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  1. Malwarebytes always defaults to opening to the same size, so if you want it to be full screen you will need to click the maximize button to maximize the window size each time you open it.
  2. That's the right-click context menu for the tray icon in the notification area I was referring to in my first post; the jump list is the list of items displayed when right-clicking on the actual taskbar icon for items pinned to the taskbar and for programs with currently open windows.
  3. You're welcome. It likely also has to do with differences in how jump lists are handled in Windows 10, where the number of jump list items shown is more limited, however it can be modified through a registry tweak as discussed in this article. Which specific options are available depend a lot on Windows though, so increasing it might not necessarily cause the option to check for updates to be displayed.
  4. Greetings, The items available in the jump lists may differ for each application and can also depend on the version of Windows being run. That said, you should have the option to check for updates by right-clicking the tray icon located in the notification area near your system clock. If there is anything else we might help with please let us know. Thanks
  5. They are portable applications. You can simply delete the executables themselves to remove them, though there may be some temp files/folders left behind in one or more data locations (these can be cleared out using the built in Disk Cleanup or a third party temp file cleaner if you use one, if you are determined to remove every trace). They do not install any drivers or other components on the system and the temp files are simply where they store their logs and other data created when the tools are run.
  6. Greetings, This is most likely being caused by the self-protection module. You will likely need to uninstall using the clean function in the Malwarebytes Support Tool: Run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Please let us know how it goes and if that resolves the issue or not. Thanks
  7. Yes, you no longer need it now that the software is working. If there's anything else we can help with please let us know. Thanks
  8. Greetings, I'm sorry you're experiencing trouble with Malwarebytes Privacy, but hopefully we can get the issue resolved. Please see if the instructions in this post alleviate the issue and let us know how it goes. Thanks
  9. Thanks, if you see it again, please capture an image of the ad for the trial. Please also do the following: Run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  10. Thanks, it looks like it was indeed a false positive and has been corrected. Thanks for reporting it.
  11. It's likely something about how Firefox connects. It likely connects to the loopback address for some reason, like perhaps to establish or check network connectivity or something similar, and with the loopback address being blocked, it was unreachable which caused Firefox to bug out/fail to launch.
  12. Yes,, also known as the loopback address, is an IP that points back to your own machine. It is definitely not malware, so no worries on that front at least. Here's an explanation of what the loopback address is and a brief description of its purpose: https://www.webopedia.com/definitions/loopback-address/
  13. It's probably due to one of the plugins/extensions then, or it could even be due to Firefox's build in privacy functions as it may redirect blocked content to, though that's just speculation on my part.
  14. It's likely that Firefox uses the default loopback address for some purpose, or perhaps an extension installed in Firefox does. Also, if you use a HOSTS file for blocking content on the web, it is likely configured to redirect blocked sites to
  15. Are you able to open Malwarebytes? If so, please do so and update it, then restart the system and hopefully the issue will be resolved.
  16. Greetings, Please update Malwarebytes; this issue was corrected in the most recent release published yesterday: To update, open Malwarebytes and click the small gear icon in the upper right to access settings, then click the Check for updates button located near the top of the General tab and allow Malwarebytes to download and install the update. Once that is done, restart your system to ensure the new components are loaded into memory, and clear your browser cache and DNS cache if your web searches are still unreachable. Please let us know if that resolved the issue or no
  17. The Corel files are likely false positives. It would be best to report them to the Research team so that they may get the detections corrected. To do so, please review the information in this topic, then create a new thread in the File Detections FP reporting area by clicking here. Posting the scan log showing the detections along with a link to VirusTotal.com showing the scan results for the files should be sufficient. Details on accessing your previous scan reports and exporting the results for posting can be found in this support article and I've also copied the details below fo
  18. Thanks, your logs show a couple of memory dumps from recent crashes: Recent Windows Crashes ======================================== C:\Windows\Minidump\040821-7734-01.dmp [created:04/08/2021 06:21] C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP [modified:04/08/2021 06:21] If you would, please ZIP and upload the memory dumps for analysis. They are likely too large to attach here, so I would recommend copying both files to a convenient location where you have full write access such as your desktop or downloads folder, then zipping the files and uploading them to WeTransfer.com, selectin
  19. Greetings, It sounds like the system may be experiencing some sort of hardware issue or a problem with your user profile. The first step I would recommend is backing up any important data to a separate drive immediately just in case your drive is failing. Next, a clean install of Malwarebytes may help if you haven't done so already (you mentioned using the Support Tool, but you didn't say which function you used): Run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and
  20. Greetings, It's due to the use of a VPN. Because VPNs function by connecting many users through the same servers/IP addresses, some sites such as Google see a lot of traffic from the same IP which sets off their VPN detection routines and DDoS protection tools. It's basically the same issue as with Etsy, and the same thing VPN users experience when trying to use streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon and others which detect the use of a VPN.
  21. By the way, one more thing worth noting. Just based on my own personal experience over the years, I've never allowed Windows to repair a drive when it alerted me that a drive I plugged in was or might be corrupted because like you, I had a drive actually get corrupted by doing so, and I've found that in every instance, the contents of the drive were perfectly fine without performing any repair. I suspect that Windows has a function that alerts the user any time a drive is removed without using the 'Safely remove hardware' function to remove a removable drive. Because of this, I would su
  22. Thanks. Your logs show both Wise and CCleaner on the system; two more factors that could complicate things. I don't know how you're using the two programs, but I strongly recommend against any kind of registry cleaning as it can definitely have unforeseen consequences. I passed your thread on to the Product team, so if there is some kind of bug or issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it, but at this point I'm not sure what more to do as it may have simply been a one-off. How are things running now? Are you experiencing any further issues with your NAS?
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