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  1. Blocked Website

    Same thing here. Did not experience the problem yesterday but today it is almost happening on all of my morning visits. Yes, the latest version of Firefox.
  2. Updates not working for me

    Same here. I just don't let it bother me but it it could be fixed, it would be great and would stop a lot of posts here.
  3. Updates not working for me

    @Porthos I have the beta installed on all 5 computers and experience it a lot. The point being that the beta sure didn't solve the problem for me. I ignore it because I know that it will soon begin the process of downloading and installing the update. If only the program could wait a reasonable period of time before it complains about no update I feel it would stop lots of complaints.
  4. Bad Rabbit - IS MWB ready for this one.

    Hang on. You will get an answer within a reasonable time.
  5. Bad Rabbit - IS MWB ready for this one.

    Can you be a little more specific?
  6. Web Protection Keeps turning off

    Same thing here. Started yesterday for me.
  7. I think that it is a shame considering how long Malwarebytes has been around. I had very bad problems at first but all is well now. I hope the Malwarebytes people finally get things working.
  8. Malwarebytes Lifetime on eBay

    That might be possible but new in a sealed box sounds phony. They are doing the same thing with antivirus programs.
  9. sorry if this is a weird question

    It's nice to save money.
  10. sorry if this is a weird question

    You can buy from 1 to 10 here https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/
  11. Open Closed un-answered question please.

    Great trusted advisor.
  12. Real-Time Malware Protection loading issue

    Nothing yet. It has been running fine since my last post.
  13. Real-Time Malware Protection loading issue

    Thanks for the reply Devin. I just turned it on. If I shut it down now and start up it will probably do it but I'm, busy right now. If it happens, and I'm sure it will, you will see it a little later. This i5 computer with16Gb of memory and Windows 7 Pro seems to be the only one to have the problem.
  14. Real-Time Malware Protection loading issue

    Same thing happened after boot up this afternoon. Reboot made everything good. I know others are experiencing the same problem. Any ideas?