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  1. Hello, I recently scanned a customers memory pen he had an autorun virus on there and 70+ other viruses, Malwarebytes didn't stop the autorun from executing, perhaps this could be a premium feature?
  2. Yeah I've seen its a good idea and would defo increase sales.
  3. The full version does have auto update and it works well! Check out Malwarebytes Coupon incase you do decide to upgrade.
  4. I've never had any problem buying licenses, perhaps it was because it was the weekend.
  5. Uninstall your old version, download latest from website, install, go to update tab and click update.
  6. They would have to find a new way to provide the database for now it seems fine.
  7. You can also apply the coupon directly: 5MU-NBU-DFR
  8. Many software creators decide to have call home functions to protect there software from piracy, Use Malwarebytes Coupon Code, I dont think Malwarebytes should include such a feature in there detection engine.
  9. This would be a good feature for Malwarebytes Coupon Code.
  10. Less Malwarebytes Coupon Code room than cattle get
  11. All they were doing is basically providing links, does this mean Google is going to get taken to court as they link to pirated content?
  12. Hello Malwarebytes Coupon Code, If I was to make an IP Board theme the same as Malwarebytes website would you use it? I think it would make a nice chance to see it integrated with the website, it would be seamless. I would do this for free as Malwarebytes has saved my numerous times as I do HTML/CSS programming quite often.
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