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  1. Ron, the problem is not speed- it's is the messed up video. My speed is 70Mbps. I have uninstalled the firewall and it made no difference. Let's just drop it and I live with it. It really is a minor problem. Some day i will figure it out. I appreciate your patience.
  2. Sorry, not familiar with that. Addition.txt
  3. Here you go FRST.txt
  4. Ron, that doesn't help me at all. Telling me that you are not having a problem is of no help. I have 4 computers all having the same problem. I think it is just something I will have to live with. I can either change my browser, turn off Malwarebytes when I am viewing some sites or just live with it. I'm on Chrome right now but I will read the link and get back to you. Thanks
  5. Here with Malwarebytes turned off.
  6. Can't do a screen capture but here is a poor photo that I just took showing what happens. Not really a big deal, I can turn off Malwarebytes if I have to.
  7. No, I am not experiencing that problem. It seems a video problem which is impossible to duplicate on another browser or OS
  8. This is a problem I've been experiencing with Firefox V52.0 and up. OS is Windows 7 Malwarebytes Version is Here is the scoop: When going to check my Internet speed http://www.speedtest.net/?test-2 Ping does not show because it is covered up. The needle does not show properly and is all messed up. When I go to this site to check greeting cards http://www.jacquielawson.com/ Strange things happen with the video. One example is I was watching a black and white dog which was walking. The black part of his body stayed in place while the rest of it moved along. I suspected the browser but saw no complaints on Firefox forums. In any event I switched to Chrome on three of my computers and the problem went away.. My Windows 10 computer did not experience the problem. I did go back to Firefox on two computers leaving one still on Chrome. Today I thought I would quit Malwarebytes and try speed test and the problem was not present. Just curious if the pros on the Malwarebytes staff could take a look at these links and tell me if they experience the same problem. Bear in mind we are talking Firefox and Windows 7. If you need me to run any test, I am here to help. Thanks I
  9. I think we must come up with a NEW nickname for this program. Does Mwb work?
  10. Not like my luck but the beta is working perfectly here.
  11. While you are waiting for a response, try rebooting and try the scan again.
  12. Anyone else? I just want to make it clear that I had most of the problems that others experienced but all seems to be fine now.
  13. You guys and gals have done a wonderful job after a rocky beginning. Everything seems great on all of my 5 computers (Win 7 and Win 10) I trust that others agree., Oh yes, if things change, I'll be back here whining and crying.
  14. Sorry Yes, it's real time protection not on and when I turn it on, it just sits at starting. Yes, I have the newest installer on all my computers. Very seldom happens BUT thought I would mention it.
  15. Still not 100%, folks. An opinion cannot be determined on the first or second day. I have already experienced the previous problems and I'm sure I cannot be the only one. However, I am patient.