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Google or Bing?


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As above , with yardbird -

I have found you only get back Exactly what you ask for - To search many errors you need as much detail as you can get -

Then you feed the full question into the search box and scroll until you find the nearest to what you asked -

If you enter "cows" you do not want all the countries output of milk last year or else you would have entered that - You just want information on "cows" -

A dumb answer I know , but :lol: What was the question !!!!!!!!!!

Also with Google as my home page I get a Google search box in the top R.H. corner -

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Guest steve_gts

I'm pretty sure that Google are now learning about your browsing behaviour and starting to return results which you want, so you may get different results from someone else for exactly the sam search, so from a general point of view Google should be better the more you use it.

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Haider, I never noticed that before! :lol:

Alex, I prefer Scroogle myself but I have used Bing as an alternative when needed. I do use Google once in a while, though.

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Google is my cup of tea. :lol:

Q: Is this really a free call?

A: Microsoft does not charge you to use 1-800-BING-411 (1-800-246-4411), but when you call from your mobile phone, standard airtime usage applies based on your phone plan. You are also responsible for text message fees if you choose to receive any text messages.

Bing 411 FAQ

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