusions you've set etc.
  11. It's possible that one or more of the components/files wasn't updated properly and may still be an older version resulting in this issue. In order to documented for the Developers, please do the following: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Once that's done, go ahead and do the following to see if it corrects the problem: Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool once more Next, click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Once that's done, be sure to reboot your system at least once after the installation is complete, then test to see if the issue is fixed or not. Please let us know how it goes and please provide the requested logs for the sake of our Developers so that they can troubleshoot the issue further in case it was a problem with the installer. Thanks
  12. Greetings, Yes, there have been several issues related to the Ransomware Protection component which have caused performance issues. Most of them should be corrected in the latest release published a few days ago. To make certain you have the latest version, open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>About and you should see the following information for Malwarebytes version: and Component package version:, but if you do not, then go to Settings>Application and click the Install Application Updates button and the latest should be downloaded and installed:
  13. It was caused by the recently released Component Update (CU) being installed, version 1.0.374. I saw exactly the same behavior on my own system when the update silently downloaded and installed itself. It occurred because the components of some of the real-time protection modules in Malwarebytes were replaced by the update and had to be shut down/restarted to unload the old and load up the new into memory. It's nothing to be alarmed about and as long as Malwarebytes is now functioning normally then there shouldn't be any issues, but please do let us know if any problems do occur.
  14. Correct, it was the CU 1.0.374. Programs like SUMo always seem to get the version info wrong because Malwarebytes updates components and the individual file versions do not necessarily reflect the same version info as the entire package/installer (for example, if you check Programs and Features to see what version it shows for Malwarebytes and compare that to Malwarebytes various files and their versions which you can easily do by running the Malwarebytes Support Tool and checking the mbst-check-results.txt file you'll see that they use lots of different version numbers) and the version info for an individual file only changes when the Developers have modified that particular file, so if a file doesn't change from one release to the next, then that file's version info is left intact. There is no beta in testing at this time to my knowledge and I know of no 2527 build, so I'm not sure where they got that version info from.
  15. is still the latest. There was a CU (Component Update) released recently that changes the Component package version: to 1.0.374 (listed under Settings>About) so if that's what yours shows then you're all up-to-date:
  16. exile360

    Welcome :)

    Welcome, and thank you for helping provide undetected samples, I know the Malwarebytes Researchers will appreciate it
  17. Most of them still do, and the ones that don't are crippled and typically useless against many of today's threats that deliberately block communications with security related servers. It's OK if the antivirus is on the system first and is able to prevent the infection from getting in, but if anything gets through and is able to infect the system, it can render the AV helpless by cutting off communications with its servers which is when you end up needing a remediation tool that doesn't have to connect to the internet to function. Something like Malwarebytes.
  18. Excellent, if there's anything else we can help you with just let us know. Thanks
  19. Also, in case anyone was wondering, this is just as true for the Windows version as well. I use ad blockers in my browsers alongside Malwarebytes Premium without any issues, and I even use the Malwarebytes web browser plugin (currently in beta) as well and I haven't had any problems so far.
  20. Greetings, Yes it does, via the Scan tab if you select Custom Scan you may select which drives to scan. Also, if the right-click context menu Scan with Malwarebytes option is enabled (which it is by default) you may right-click on any drive to scan its contents. Beyond this, Malwarebytes also checks all running processes and threads in memory, regardless of where their physical files might reside when performing scans that include the memory scan phase, including the default Threat scan, so if a malicious item is active in memory, it should be detected regardless of where it is located. If there's anything else we can answer for you, please let us know. Thanks
  21. Excellent, thanks for going to all this trouble to help us diagnose this issue. It's very helpful to our Developers and we greatly appreciate it
  22. A new component update for Malwarebytes has been released, version 1.0.374. I don't know if this specific issue was addressed or not, but it's worth a try if you wish to give it a shot. To install it, open Malwarebytes and navigate to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button and it should be silently downloaded and installed. Once it has installed and you see the new build number reflected in the UI, I'd recommend restarting the system at least once to confirm that the new components get loaded into memory, then perform your test again to see if it makes any difference. If you do try it, please let us know the results. Thanks
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