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  1. Harassment is cross-platform, also on Twitter, proving the customer service who service Google also service twitter. #sharkbait 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Paid Ad promotes a movie from 2017!!! Google pulled it out to give me a scare . . .
  2. Thank you, exile360, for saying that! You agree the images are disturbing, right?
  3. I mean it, to all the friendly, kind people who responded to me here: THERE IS NO BENEFIT DODGING OR TRYING TO HIDE FROM REALITY! That is why I posted here. I posted my screenshots and sent the link to the police, gone public, as it were.
  4. Thanx. I appreciate that. Disturbing as the images are, there is no benefit for me to try to dodge harassment or death threats.
  5. Is it because Google is a partner of Malwarebytes? For the sake of transparency, would you deny or confirm a Google / Malwarebytes partnership?
  6. Actually, I wasn't asking for help, in the General Section . . . Google is targeting me based on IP address. Is it impossible to grasp that Google has dossiers on all citizens using the internet from desktop at home, or mobile device, organized by IP address, or device number?
  7. couple more: called a, "rat:" "Waiting for a girl like you," then all dead comedians and actors: There are other creepy psych out "messages," across ALL platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, not just youtube. It shows, the customer service / sales reps from the Arizona call centers are the same for each of the above companies.
  8. Anthony Russo: https://mafia.wikia.org/wiki/Anthony_Russo He was depicted in the Sopranos. I guess I am the oldest one here.
  9. Doing research on the events of that era, the Lufthansa heist was still in the news as recently as 2015: Turncoat cousin fingers Asaro for Lufthansa heist https://nypost.com/2015/10/20/turncoat-cousin-fingers-asaro-for-lufthansa-heist-at-goodfellas-trial/ My brother remembers the hair piece commercials of Martin Krugman. He, "disappeared." Interestingly, Goodfellas is in the US Library of Congress for being, " "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant." So, you are of that era. I had to look up, Pussy Russo, shot to death in 1979, according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Russo_(mobster)
  10. Thank you for saying, "on the far chance." It means, you also recognize those served videos as, "creepy?" You viewed my screenshots, and IT DOES look like my IP address was served specific video suggestions, right? In my Firefox browser, I use, Disconnect.me On security options for Firefox, Fingerprinters is set to Block.
  11. You see I am not signed in to Youtube when the results were served . . . It is based on IP address. Each of the screen shots displays the Sign In button [upper right]. Do you agree it the disturbing images were served based on IP address? Would you kindly log off Google in desktop and enter this into the url bar? http://www.google.com/search?q=ip address I want to make sure we're on the same page!
  12. Hi, We're cool. Google knows I am collecting on its customer service / sales branch. The disturbing videos sent via youtube search from my IP address are INTENTIONAL. Please try a Google search, IP address, if you are on desktop. All your searches are organized by IP. We are like a terrarium of ants to the data collectors - they watch our every move. Here is a search from the US East Coast, via virtual server, of a Heart video, with the kind of results I expect! July 18th, is when the foul results started to be served. You could try your own youtube search for JLo, or Justin Timberlake, or Justin Bieber, or Beyonce, or Lady Gaga. I stayed within my theme. It was searched using Virtual server. I'm older. I am 58. I grew up outside New York, when the events depicted in Goodfellas took place. It is historical.
  13. More creepy. I follow concert tours of my favorite artists via fan uploads. These 3 screenshots are scrolling down from one video of Heart Toronto fan upload, documented on July 18th . . . This was the worst, but it was no longer current if I scrolled past the fold, because Google is inserting normal videos, after it apparently discerned I am documenting the offensive sidebar suggestions.
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