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  1. Thank you for the information. I will try this and report back tomorrow.
  2. I recently reinstalled the Operating System on a Dell Latitude E6400. I appreciate the help I received from the forum. I am now wondering if I could have done it differently. The drive had been divided into C and D partitions. The C partition was a 100mb partition that said "system reserved". The old operation system was on D partition. I considered changing the partition to make the drive just one partition © and install XP on it. However, I got a warning that removing the stuff on C drive would make the computer not boot until I installed XP, so I got cold feet and installed XP on the D drive partition. Now when I install the drivers and apps, they default to install on the C partition which obviously has no space so I have to change the destination on everything. I am wondering what this 100mb partition is all about and what is its benefit. I am also wondering if I could just create on partition and install XP on it like I have done with other laptops and whether it would work fine. I hope someone understands this and can explain it to me. Thank you
  3. Thank you so much for this link. When I looked it up, I could only find drivers for Vista. Maybe, I was on the Canadian Dell site. I have now successfully reformated the hard drive and installed XP. Just need to now install the drivers. Thanks so much for the help. If I run into anymore problems, I will post again.
  4. Just to clarify. The computer in my signature is not the computer in question. The Dell E6400 has a Intel Dual 2.53 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Would that run Vista OK?
  5. Thank you for the information and help. I have the activation code for the XP disc. But, you are saying that this might not work on the laptop, right.
  6. I have a Dell laptop that has Vista on it. There is a problem with the computer so I need to remove the operating system and reinstall it. I no longer have the Vista disc so I will have to use an XP disc. I am wondering if XP will work OK on the laptop. Dell only has drivers for Vista on their website. I am wondering if these drivers are likely to work with XP. Thank you.
  7. GT500, I use Firefox with the extension AdBan 2.3.1 because it claims to be the fastest adblocker. Have you ever tried it? Do you think that AdblockPlus is better and faster?
  8. This is great information. Now, I am wondering if AdvertBan is slowing down my browsing.
  9. I thought Exile 360 said that you have to disable DNS in order for the host file to work.
  10. Very interesting issues and discussion. Since I have an older computer and dialup internet, it might just over load the system. I sure don't want to compromise performance as I have little margin here. I don't suppose there is anyone around that still uses dialup that could advise me. I may just try it. Is it relatively easy to setup and disable if it doesn't work well.
  11. Thanks again. Do you use the MVPS hosts or do you recommend another. In terms of procedure, would I install the MVPS Hosts first (do I just click on the file and it installs. Then the HostMan and Hosts Server component. I am a novice. BTW--The Post button isn't working at the bottom of the page--I have to go to MoreReplyOptions to get it to post.
  12. Thanks for the information. So, there are no drawbacks?
  13. I am wondering if MVPS Hosts and HostsMan are recommended to increase security and improve internet browsing speed. I am on dialup internet. Are there any disadvantages in using these?
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