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  1. Dont have sufficient time to waste further on this issue today as per your request above, but suffice to say that as just posted at I'm told that Malwarebytes are already aware of this bug. I'm reassured by this, so it will hopefully be resolved in an upcoming update. For my part clicking the restore defaults button and restarting the app fixed the issue for me.
  2. Good to know. Thanks very much for your input and advice on this matter.
  3. You may well be right. As I said I DID use the Restore Defualts option. I did not try opening my spreadsheeet right away after that, but instead closed and restarted Malwarebytes - and after that it allowed my spreadsheet to open OK. So perhaps the Restore option was what fixed it. Either way it seems clear that a recent update introduced a bug, so it's disappointing that nobody from Malwarebytes has so far acknowledged this.
  4. I tried that solution previously, as I saw it advised in the other thread I mentioned. BUT... I noted that when I clicked the Restore Defaults option there were NO changes to my settings - which is really not surprising I as I have NEVER made any changes myself to the software's default settings. So it seems to me that this still points to a bug in a recent update.
  5. In case it's relevant, I today encountered similar problem as the OP when opening a Microsft Excel spreadsheet. A restart of the Malwarebytes app fixed it. For full explanation of my own issue see: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/264962-application-behavior-protection-suddenly-blocking-my-excel-documents/
  6. I'm running Malwarebytes Premium version on my Windows 10 PC. Today I tried to open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which is saved on my Microsoft OneDrive and my own PC. Malwarebytes Premium blocked it with a warning about it having been blocked by the Application Behaviour Protection layer and in the Protection Technique is states "Exploit payload macro process blocked". I have attached a txt version of the alert. The spreadsheet I was opening was created by myself years ago but I regularly update it (again it is only updated by myself) so I could not understand this. I did a search o
  7. Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. By the way, I did not receive an email notification of your comment - even though the board/ my account settings are set to notify me whenever there's a comment on this thread. I have checked my spam filtering since yesterday and no sign of a notification there either - so perhaps worth you checking to see if there's a bug with the automated notifications.
  8. I have a hosting account with one of the major hosting providers in the UK – https://www.vidahost.com/. I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for many years without problems relating to this host. However, in recent weeks I have noticed that the standard URL for my host's "Website preview" option (i.e. for use to preview website prior to transfer and propagation from old host) is always rejected by Malwarebytes Premium when I try to access it via my web browser. For example today I added a domain wsmprinting.com and have enabled the website preview option in the Cloud Control Panel, which it
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