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  1. Website blocking going crazy?

    Thanks Devin. I just finished computer number 3 and saw the activation on my desktop.
  2. Website blocking going crazy?

    Two down now. All is well. I'll leave some work for tomorrow.
  3. Website blocking going crazy?

    Really? You didn't run the betas of what we are using now? That was fun. Thanks again. Now I have a few minutes work for Christmas eve. Merry Christmas.
  4. Website blocking going crazy?

    Oh, I'm sure I Okayed it. I like to live dangerously. Thanks again.
  5. Website blocking going crazy?

    But it just started acting up a couple of days ago. So, the beta installed because I had Okayed it previously? Thanks Looks like I have some work to do.
  6. Website blocking going crazy?

    So that was a beta?
  7. Website blocking going crazy?

    Thanks for the reply. Here is what I am running on all 5 computers.
  8. I cannot believe what has happened the last couple of days. I am finding that many of my regularly visited sites are not available to me now. I don't notice anyone else complaining so I guess it's just me. I tried just a couple of exclusions and they don't work so I wonder if anyone has a solution to help a dummy (me).
  9. Portable version

    I wonder if the FREE version is the portable version.
  10. Blocked Website

    Same thing here. Did not experience the problem yesterday but today it is almost happening on all of my morning visits. Yes, the latest version of Firefox.
  11. Updates not working for me

    Same here. I just don't let it bother me but it it could be fixed, it would be great and would stop a lot of posts here.
  12. Updates not working for me

    @Porthos I have the beta installed on all 5 computers and experience it a lot. The point being that the beta sure didn't solve the problem for me. I ignore it because I know that it will soon begin the process of downloading and installing the update. If only the program could wait a reasonable period of time before it complains about no update I feel it would stop lots of complaints.
  13. Bad Rabbit - IS MWB ready for this one.

    Hang on. You will get an answer within a reasonable time.
  14. Bad Rabbit - IS MWB ready for this one.

    Can you be a little more specific?