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Anti-Exploit blocking Word Documents

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Greetings, Please see if the following instructions correct the issue: Open Malwarebytes and Click on the small gear icon in the upper right of the main UI Select the Security tab

I try to apply all updates regularly but don't remember when the last program update was. Yesterday, I began having the same problem with all my excel spreadsheets in my OneDrive folder on my computer

Not only that, but penetration testing is a specialized activity utilizing specific types of applications and procedures; detecting pen testing attacks is not a function for protecting the system from

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Hi DarthVitrial,

Thanks for your post.

There is a very fine line between offering customers optimum security against threats while keeping the false detections as low as possible. Often as the threat landscape moves, this line needs to move as well to adapt. We have a Research team that looks out for threats and try to be proactive with our protection in our products before the malicious actors have a chance to exploit our customers.

I understand what you are saying, there is no doubt this was a false detection, however this block is not to say that Onedrive is causing a pen-testing attack, but the technique that we block here is something we have found in exploit penetration testing attacks before. We typically introduce new protection techniques in a non-default setting and closely monitor it and tweak it and then when we feel it has matured enough to be made default, we do so. Until then, we advise customers to turn it OFF if they run into issues.

Please do get back if you have any questions/concerns.

Thank you.


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Glad to know I am not the only one.   ALL of my data is on my drive, NOT on OneDrive.

I have the current version, and tried to open an existing WORD document on my hard drive., Got the notice Exploit blocked.  Tried opening WORD itself, got 3 notices.

The 3 Exploit X are WORD itself, and the Word Exploit is the document.

Decided to try EXCEL got the same result see attached.

I am turning off the Real Time Exploit protection as that enables me to open WORD and EXCEL.



Exploit 1.txt Exploit2.txt Exploit3.txt Word Exploit Download.txt Excel1.txt Excel2.txt Excel3.txt

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Please see if the following instructions correct the issue:

  • Open Malwarebytes and Click on the small gear icon in the upper right of the main UI
  • Select the Security tab
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Advanced settings button
  • Select the Application behavior protection tab
  • Click on the Restore Defaults button

Please let us know how it goes.


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So, when I opened the Security/Advanced Settings button it refused to let me continue until I turned back on Real Time Exploits, which I did.  I then clicked on the Advanced Settings button and then Application Behavior/Restore Defaults button -- and I should add I NEVER played in those settings. The Restore Defaults did absolutely zip, and I clicked on Apply, which appeared to be live.  I have no idea what occurred, the settings on the screen DID NOT change, however WORD and EXCEL now open correctly.  I also was able to open the WORD document that was originally blocked.

Thank you

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It's possible that the configuration file that controls the settings had been modified or corrupted somehow, possibly due to an issue during an update or during the upgrade to the latest version.  I've seen a lot of similar reports lately and I suspect that this is precisely why it keeps being reported because I don't believe that so many users have deliberately dug into Malwarebytes' settings to modify it from its defaults, and your report about nothing appearing to change in the UI and that you never messed with it would seem to confirm my suspicions.

Thank you for the confirmation; I will be sure to report your experiences to the Product team for analysis.

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I tried that solution previously, as I saw it advised in the other thread I mentioned. BUT... I noted that when I clicked the Restore Defaults option there were NO changes to my settings - which is really not surprising I as I have NEVER made any changes myself to the software's default settings. So it seems to me that this still points to a bug in a recent update.

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