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  1. If I may, 'repair' and 'remove' are generally interchangeable... also people may want to leave something if its detecting a false positive... basically something that isn't actually bad or harmful. No program is perfect and sometimes may detect perfectly fine files... however this is hardly the case probably less than 1% of the time. Hopefully Samuel can add more to help you understand. edit: Samuel beat me to posting this ... sorry I'm late.
  2. The service tag is a 7 digit number and letter combo on the bottom and it should say service tag somewhere on it.
  3. I would think porting it would not be the problem. It seems from the outside looking in, the malwarebytes team would have to start over on many aspects due to the file structure and way the Mac OS works. Which is my best guest as why there isn't a Mac version because their isn't a big enough threat yet to justify the time it would take to develop. Thoughts?
  4. Also NEVER remove a battery on a laptop while its running. Just hold down the power button for 5 seconds or so. They are not hot swappable and you can easily damage both the computer and the battery by removing it. But as mystery said let the the other topic of yours get resolved before doing anything else. edit: if its plugged in sometimes you could probably get away with taking a battery out but I still highly discourage it, not only could it be harmful but you will get a lot less life out of your battery.
  5. Another note on the memory for your current computer is that you may not notice any difference at all just because of the speed of the processor. You could easily spend $50-$100 on memory and once its installed realize you basically wasted your money. I've seen this to be the case in many situations.
  6. I would try this first from Dell's support page here It is their diagnostic tool. Click the link under the words 'Hard Drive' and follow the instructions under that link.
  7. This definitely sounds like either a BIOS issue or a hardware issue... my computer used to do something similar (its an Asus) and updating the BIOS cured it. If that doesn't fix it I would check to see if your hard drive is possibly going bad.
  8. Well I did Exile in that area but the program found them all and now none are there. And I'm the same way I always prefer open source stuff and portable versions. They always seem to be more straight forward and simply work better...
  9. From my experience with those models (my work uses Dell laptops more specially D600's (D610, D620, D630, and now E6400's)) the screen is to big and the memory may be different the drive may not fit properly either... so really I would say its not very compatible...
  10. So I ran that program Exile and put the term 'Windows' in the ignore list and it seems to have done a wonderful job. No errors and so far every thing looks good. Thanks!
  11. First Thank you Exile, I'll have a look... also guys Revo is not what I'm looking for... its not useful for things that are already uninstalled unless I'm just completely mistaken...
  12. If your iPod can't be infected then it can't transfer over with iTunes. I wouldn't worry about it. If you never went to the website (Beyond the warning screen) then you have no chance of infection.
  13. Well yes I could manually go through every path on my harddrive... but I don't have that kind of time. Thats why I want to know if there is any program out there. Leaving them there becomes annoying to me, I don't want to see whats not on my computer when I'm looking through it, I want to just see things that are necessary and make it look nicer Revo Uninstaller doesn't really do what I'm asking... Also My registry is fine and this has nothing to do with that.
  14. While I don't have any physical evidence. My mother had an XP machine with SP1 on it and well a lot of other junk. Lets say it was not the fastest of machines to begin with but with all of the things that were on it (not talking about any malware or viruses) it was one of the slowest machines I have ever used. After uninstalling a bunch of programs I noticed a slight improvement but not a lot... after running the registry cleaner in CCleaner... I noticed drastic improvement. So really the only way I can see people noticing a lot of improvement is in these cases.. old machines with a lot of junk programs that add lots of unneeded registry entries. But like you said I don't have any actual data but there is no doubt in my mind that it will significantly help many machines. And I imagine this is why many people recommend using them.
  15. I've had my computer for a little over a year now and I notice more and more empty folders created by programs that are either still there or uninstalled. Is there a good program or way to browse all of these and choose what to delete? I use CCleaner but that doesn't do what I am asking. Also any Windows built in Utility is not capable of what I am asking to my knowledge... Also I know Advanced SystemCare sort of does what I am asking but I am highly skeptical of using it. So any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks (OS Windows 7 64bit Home Premium)
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