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  1. Thank you for your reply, but It attend my needs better the actual installer. I can run it quickly without mouse clicks and waste of time to install and uninstall it. Anyway It is just to help other people. It's been 3 years since people start asking for a portable version of your software and I don't see why your company don't make it. It's so simple and it would help so many techs like me. I respect your position and I will not post my portable version. Regards, Jackson.
  2. Hi, I've made a portable version for my self and it wasn't very hard to make it, it works for Windows 7 without install and I am working on a XP version and it will be ready soon. I don't like to install and remove this software every time I have to remove virus for some of my friends computers so I've created a portable version that can be used on a pen drive for a quick system clean up. Moderator, If you allow me I can post the file here and you guys can check it, it's base on Self Extract RAR. Regards, Jackson.
  3. Hi All, I'm new here and I also am very interested in a portable version of this great malware removal. I've seen many posts about it and I didn't find a portable version anywhere, so I've created one for myself and if anybody is interested I can send by email or post a link somewhere here if the moderator allow me. It is working for windows 7 so far, didn't test on XP yet, but soon I will get test it and make it work... Basically you run a RAR self extract file and it will register dlls, create directories and you will be able to update the database before you scan a PC. Regards, Jackson Birschner
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