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  1. edit: i meant to say "adblock browser," not "adblock plus browser" (though it is from "adblockplus.org").
  2. yes, that is the "adblock plus browser for android," (from eyeo) however the webpage that is displayed isn't up-to-date when compared with what you would see within the "google play store app". the webpage doesn't mention that the "adblock plus browser" has been updated to version 2.0 which is built on chromium, unlike the previous versions which were built on firefox. the new version was released on 11/25/19. (i currently have build 2.0.1 which is built on chromium build 76.x )
  3. update: i did a test, at "scumware.org", and "browser guard" DID block the URL, there, that i tried to open.
  4. redwolfe_98


    hello. please add "stripe.rs-stripe.com" to the blocklist. i see lots of ads at the "bigleaguepolitics.com" website which are delivered via "stripe.rs-stripe.com". also, please make "malwarebytes security safe browsing", for "android", compatible with the "adblock plus browser" (for android) which is built on google's "chromium". the "safe browsing" protection works with the "chrome" browser (with android) but not with the "adblock plus browser", again, which is built on "chromium". the "malwarebytes security safe browsing", when used with the CHROME browser, was not effective at blocking ads at the "bigleaguepolitics.com" website which were being distributed via "stripe.rs-stripe.com." it's more important to me to have the annoying ads blocked by using the "adblock plus browser" rather than using "malwarebytes security safe browsing" with the "chrome" browser where ads are NOT blocked, at least not from "stripe.rs-stripe.com." i am glad to have the "malwarebytes browser guard" for my regular windows 10 PC, using it with the "chrome" browser. i know that it IS effective at blocking malicious URL's and malicious IP addresses. i was going to purchase a license for the "malwarebytes security" program, for android, except that its "safe browsing protection" does not work with the "adblock plus browser" (for android). please try to make the "malwarebytes security" program compatible with the "adblock plus browser" (for android). i will mention that "browser guard" did NOT block malicious URL's that were listed at "scumware.org": https://www.scumware.org/ (but it DID block malicious URL's and malicious IP addresses listed at "vxvault.net": http://vxvault.net//URL_List.php
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