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  1. Thanks for your report, Virginia!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. The inconsistent nature makes it a bit more challenging to identify the problem and to begin to formulate a possible solution. I've sent you a Private Message.
  3. Hi Virginia. Can you tell us exactly which games you're seeing the issue with please? Is it always the same game, or is it random? It looks like you say it can happen during an attempt to launch a game, install a game, or upgrade a game, is that correct? I've been trying to reproduce this with several of the free games on the Big Fish platform, but I've not seen any issue. If this is something you can reproduce even somewhat reliably, I'd like to request some additional diagnostic info. Please let me know.
  4. tetonbob

    Nomadesk quarantined as ransomware

    Great, thanks for your report. Please do let us know if this same file version gets detected again. It should not.
  5. tetonbob

    Nomadesk quarantined as ransomware

    Yes, it should no longer be detected, even if you remove the exclusion for it. That being said, it's not harmful to keep it in the exclusions list.
  6. tetonbob

    32 bit mbam 3

    For others who may read this topic.... For XP and Vista, you'll need to use the legacy installer: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_legacy See:
  7. tetonbob

    Nomadesk quarantined as ransomware

    Thank you for the file. So even after Rich's post above you were still seeing a detection on the same version of NomadeskClient.exe ?
  8. tetonbob

    Nomadesk quarantined as ransomware

    Hello, duginov Can you see if this file exists, and attach it if it does? C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\ArwDetections\3b2ba044-9805-11e8-8f9f-001fbc08959f.json Thanks.
  9. tetonbob

    FreeCommander tagged as ransomware

    Hi @Clutch Cargo - thanks for your report. This has already been fixed as a false positive and should no longer be detected. To restore function to the file, temporarily disable the Ransomware Protection, and then re-enable it. That should free it up for use.
  10. tetonbob

    MbamChameleon.sy caused BSOD

    If it were a complete memory dump, it would be located at C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP You'd need to copy it from that directory to your desktop before being able to zip. It would likely be too large to attach to a forum post, you could use an upload site such as wetransfer.com and then provide the link to @dcollins or myself via a reply here, or a Private Message. It's possible it's not a complete dump, but a minidump in which case it would be located at C:\Windows\minidump
  11. Hello again, @AnandaT We believe this issue is related to similar reported issues with the Web Protection, for which we believe we have a fix in our upcoming release. The specific date of that release is yet to be determined, but it's currently undergoing internal testing.
  12. Hello. Thanks for confirming. Let me confer with my colleagues.
  13. Greetings, @AnandaT - If you disable Web Protection only, does that provide a workaround for you?
  14. tetonbob

    Movefile Error code 183

    Great, thanks for the followup, Bill! And for your patience.
  15. My apologies, mb2003. I did overlook your original comment about this particular issue being related to the Web Protection. We are aware of a similar issue as well, unfortunately it's still under investigation and did not make it into this latest release. I've been able to reproduce this issue, and will let our engineers know so they can include this program in the investigation. For now the only workaround we can suggest is to disable Web Protection while the affected application is checking for updates.

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