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  1. check this.. use regedit.. A quick way to access Regedit that applies to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, and 10 is the following: Open the Run box with the keyboard combination Windows key + r. In the Run line, enter “regedit” (without quotes) Click “OK” Say “Yes” to User Account Control (Windows Vista/7/8.x/10) Do your backup and if anything have your OS kit on hand to re-install OS..
  2. If you're still in doubt, check
  4. If you have problem with Windows, it will be apt to take up with MS.. go for re-install, if felt so..
  6. The vulnerability CVE-2017-8360
  7. An update on this in
  8. Many industry happenings have taken centrestage like the Apple vs FBI with considerable interest.. Herein the HP topic with it's serious impact on industry standards, brand value hit and it's aftermath not likely to pass into eternity so soon. Maybe HP clients who are still unaware could benefit from this topic..
  9. Well, a general topic on industry happening is what it is about..
  10. This is windows update error.. Try 'troubleshooting' .. check this too.. also..
  11. First of all it's un-ethical and from a brand like 'HP' is the least expected, what with their R&D, Quality control.. How can this happen? They have a lot to explain, heads to roll.. A PRO disaster.. If sued, can they be able to ride that?..