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  1. trishtech, I see your website is back up. it looks good. i was familiar with the website. I found some useful information there, in the past. thanks for being patient with me.
  2. just some trivia. i was able to whitelist the URL within MBG's settings and it worked fine. i then was able to remove the URL from the whitelist without any problems.
  3. i tested the "fhug.org.uk" links/URL's and they were blocked on my end. however i clicked the MBG-link for "proceed to website". at the "fhug.org.uk" website there is an article saying that the website and one of its files are being flagged by "bitdefender" and to whitelist the file that is being flagged etc. i think that probably is why it was flagged by MBG, because it is flagged by bitdefender. here is the link for the article regarding bitdefender: https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=15705&p=83550#p83550
  4. on my computer, MBG is NOT blocking the whole "info" TLD. i have no trouble accessing: hxxp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/index.html hxxps://keepass.info/ hxxp://aljazeerah.info/ hxxps://forums.spybot.info/
  5. interestingly, trishtech.com is down, probably because it got hacked, due to its not being kept up-to-date when came to wordpress software and wordpress plugins: https://www.trishtech.com/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/thousands-of-wordpress-sites-hacked-to-fuel-scam-campaign/ i don't know if that was why MBG blocked it, because of its being a high security-risk, due to its not being properly maintained, but, if that was the reason, it was a good thing.
  6. URLVoid is not showing anything malicious being detected: https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/trishtech.com/
  7. sucuri's site-check does flag the website as using outdated wordpress software, making the website vulnerable to hacking: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/www.trishtech.com
  8. google's "safe browsing" doesn't detect anything at "trishtech.com" and it doesn't show that anything malicious has ever been flagged there. https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=https:%2F%2Fwww.trishtech.com i guess that doesn't necessarily mean that it is clean. it is possible that something has somehow been detected there that we just don't know about at this point.
  9. i am not getting any block at "getaccept.com" either.
  10. individuals who want to risk downloading and executing files from zoho-drive can whitelist the URL's on their own individual computers. note the option for "do not block this site again for (downloading) malware"
  11. as can be seen in the screenshot, it is easy to continue to the website (or whatever the link is pointing to) without whitelisting the URL. MBG just shows a warning that downloading files from the website is a (huge) security-risk.
  12. in my opinion, "tdrive.li" should not be unblocked. it is a "SHORTENED URL" used for downloading files from "zoho-drive" where anyone can upload any file, including malware, and then use the "tdrive.li" URL for distributing the malware across the internet. it is potentially a huge security-risk. i am concerned that malwarebytes might simply unblock everything simply because someone requested it without considering that it might not be a good idea to unblock it, making MBG useless.
  13. i think that manually adding a "long" URL to the whitelist caused a problem, the "long" URL for downloading the "glance" file. i had the same problem after manually adding a long URL to the whitelist, where i couldn't remove it from the whitelist. i resolved the problem by uninstalling the MBG extension and then reinstalling it.
  14. i installed FF 72.0.1 just for testing MBG, to see how it was performing at "infowars.com." when i tested MBG it worked fine. no issues. however, earlier, using MBG with the mobile version of FF, on my android tablet, i was having some issues...
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