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  1. It's not blocked here... what version of the extension?
  2. Swandog46

    /g00/ adware injection

    the Malwarebytes for Chrome browser extension
  3. Swandog46

    false blocking

    This was fixed earlier this morning. Close and reopen your browser and it should pick up the fixed database. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. This was fixed earlier this morning. Close and reopen your browser and it should pick up the new database that fixes this. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. Should now be fixed, whenever the extension next picks up updates. If you want to force that to happen ASAP, close and reopen your browser. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Working on it. We just observed the same.
  7. Swandog46

    /g00/ adware injection

    @BreadmanYan, can you please update to version 1.0.30 (and clear your cookies) and let us know if all of these are blocked correctly now? Thanks!!
  8. Swandog46

    excessive browser.cache.disk.capacity

    No worries, and thanks for your detective work!
  9. Swandog46

    excessive browser.cache.disk.capacity

    Definitely not wasting our time, don't worry. For what it's worth, I just installed Firefox fresh and about:config showed a modified browser.cache.disk.capacity (to your same value 1048576), and that was without any extensions installed at all and a completely fresh install of the browser. Not sure what's causing it, but I'm pretty sure it's not us...
  10. Swandog46

    excessive browser.cache.disk.capacity

    We are not setting any browser-wide settings, no cache size setting, nothing. The extension uses about 5 MB of disk space to store its internal data files, but that is not in the browser cache (which is reserved for website data), it's in a dedicated database that the browser allocates to the extension. (You can see the files under AppData, I forget exactly where it's located for Firefox, but for Chrome it's under a folder called IndexedDB.) What made you think that setting is being changed by our extension?
  11. Swandog46

    /g00/ adware injection

    We're working on handling this particular piece of ad crap in the next version of our browser extension.
  12. Swandog46

    MalwareBytes Extension random opened 20+ tab

    I'm a bit mystified to be honest. @dominik_1kyu, does the issue still happen if you disable all your other Chrome plugins and extensions? Thanks for helping us try to figure this out!
  13. Swandog46

    FP Virustotal.com

    Well, let us know if you can reproduce the issue further please. Thanks!
  14. Swandog46

    FP Virustotal.com

    Is it possible you were still affected by the CCleaner bug at this time? None of those sites are detected here.
  15. Unfortunately I can't help with that, nor would I recommend their product, all I can tell you is that they say they've fixed the bug you identified in this thread, where they corrupted our extension....

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