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  1. Chrome is my default. I never use anything else. No plugins.
  2. So, when I opened the Security/Advanced Settings button it refused to let me continue until I turned back on Real Time Exploits, which I did. I then clicked on the Advanced Settings button and then Application Behavior/Restore Defaults button -- and I should add I NEVER played in those settings. The Restore Defaults did absolutely zip, and I clicked on Apply, which appeared to be live. I have no idea what occurred, the settings on the screen DID NOT change, however WORD and EXCEL now open correctly. I also was able to open the WORD document that was originally blocked. Thank you
  3. Glad to know I am not the only one. ALL of my data is on my drive, NOT on OneDrive. I have the current version, and tried to open an existing WORD document on my hard drive., Got the notice Exploit blocked. Tried opening WORD itself, got 3 notices. The 3 Exploit X are WORD itself, and the Word Exploit is the document. Decided to try EXCEL got the same result see attached. I am turning off the Real Time Exploit protection as that enables me to open WORD and EXCEL. Exploit 1.txt Exploit2.txt Exploit3.txt Word Exploit Download.txt Excel1.txt Excel2.txt Excel3.txt
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