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  1. Kids in back seats can cause accidents. Accidents in back seats can cause kids.. (pardon the language) - Two men at a Bar were having an overheated argument. One said to the other, "Kiss my A**!" His response was , "Spit and give me a clue." Some quotes & inspiration - Children & other people don't care how much one knows until they know how much one cares. A mistake is not a mistake unless one fails to learn from it. Minds are like parachutes and umbrellas. They won't work unless open. Excellence can be attained if you: Care more than others think is wise; Risk more than others think is safe; Dream more than others think is practical; Expect more than others think is possible. Even a turtle has to stick his neck out to progress. To accomplish great things one must not only dream about a vision and mission, but plan; not only plan, but also act; not only act but most important, believe. I'll see it when I believe it; not I'll believe it when I see it. Students are diverse people to be unfolded by best knowledge educational practices, not things to be molded by superimposed, irrelevant, disconnected, costly, winners/losers, one-size-fits-all standardized test driven projects. Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember a kite rises against the wind rather than with it.
  2. More Windows vulnerability.. Unpatched Windows Kernel Bug could Help Malware Hinder Detection..
  4. In fact, there r 2 school of thoughts on the action required while Cisco recommends that impacted users should restore their systems from backups or reinstall the operating system completely. , Avast calls for upgrade to v.5.35.. source -
  5. Hmm.. Avast latest update says the 2nd stage infection could be in the order of hundreds and consumers to upgrade to v 5.35.., as per
  6. Oh. Reuters gives a more detailed picture in
  7. Don't know whether there can be backdoor access to those domains? any public server of the domains could be a source for backdoor..
  9. Rogue Ccleaner..

    Oh.. did'nt see @hayc59's post..
  10. Rogue Ccleaner..

    Shocking to know that Ccleaner bundled with malware as per Bleeping computer report in That too under the nose of Avast (which took over Piriform).. Can't trust anything..
  11. What are you listening to?

    LB collection..
  13. Interesting article.. Can You Solve the Million-Dollar, Unsolvable Chess Problem?
  14. @joshkmartinez you seem to keep raising security recommendations, which have been advised upon,, it would be proper to check back on earlier posts and then to get back..