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  1. Hello, is it possible that I can just use some programs to scan for malware instead before I run combofix? I've read how there's a risk of using it and if I don't have an infection will there still be a risk something may go wrong after running combofix? I will soon hopefully run MBAR but if it does find some infections such as a root kit I will not remove it now in case there is a risk of something to go wrong during the removal. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Okay, so I was on the pirate bay, and I know that I shouldn't be on there but I was trying to find an old bruce lee movie. And on the pirate bay there is a button that says "ANONYMOUS DOWNLOAD", and the reason I clicked on that was because for some reason the "GET TORRENT" button wasn't working on my laptop. After I clicked and opened it, it was a setup for something called "Privitize VPN" I believe, and I assumed that it just had to install that to download the movie or files the user desires but in a secure connection or so. My KIS 2013 blocked a malicious URL during the setup, so af
  3. So today, after talking to the chat support and troubleshooting for over 2 hours, I think the issue is finally resolved! However, it's probably the worst way of troubleshooting, not knowing how exactly you've fixed the problem. After talking to the agent and explaining the problem he gave me these steps to do. 1. Uninstall all the NVIDIA drivers from windows control panel> programs and features. 2. Restart the computer and then get to the C Partion. 3. If NVIDIA folder found in that, please delete that. 4. Get to program files and there too look for the folder by name 'NVIDIA corporation'.
  4. I've downloaded the drivers 3 times from there, so I'm pretty sure that the installer isn't corrupted. And screen317, I'll try getting support from there I guess.
  5. I selected custom with a clean install, it says the Graphics Driver installed, while the Nvidia Update, 3D Vision Controller, HD audio, and 3D vision driver has a status of not installed. PhysX failed to install. I believe since I kept getting errors when I tried running the uninstaller before for the HD audio drivers and PhysX, I decided to just scan for files and registry keys with Advanced Uninstaller Pro, and perhaps it didn't fully remove everything or missed some stuff and it may be related to that or so. I'm not really sure about it though.
  6. I think I only saw express and custom installation and I selected express, and how do I forget to provide my graphics card? It's MSI gtx 660 ti PE OC. Also, could you help me figure out why I was getting some beeping from my computer while uninstalling drivers?
  7. Hello, so yesturday, I had the GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL installed, but I hadn't installed the GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL because some people were saying how it's the same as the beta drivers but just tagged with WHQL. However, some of the stuff on the 306.97 drivers kept crashing and wouldn't work such as the the update function, so I decided to upgrade. Before doing so, I tried uninstalling the 306.97 drivers, and while doing that, my computer monitor went black and my computer wouldn't respond, and every minute I would get a weird beep from my computer motherboard I believe, not from my sp
  8. http://www.winsupersite.com/content1/tabid/2936/catpath/windows8/topic/windows-8-consumer-preview-push-button-reset-142376
  9. Well sometimes when I connect a usb to any usb port, it says "this device can run faster blah blah blah" and something about hi-speed usb 2.0. So how do I know if I have usb 2.0 or 1.0? And if I have usb 2.0 port, do I have to download some hi-speed usb 2.0 controller? Is all usb 2.0 ports can be hi-speed? I don't really know a lot about usb ports, so any help would be appreciated.
  10. So if it does pass, how will SOPA and PIPA affect the security world as in Malwarebytes and other security companies? Just wondering.
  11. Hello! I'm not sure if this has been already reported on the forums, but MalwareGeek was saying how if you set a password protection on MBAM, you can't go access the tabs "Protection", "Ignore", and "Settings" However you can easily disable the protection when you right click on MBAM on the system tray. So if a parent sets a password, and the child is trying to download a game that is detected as a trojan by MBAM, the kid can just disable the protection and let an infection through without the password. Sorry if someone already reported this on the forums. Thanks.
  12. Yes, I don't like Iobit however I just use advanced system care and game booster. I was going through the forums and before they were denying they stole stuff from MBAM and now they said the did before.
  13. Ok thanks guys! I never really delete registry keys unless if they were part of a software that I uninstalled a long time ago. So defragging your registry isn't as risky as deleting right? Because I was using advanced system care v5 and it had some options for cleaning registry and defraging, I disabled cleaning registry but I want to make sure about defragging
  14. I know that deleting registry key is risky and is bad, but what about defraging the registry. Does it have any risks?
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