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  1. Not like my luck but the beta is working perfectly here.
  2. While you are waiting for a response, try rebooting and try the scan again.
  3. Anyone else? I just want to make it clear that I had most of the problems that others experienced but all seems to be fine now.
  4. You guys and gals have done a wonderful job after a rocky beginning. Everything seems great on all of my 5 computers (Win 7 and Win 10) I trust that others agree., Oh yes, if things change, I'll be back here whining and crying.
  5. Sorry Yes, it's real time protection not on and when I turn it on, it just sits at starting. Yes, I have the newest installer on all my computers. Very seldom happens BUT thought I would mention it.
  6. Still not 100%, folks. An opinion cannot be determined on the first or second day. I have already experienced the previous problems and I'm sure I cannot be the only one. However, I am patient.
  7. Too bad the update doesn't help most of us.
  8. Same here folks. Not all the time but enough times to make it a problem.
  9. So far so good. Problem is it doesn't happen on all computers ever day. I had a three day record going with no problems on all computers. Fingers crossed.
  10. I saw that . Thanks The tears from crying sometimes affect my ability to read.
  11. Well, I'll try it on one computer. The description of it is confusing because it looks like the same version I already have. I have problems like that on all of them. Thanks
  12. We really need this problem fixed. Happens to me on one or more computers every day.
  13. This is day 4 of no problems. I have 4 Win 7 computers that have the latest version of MWB installed. Yes, I am happy. Problems are back. No I get the task bar message that Protection is disabled and the program shows "Awesome! You're protected".
  14. Me too. The Malwarebytes folks need to work on this. Gets old after a while.