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  1. Is there still no official portable version available?
  2. Do you mean 1.51? It's not a big problem but in the year 2010 it should be possible to get incremental updates ...
  3. Google search engine But I don't trust Google Chrome ...
  4. Hitman Pro has 5 (?) engines, MBAM only 1
  5. AVG LinkScanner http://linkscanner.avg.com/
  6. Firefox is my favourite browser (great add ons) Chrome is fast but it's from Google (secret agent) The latest Opera version is fast but there are no add ons available I don't like the IE GUI ...
  7. I guess there are no plans to include behavioural anaylsis soon, am I right?
  8. Here you are files.zip
  9. Oh sorry ... mbam_log_2010_06_07__14_57_48_.txt
  10. http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/a86f...3666-1267279612 http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/e0a4...0cf1-1267280000
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