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  1. Nether email is mine, post 1 is from Ghacks... The reply on post 11 is from Piriform - keep us posted.... ( I already installed BleachBit) Cheers....
  2. I emailed Piriform about the (Top Post) & got a reply today (almost a month later) here's there reply below: ___________________________________________________________ First of all, I sincerely apologize for the delayed response as we've recently received a much higher than normal volume of support requests. Unfortunately it is true that at this current time, installing CCleaner Free with the option to "Make CCleaner Browser my default browser" will change various file associations in Windows so that by default, various different types of files will be opened via the default CCleaner Browser, rather than the files opening in the programs they did previously. I can however completely understand how this would be unwanted in many situations, resulting in the end user having to reconfigure file associations in Windows according to their preferences, and I'll send this feedback to our development team. Furthermore, we do plan to modify the behavior of the installer so that it will no longer change the file association for PDF files, and it's very possible that we'll continue to make additional modifications like this as well, especially as we continue to receive feedback like this. Regards, Megan Sparks | Piriform Support - San Antonio, Tx Product Docs: http://www.piriform.com/docs Help Center: http://support.piriform.com
  3. I just uninstalled the entire program! Looking for another software program. I see more than a 1/2 a dozen others out there but - I never used any of them... If someone can post a program (besides "Disk Cleanup") please let me know how its working for you! Still using Win 7 (SP1) TIA... regards...
  4. I shut off the automatic updates, think that may work? and/or un-check some of the programs boxes...... your welcome
  5. from Ghacks.net https://www.ghacks.net/2019/07/17/beware-ccleaner-may-install-ccleaner-browser/
  6. @1PW OK, I'll save this topic.... thx. for the help
  7. @1PWI made a support ticket ticket Thanks 1PW to late!! I included a scan of the paper receipt, & the ID & License is on there.... thanks for your help....
  8. @1PW I did all the steps & the support tool fixed it ! However !! it wiped out my Lifetime License and, I have a printout of the purchase & a screenshot. but when I try to enter it... I get the pic below?
  9. @Erix Can't get this update to v1.0.586 ?? Posted April 25 We have just released a new Component update for your product, version 3.7.1 v1.0.586. _________________________________________________ tried the update manually by clicking Install Application Updates in Settings > Application. it remains on v.1.0.563 today? (update works on the laptop OK!) not on a windows 7 tower? Premium versions... any fix? thanks!
  10. Another Good TV Guide: https://www.titantv.com/ you can customize to your channels...
  11. I had the same issue as the original poster! The issue has not happened to me, since I put the new version in 3.6.1
  12. Understood, will keep you posted on the new version & any issues - right now on Automatic & starting OK......regards
  13. @dcollins Quick question please The new version is installed, 3.6.1 & in services.msc its back to an Automatic Start? Should I change Malwarebytes Service to Auto (delayed)? or should I try it with the new ver. & leave it on Automatic? thx. for your time..... regards......
  14. @dcollins It took 2 mins to start (by the taskbar clock)..... but when mbam showed up on the taskbar - all 4 services were running .... will keep an eye on it. thx. for the research & instructions...... we have 47 auto startups in services?
  15. @exile360 Thank you Sam for looking over the logs, its been a long time amigo! As for Windows 7 (SP1) updates or just about any MS updates on 9/17/2018 - I pretty much always restart the computer..and, when theres MS downloads I re-start... I had left 1 update out because of this issue: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/search/KB+4457144/ The Control Panel /check for updates comes up Green with none to install except Win Defender av update - done! ...The UAC has been disabled since I went from XP to Windows 7 (appx: over 5 years) but will give it a try !!!!! Currently, I would Quit MBAM on the taskbar! My only way to start all of Malwarebytes Premium.. is to go to C://Program Files/Malwarebytes/Anti-Mailware /mbamtray.exe and Open it from there... Then the program opens up & I hope its running ok? Will try it your way - and report back if theres any issues.. thx. for looking over the logs!! regards.
  16. On Computer startup - I find that Web Protection and/or, Ransomware Protection will not start? Tried your Support tool (1st. time) & sent you some logs. I get that small red triangle on the taskbar Do you see an issue? Let me know what else you need...thx. logs.zip mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.zip Threat scan.zip
  17. @KenW well I did some looking around, maybe these will help you out? https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/contact/ (contact forum admin) form https://www.superantispyware.com/contact.html (with phone no.) I got in the forum 8/26/2018 because I had to remove the lifetime program. but, I take snapshots of the key or copy & paste it in notepad - also put it on a memory stick. If all else fails, even a password reset? You can PM me your basic info, I'll send it to an admin over there.... (Wonder if Nick still runs the place?) good luck, 73's
  18. Haven't heard it? I get around alot.. I'll keep it & look around there forum. EDIT:Looked around Google search: well the old saying Ken, Technology Changes https://www.superantispyware.com/producthistory.html?id=SUPERANTISPYWARE many people still use it, & some don't, I might as well since I have a life's key to the software... 73's mate
  19. @nukecad I had some shaky issues with software years ago here. beta testing ect... or a change of an AV program -- I sent an email off to Ccleaner support a few days ago. I said: "Do I need these exclusions in: Options/Exclude tab?"  see pic. Here's the reply I got today: From: John Maier (Piriform Support) Your request (#303291) has been updated Sep 11, 09:10 EDT Hi Ed Thank you for your email. These would be recommend as they would keep CCleaner from affecting the files associated with your antivirus software (Windows Defender and Webroot) and antimalware software (Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware). They are by no means required, of course - in fact, on the computer I'm writing to you from, CCleaner does not have any exceptions set at all. However, this is still a reasonable precaution to take if you want to ensure that our software does not affect the security software, so it's up to you if you wish to keep the exclusions or not. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you! Regards, John Maier | CCleaner Support - Tucson, AZ Product Docs: http://www.piriform.com/docs Help Center: http://piriform.zendesk.com First time I put exclusions in Ccleaner this month, & I've used that program since appx: 2007 without exclusions.... My pc runs nice & quiet now.... So you be the judge & will take it 1 day at a time..... cheers !!!
  20. @KenW I don't know? I go way back when they were selling Lifetime/one time purchase keys. I just logged on and ran SAS Pro. Quick Scan & got 1 hit ... up at the menu bar it says Lifetime Pro Subscribtion... cheers
  21. I've still have a lifetime license for both programs, (over 10 yrs now) never had an issue.. I do have the exclusions in both. (SAS still picks up some tracking cookies) cheers!
  22. Thanks for the update! this is the 1st I've heard of the automatic update issue? When I start CCleaner, I always get a small box inside CC. That says theres a new version, with an OK or Cancel. Even if I have this box checked? it warns me 1st. but, if an 'emergency' updater' they might send it out like you said? We can always find a way to contact them: https://forum.piriform.com/staff/ business is business, so will we get an answer? CCleaner 1-800-816-9004 - I don't know... Yesterday I just bought a year of CC Pro. I'll see if I find that email they sent me... may want to un-check this box? if it will do any good? cheers ! EDIT: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. Don't know mate! but August 26th I caught something..... think I'll wait for the next version... "water under the bridge now" have a good day..... cheers!
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