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  1. I guess that 'splains it. Anybody want a FREE Lifetime License? 😝 O.K. I'm kidding....
  2. Thanks exile360, I guess that is the answer. I'll give it a go. Thanks to both of you.
  3. Thanks but that's where I am putting my licenses but the one in question that I can't put there.
  4. I'm stumped on this one folks. I had 6 licenses to add to Subscription and was successful in adding 5 but when I type in the information for number 6 I get the message " The product key you are trying to use is already registered ". O.K. but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know of a way to add it to my account? I would like to put the licenses in one place if possible. Thanks
  5. Of course I need assistance. Can't someone there try to install the update. Hard to believe I am the only one who can't install it on all of his/her computers.
  6. I have 6 computers - all with premium. Update install has failed on all of them. If you are not going to fix the problem, at least take the message away. Thanks
  7. I will give it a try and get back to you. I can't do a screen capture because when I try it the screen capture goes away. Thanks for the help. I'll get back tomorrow. I am under the weather right now. Thanks again.
  8. Well, thank you very much. Happy New Year everyone. 😉
  9. II have typed in my email address and clicked on "Let's Go" and nothing happened. I have removed it and then added it several times and nothing changed. I also have rebooted it several times as well. I have it on 6 computers and this is the only one that it happens on. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Yep, eBay has never been a reliable source of software. I've been burned there also.
  11. Save your money because those licenses are fake. Don't believe me? Buy one and wait a while.🙁
  12. Plus One but I do have Fred to keep me company. His picture is in my avatar.😀
  13. On all 5 machines- ESET NOD32 on 2 and ESET Internet Security on 3. I'm one of those old geezers who has lifetime licenses of Malewarebytes on all of my computers.
  14. I could not agree more. Although I have never complained to them -it appears that Newegg and my HMO Humana have very recently stopped it. I hope it's forever.
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