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  1. MSE and Malwarebytes are definately an excellent combination!
  2. I think that anyone that has Kaspersky can sleep well at night ! :thumbsup:
  3. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, Malwarebytes, and then IE9.
  4. I definately voted for Microsoft Security Essentials.
  5. The autorun.inf is an Autorun file that is on the IPod. It is a worm that is spread via removable devices. What other computers has your daughter's IPod been plugged into? Any of them could have infected it, and then it will try to spread to your computer and any others that it is plugged into. I would allow Avira to clean the drive, and then run scans on all of the computers that the IPod was plugged into to check them for the infection.
  6. In my opinion, there is a huge difference in antiviruses. Between the detection rates and resource use, each product has it's own "personality".
  7. I would go with Microsoft Security Essentials for free and Kaspersky for paid.
  8. This site was actually featured as Kim Komando's Cool Site of the Day a couple of days ago.
  9. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm so late, just logged in! Atleast from here you still have 40 minutes left!
  10. Sorry, but I have to agree, a little inappropriate.
  11. I also noticed that Kaspersky 2010 is version 9. And 2011 is version 11. Whatever happened to poor version 10?
  12. Mountaintree16, your running version, I think Remixed is running version They changed the wording in the update.
  13. Mountaintree16 is correct. The Perform Regular Rootkit Scan changed to Perform regular scan for active threats in the newest version of 2011.
  14. I definitely second the opinion to update to the latest version.
  15. Hmmm, that is not good for Kaspersky. I have had it remove the same rootkit that he did, and it did so successfully.
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