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  1. Hehe, my name isn't John (though I do have a brother by that name ), but no worries. It does seem likely that this is related to the registry, however it is more likely to be a permissions issue than a virus, especially since you are still able to run Malwarebytes normally. Please do the following to see if it corrects the issue: Tweaking.com Windows Repair All-in-One Download Tweaking.com Windows Repair from here and install it or if you would prefer, you may instead download and extract the portable version from here Once installed or extracted, launch Repair_Windows.exe Click on the Repairs - Main tab Click on the Open Repairs button Once it displays the list of repairs, click the checkbox next to All Repairs so that everything listed is UNCHECKED Now, click the checkbox next to Reset Registry Permissions so that it is checked Click on the Start Repairs button at the bottom Once it completes, allow it to restart your system Once that's done, go ahead and try disabling/enabling the context menu scan option in Malwarebytes once more and reboot, and if that still fails, go ahead and run the installer one more time for Malwarebytes to install it over the top of your existing installation, restart your system once it completes, then test to see if the context menu entry is available. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks
  2. Greetings, You only need to enter you license information into the product itself to activate your paid features, not through a forum or website. To do so, first make certain that you have the latest version available for Windows XP by downloading and installing it directly from here, then open Malwarebytes and follow the instructions in this support article to activate the software with your ID and Key. Once that is done it should allow you to access all of the Premium features once more so that you have active protection, but if you have any trouble please let us know. Also, it would be a good idea to deactivate the software on that system by following the instructions found here so that you do not exceed your allotted activations/installs for your Premium license key. If you aren't able to deactivate the license from the other device and have any problems getting the software activated on your new system then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the options found on this page and they will assist you directly in getting the problem sorted out. If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  3. I was going to say much more, but I'll refrain since this isn't the place. I will just say that I am glad to be a user of the portable build (which they still make available here although I can find no way of reaching it publicly through the other pages on their site although it used to be accessible via a "builds" link that was once at the bottom of the download page for the standard installer along with the "slim" (no toolbar) version) as I've noticed it includes no additional executables (though I had an older version, prior to 5.45, but 5.46 doesn't have it either, at least for the portable build), and while it does attempt to access the web, I have blocked it with my firewall so that it can't communicate with their servers (assuming they weren't already blocked via any of my privacy tools). I also just downloaded and launched 5.46.6652 and noticed the option to send telemetry was enabled by default, which I thought was explicitly a violation of GDPR, but perhaps that's only for the builds they actually still list on their site for download or perhaps the software somehow detects the location and configures the option accordingly (although I doubt that would give them immunity from claims from users running a VPN or similar tool in order to alter their apparent location, and since it's certainly possible for OS regional and language settings to be configured for non GDPR countries when the system resides in one I would hope that they aren't relying on some sort of automation to make that determination as that's just asking for trouble IMO).
  4. By the way, I just saw your other topic and went ahead and requested that the forum admins move this topic to the Malwarebytes 3 support area located here so look for it there if it is moved, though they'll most likely leave a link behind in this area that you may click to be taken straight to the topic once it has been moved.
  5. Thanks, I took a look at your logs and they show a large number of blocked shell extensions, and while I didn't explicitly see an entry for the Malwarebytes extension that I could identify offhand, it is possible that it is among those being blocked via this method. I assume you added these yourself via a third party tool such as Nirsoft's ShellExView or similar so I would recommend using whatever tool you used for that purpose to check and ensure that the Malwarebytes extension was not blocked by mistake. If you did not block any of those entries deliberately please let me know as this could be a sign of a past or present malware infection which will determine what the next steps that should be taken are. Additionally, if you haven't already, please download the most recent version of Malwarebytes for Windows Vista from here and try installing that (I know you mentioned you already had installed the latest, I just wanted to make certain you got it from our official download link as the copy you downloaded may have been outdated if from a different source or if downloaded too long ago). Next, if the problem still remains, open Malwarebytes and try toggling the setting for context menu scanning off and then back on again, then reboot your system once more to check and see if it has now returned. Sometimes this will correct an issue like this when other methods fail. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks
  6. Greetings, I'm not sure why this happened, however you should be able to reactivate the Premium features by opening Malwarebytes and following the procedures outlined in this support article. Please let us know if you have any trouble or if any other problems occur. It would also be a good idea to ensure that you have the latest version installed. You may do so by opening Malwarebytes and navigating to Settings>Application and clicking on the Install Application Updates button and allowing it to download and install any updates which might be available. Once it is complete, if any updates were found, restart your computer to ensure that all of the new components are loaded into memory and verify that your license is still activated and that protection is enabled. You should also verify that it shows the following version information under Settings>About: I hope the issue is resolved, but please let us know if it is not. Thanks
  7. Greetings, I noticed that you are running Avast AV. There is a known compatibility issue between Malwarebytes and Avast which was resolved in a recent update by Avast which I suspect may not yet be installed on your system (though it may have begun the install process based on some Avast items listed in the Pending File Rename Operations area of your logs which reflect that part of the registry). First, please try restarting your system to see if the issue is resolved. Next, I noticed that there is at least one issue with your Malwarebytes installation as the log shows that the registry entries for the right-click "Scan with Malwarebytes" shell extension for Explorer are missing, so it might also be a good idea, once you have restarted your system, to reinstall Malwarebytes. I'd suggest first attempting to download and install the latest version from here over the top of your existing installation, restarting your system if prompted to do so to complete the installation, then testing to see if the right-click function works for scanning files and folders with Malwarebytes and to see if the performance issue is resolved (assuming it was not already by rebooting the first time to allow Avast to complete its updates). If the issue still persists after that, or if the right-click scan function is still unavailable for Malwarebytes then please proceed with a clean installation of Malwarebytes: Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool once more Accept the EULA if prompted, then click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Clean button this time, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by running the Malwarebytes installer once more that you downloaded in the steps above If the issue is still unresolved then please force Avast to perform an update by following one of the procedures described in this post, and once it has updated, reboot if prompted then test to see if things have improved. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  8. Greetings, Please do the following so that we might take a look at your Malwarebytes installation to attempt to determine what might be causing the issues and correct them: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  9. Greetings, For issues with the license activation system it is generally best to contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the options found on this page as they have direct access to the licensing management system and should be able to eliminate the phantom device/activation from your 3 available license tokens so that you may then use it for your Android device. If there is anything else that we can assist you with here, please let us know. Thanks
  10. Greetings, To start, please make sure that you have the latest build of Malwarebytes installed as I do recall some display sizing issues being corrected in one of the recent patches so this might have been fixed already. To do so, open Malwarebytes and navigate to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button and allow it to download and install any available updates. Once that is done, verify that Malwarebytes shows the following under Settings>About for the two version numbers shown below: Once that is done, toggle your display settings back to 250 to see if the issue is now resolved. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  11. You're welcome I just wanted to make sure in case you continued to have trouble. It is possible that Kaspersky has since fixed the issue in one of their recent updates, but I wasn't sure so I thought it was a good idea to provide that info just in case it helped.
  12. Please refer to the information here and here as well in case any of the issues persist. You may need to disable rootkit scan and advanced disinfection in Kaspersky if Malwarebytes continues to have trouble after configuring the exclusions.
  13. Greetings, Yes, some email servers are forbidden from use due to commonly being used by spam bots (more often than not, the anonymous temporary email services, though there are other cases where some are blocked specifically due to them just frequently being used by spam bots and rarely/never used by legitimate forum members/accounts). I do not have access to the block list of servers as only the forum admins do, so I can't confirm whether protonmail is blocked or not, however perhaps one of them will respond here to let you know.
  14. The way that the real-time protection in Malwarebytes works for executable files is that it only detects them when they attempt to actually run in memory, not when they're saved to disk (this is to avoid conflicts with AV software which typically do scan items when they are written/saved to disk) so if the file had actually tried to run Malwarebytes would have flagged it and quarantined it on its own. More info on the various layers of protection in Malwarebytes Premium may be found by reviewing the diagram found on this page. Also, I can confirm what digmocrusher says above, there are a LOT of threats that target gamers specifically, usually in an attempt to steal game account credentials (password stealing Trojans etc.).
  15. I really don't know as I'm not familiar with it, but it is certainly possible. The file was in your local AppData folder so that is a location where such a mechanism might be placed if they're trying to run something while avoiding UAC (User Account Control) since administrative privileges are not required to create files there. If you still had a copy of the file you could also submit it to the Research team here for analysis and they could tell you with 100% certainty what the file was and whether it was a real infection or not, but without it we'd only be guessing because of the nature of the signature and detection.
  16. Greetings, You should be able to see where an item was quarantined from by viewing the Quarantine tab and clicking on the Show Quarantine button. It should display the item that was removed as well as its original location where it was found. It also might be listed if you check the Reports tab within one of the report entries shown there. If you recall approximately when it occurred then you may sort the list of reports by date and time by clicking the Date and Time header at the top then locate the date/time closest to when the detection occurred then check each one around that time until you find it. You may also use the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the Reports tab Filter list by kind and select the relevant entry for the type of event (i.e. detection, scan etc.) to remove unrelated items from the list. You can find additional information on how to use the software by downloading the official documentation found here. Please keep in mind that I don't own a Mac so I am only listing information that I discovered in the documentation, so if any of this is incorrect or inaccurate then I apologize.
  17. Greetings, Unfortunately there's no way for us to tell what is going on with your system and why Malwarebytes isn't working properly without some kind of additional diagnostic info, which is why the logs from the Malwarebytes Support Tool are requested (in fact the tool was created for these very types of situations where the software isn't working properly) otherwise we would only be guessing as to what the possible cause might be and would be very unlikely to guess accurately as there are a lot of potential reasons that it would be malfunctioning. If you really want to avoid using the Support Tool then all I can suggest is that if you are running any other security software alongside Malwarebytes such as an antivirus then creating exclusions in the AV for Malwarebytes might help as perhaps it is being blocked from loading that component. A clean install of Malwarebytes might also fix it, however to do that you'd likewise need to download and run the Support Tool (though you wouldn't need to post any logs if that's your concern): Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here As for your license key, you were provided a new one because of a format change that took place since the release of Malwarebytes 3 so the product automatically converts your old format lifetime key into the new format for future compatibility (it is important that you save the new key somewhere as they might not always include an option to enter the old format keys which require an additional field for the ID info). Nothing else about your license has changed, and at least for now as long as they provide the option to enter an old format ID and Key you will still be able to activate the software with your old license, however as I mentioned, it would be a good idea to note the new one it provided for the sake of ensured future compatibility as version 4.0 may possibly only accept the new format license keys which have no separate ID and Key.
  18. Greetings, Trojan.Malpack is a generic/heuristic detection signature which targets files that are compressed (or "packed", hence the terminology) using a compression tool known to be used by the bad guys who make infections. It doesn't necessarily mean that it actually was an infection though, as false positives with these types of signatures do happen from time to time since, on rare occasions, legitimate software makers will also use the same kind of compression software on their own creations. Now, with that said, even if it was an actual infection, the chances are remote that it had the chance to install on the system if that was the only one detection you saw in your scan logs because an active/installed Trojan would be running in memory and would have created a loading point so that it could run when the system starts/boots, but if that were the case then there would have been at least 2 or more items detected in the scan. If you are still concerned and wish to make absolutely certain that your system is not infected then you may read and follow the instructions found in this topic and then create a new thread including the requested logs and information in a new topic in the malware removal area by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will analyze your system and verify that no additional threats are present as soon as one becomes available. If there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks
  19. If you try adding a new line below each link does it help? Like maybe pressing Enter or Shift+Enter (eliminates the double-spacing) after each URL. I know that sometimes this is necessary for me, or at least it has been in the past when posting raw URLs. And of course, using the URL= function should also work, for example: [url=<insert address here>]<insert address here>[/url]
  20. Greetings, Malwarebytes is deliberately designed to run alongside AV software and other security products so you should be able to run the two of them together in real-time without any issues, but please let us know if you do encounter any problems and we will assist in getting the two of them to work properly together. To date I have not seen any reports of users having issues running the two, and while SUPERAnti-Spyware isn't as popular as it used to be, at one time it was quite common for paid users of both products to run them together, often alongside a mainstream antivirus product, something both Malwarebytes and SUPERAnti-Spyware were designed to work in tandem with. If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  21. Greetings, As dcollins mentioned above, there is currently a known issue with the 2 year renewal offer where it doesn't function properly however if you contact Malwarebytes Support directly via one of the options found on this page they will assist you in getting the pricing and subscription duration you desire which you are eligible for. If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  22. I found the portable build here. Also, I do believe uTorrent started bundling some kind of adware in their installers (not an issue with the portable build, obviously because it of course uses no installer) and that's why Malwarebytes flags it. You can check online to find more info about it to make sure that you are able to opt out of installing the adware/PUP bundled with it before you go through with any installation just to be on the safe side. Also, regarding lmacri's comments above, I apologize, I didn't realize you were working with Support in a ticket already so of course you should heed that advice regarding not making any changes unless instructed to by the Support member helping you as that could cause confusion while they're working to diagnose and correct the issue.
  23. FYI, there is a portable build of uTorrent in case you wish to try the updated version or keep a copy of the older version around for compatibility etc. I don't know if older builds of the portable version are readily available, but they probably are or at least the latest is I'm sure and you should have much less trouble locating an installer for the standard build of a previous version so you can test that way, removing your existing version, saving its installer to reinstall later if need be, and test with the up to date portable build to see if things improve with that version. I can track down some links if you need them. It's been a while since I've used any Bittorrent clients but I do still have a copy of one of the portable versions saved on disk so I'm sure I can track down where to download it again (it was likely Portableapps.com, but I'm not positive).
  24. You can check the links I referenced (or MS directly via Technet etc. if you wish); those entries are created by Windows, not Malwarebytes and normal uninstallers do not and should not try to remove them (the MS documentation specifies this in the link I posted to their site on the subject). Other tools may certainly remove them if designed to do so, although they likely have to modify permissions on the keys to do so (similar to how tools like Unlocker work for removing stubborn items). As for the folders, I do know that the Program Files folder should not be left behind and the Program Files (x86) folder shouldn't exist since version 3 of Malwarebytes uses a native dual platform installer with some native x64 executables and installs to the native Program Files folder, so the Program Files (x86) folder was likely from an older version of Malwarebytes (2.x or 1.x) or from another Malwarebytes tool/product installed in the past and I don't believe the Malwarebytes clean tools target those folders, however I do believe there is an older version of mbam-clean.exe still available somewhere for removing older versions that should. With regards to the ProgramData folder, I do believe (though a staff member may need to confirm) it is left behind deliberately because that is where the license info is stored and the clean tools and uninstaller deliberately leave that info intact in case the user desires to reinstall the software and doesn't have their license info handy to reactivate. Those drivers do look like cleanup drivers that belong to Malwarebytes used for remediation as a component of its DOR (Delete on Reboot) technology. They use random names to evade blocking/deletion by malware so the cleanup tools aren't able to target them either. Normally they are supposed to get deleted after the remediation/reboot process, however they do end up getting left behind sometimes, either due to some kind of error or interference (like an AV or permissions issue) or when the DOR sequence fails to complete fully (rare, but I have seen it happen before). That said, having them remain on disk is completely harmless (though a arguably a negligible waste of space) as they are set to run only once, on the first reboot for the cleanup process and won't load again (you can verify this via any tool that looks at drivers that are currently running or configured to load on boot). If Runscanner and other tools target the LEGACY keys that doesn't necessarily mean that they should, as again, according to Microsoft's own documentation, those keys are to be used by the OS itself and shouldn't be modified by third party software. In a case like this where you're just trying to remove all traces of Malwarebytes it obviously isn't going to do any harm, however I would advise caution in how you remove them as I wouldn't want the security and stability of your system compromised by doing so if, for example, the tool were to alter the parent permissions on the entire ENUM\ROOT registry branch/path which is deliberately restricted from modification by Microsoft for the reasons stated.
  25. By the way, Oracle plans to kill Java soon anyway according to the following sources (and many more if you do a web search for "Oracle Java discontinue" or anything similar): https://www.engadget.com/2016/01/27/oracle-java-plug-in-death/ https://www.theverge.com/2016/1/28/10858250/oracle-java-plugin-deprecation-jdk-9 https://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/oracle-says-it-is-killing-the-java-plugin-795547 https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/01/oracle-deprecates-the-java-browser-plugin-prepares-for-its-demise/ Oracle themselves have posted info on the JavaSE EOL (End of Life) roadmap here. I assume this is what the other articles above were referring to.
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