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  1. Swandog46

    /g00/ adware injection

    We're working on handling this particular piece of ad crap in the next version of our browser extension.
  2. Swandog46

    MalwareBytes Extension random opened 20+ tab

    I'm a bit mystified to be honest. @dominik_1kyu, does the issue still happen if you disable all your other Chrome plugins and extensions? Thanks for helping us try to figure this out!
  3. Swandog46

    FP Virustotal.com

    Well, let us know if you can reproduce the issue further please. Thanks!
  4. Swandog46

    FP Virustotal.com

    Is it possible you were still affected by the CCleaner bug at this time? None of those sites are detected here.
  5. Unfortunately I can't help with that, nor would I recommend their product, all I can tell you is that they say they've fixed the bug you identified in this thread, where they corrupted our extension....
  6. Fantastic, thanks so much nukecad for both your detective work and your patience.
  7. Hi folks, so sorry for the very long delay here, but we heard back from the CCleaner team that version 5.44 released today fixes the bug on their end with Site Preferences in Firefox corrupting our extension. Thanks so much for your patience!
  8. Swandog46

    False positive on VoodooShield.com

    Hi Dan, apologies for missing responding to this thread, but we fixed the issue last week so you should be all set. Thanks!
  9. We're not sure. We've reached out to CCleaner team, stay tuned.
  10. We've looked into this, and we're not totally sure but we wonder if CCleaner is buggy here. If you clear Firefox Site Preferences using CCleaner, it appears to corrupt the IndexedDB storage -- not just clear it. Subsequent attempts to open the storage for reading or writing time out. Uninstalling and reinstalling the extension fixes it by setting up an entirely new IndexedDB database. We'll report the issue to Piriform, we're not the only ones who've noticed: https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/issues/278 Indeed, outstanding detective work @nukecad. For the moment please don't use CCleaner to clear Site Preferences, as it appears to be buggy. For what it's worth, Firefox Site Preferences are not cleared by default in CCleaner, you have to enable it manually.
  11. We're going to try to code around it. Stay tuned
  12. Our guess is that CCleaner deletes all the data files stored by the extension including our databases, and refreshing/reinstalling the extension prompts our extension to re-download them. Probably waiting until the next update would work too.
  13. Wow, that's very interesting, thank you for that! We will look into what CCleaner does here. Stupid CCleaner, deleting others' files at random :/
  14. Swandog46

    v1.0.20 blocking all file downloads

    Thanks @nukecad for confirming. No idea what happened, as we didn't change anything in 1.0.21 related to that functionality. Anyway, if you have further issues please let @rakeshsejwal know. Thanks!
  15. Swandog46

    v1.0.20 blocking all file downloads

    Version 1.0.21 posted, which fixes the bug @pal1000 found.

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