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  1. I been using the free version of AntiVir (also has auto diff. updates) since 05 and it hasn't fail me in all years I been using this software in every day use and on my malware test box (Forgot to disable it to run my testing). Now Microsoft is a multi-dollar corporation and still cant their act together to protect the consumer to me, its just a front for their Business world.(follow the money) MS lineup just didn't work out for me lately,IE,OS and Anti-malware, Giant sure got shredded by and for Defender. These are my options and experiences throughout the years dealing with all types of mallicous software and the like. I agree 100% with BornSlippy
  2. This post sounds like the Spam Award of Hawaii, Malwarebytes had been awarded the since ver.1.00 for being a innovative malware remover, user friendly and a kick arse program all rolled in one. ooooooh yeah
  3. Early one morning the Mole family awoke and Daddy mole climbed to the top of the mole hole and sniffed the air. "I smell bacon frying." he said. Momma mole crowded in beside him and sniffed the air, "I smell eggs cooking." she said. Baby mole tried and tried to get to the top but there was no room left so he said, "All I can smell is molasses!"
  4. It gives new thought about using the Walking Fingers Logo. (YellowPages)
  5. I been homebound for a year+ due to medical and my wife runs a tight ship about me getting the right nutrients, proteins; the right solid food etc and don't forget the Flu shot. Back in the days of ways, I would get sumpin, sumpin from the OTC and shoot back 2 JDs to boot. Today its bit completed with new flu,virus strains in the fight. Keeping the proper diet these days is tough due to very busy/hectic schedules/ stress and lifestyles. Slow down, the one thing I've learn 30yrs of construction is to avoid heated or hot rooms/trailers if possible when someone is sick, its a good dish in getting sick yourself
  6. Well you cant complain about MBAMserv. using a couple thousand (K) of memory can ya now.
  7. exile, no matter how hard or how easy it took to the solve the problem, hearing those golden words of appreciation with a "Your Welcome" from me is a most satisfying reward.
  8. Being a bit late with the newest ver/beta ver/etc. is a small price to pay for a great program. TEAM MBAM is a most excellence team. My happiness is that MBAM is at the ready 120% to jump into action to stop the buggers before the door. Do worry, be happy
  9. A lot memories here for us Silver Hair members of this site. C"mom I could see you swaying to it. http://youtu.be/6hAUWyp0qzs
  10. Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year to all the good members and their families of this forum
  11. So true, so true. Ron ps. As I was writing this post, my warped mind drifted into a twilight zone episode call The Midnight Sun
  12. Ron, the chicken is burning on the BBQ, special sauce not needed at this time.
  13. Nice one Firefox hmmmm, Christmas prezzies I still try to keep up with the hardware and software advancements of todays market and it's amazing.The computer techs still in the repair business have such a wide array of super duper hardware, software and prices to choose from and it can make it a dizzy trip to the store. I like dizzy. yikes. ;
  14. Could of used a couple of these back in my computer repair days(retired) I had a PNY 128mb which cost $99.99 bucks. Thanks for the links ,Ron .
  15. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family, Jeff.http://i.imgur.com/R6v4k.gif
  16. Nothing like pissing in your against the wind.
  17. Too fast for these old eyes to really check it out, a very very mild case of photosensitivity started to kick in, not a problem here though.
  18. Oh no not again, dammm alien cat doctors.
  19. No need to apologize Robert as long as your satisfied with the good work getting the site secured and protected. Job well done.
  20. There's are two magic post numbers to reach jeffce, one is very close and the other one you know about already. Just read the previous replies in this thread/topic and the answer is to be found.
  21. Good one Firefox . I almost hit my wife with my truck at a Dear Crossing, boy she could run fast when needed.
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