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  1. I think the GUI is nearly perfect, I wouldn't change it!
  2. Is there still no official portable version available?
  3. Do you mean 1.51? It's not a big problem but in the year 2010 it should be possible to get incremental updates ...
  4. Google search engine But I don't trust Google Chrome ...
  5. Hitman Pro has 5 (?) engines, MBAM only 1
  6. AVG LinkScanner http://linkscanner.avg.com/
  7. Firefox is my favourite browser (great add ons) Chrome is fast but it's from Google (secret agent) The latest Opera version is fast but there are no add ons available I don't like the IE GUI ...
  8. I guess there are no plans to include behavioural anaylsis soon, am I right?
  9. Here you are files.zip
  10. Oh sorry ... mbam_log_2010_06_07__14_57_48_.txt
  11. http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/a86f...3666-1267279612 http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/e0a4...0cf1-1267280000
  12. As far as I know Hitman Pro is the only one which will detect the TDL3 rootkit! When will MBAM be able to detect this nasty rootkit?
  13. It's for sure not the most important thing, but it would be a nice feature
  14. It was recommended to me by someone other than a friend - I found MBAM at download.com
  15. I agree, maybe you want to try AVG Linkscanner: FREE online real-time protection
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