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  1. I have noticed the issue seems to trigger whenever a form is running in any web browser at the same time you try to open or save documents. Perhaps this is a bug with Office?
  2. Sorry for the delay. I installed Avast yesterday, but the application crashes every time I try to add another program to the Allow List, even when MBAM isn't running. The whole system also GSODed again a few minutes ago, with the Ndu.sys error... As I say, though I left the Windows 10 Insider program, the current version I'm running is still a preview build. The crashes could indicate it no loger like this version, or simply the newest MBAM and Avast versions don't like to run together with this laptop's hardware. For now I am uninstalling Avast until I can get to around to doing a wipe of the drives for a clean, non-preview Windows build.
  3. Whilst I have yet to reinstall Avast, I have had no GSODs as yet. It could be certain files in the Window 10 Preview build didn't like both programs installed, but with the TEMP files now deleted, I hope this is resolved. Tomorrow I will install Avast to prove that.
  4. Using virustotal, I can confirm these files are indeed false-positives... They were cited by MBAM's machine learning AI, so it would suggest certain old builds of Windows 10 may incorrectly flag as malware.
  5. I've been running MBAM since Saturday, and have identifed three items of contention in a scan today. However, since these are located in a Windows subfolder (and the subject of multiple false-positives with other AV programs recently), I need confirmation of whether they are, in fact, malware. I've attached the Quarantine Log of these files for review. mbam log 31 Aug 2020.txt
  6. I apologise for the long delay in replying. I can confirm all temp folders were purged this time, and have attached the fixlog. If there are no objections after your review of this, I will reinstall MBAM for a few days before adding Avast. Fixlog.txt
  7. Due to power issues from a heatwave, I will be trying the fix hopefully tomorrow.
  8. I also have a record of what happened from the Event Viewer when I tried to fix, so can send you that, if you wish.
  9. So something weird happened with FRST - the moment I pressed "Fix" the system crash-booted. From what I can tell no changes were made, as all the temporary files are still present... all important files are backed up, so I am willing to scan with FRST and send new logs to create a new fixlist and try again. Alternatively, I am prepared to simply do a completely clean install of windows, wiping the drives. I await your decision.
  10. Didn't find any issues with memtest86, so it's not the RAM. I've actually only played launcher-based games and no internet browsing since removing Avast and MBAM, as I've found Defender is useless at keeping systems protected. I've had no crashes (so far), but I only started this testing yesterday without those two suites. I am, therefore, attaching the latest FRST and Addition logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Before I do anything, I wanted to upload a minidump that has been recorded - you can find it at the link below: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgABmHnmplMxgmMZ9oXSVxgzNAJe?e=Xna5l8 I also intend to run memtest86 before doing what you suggest, in case it is a RAM issue that Windows 10 has missed.
  12. The Kernel Dump deleted itself... again. My only recourse now is to download the newest Windows 10 build as an ISO (USB refused) and hope installing that can fix it. If it can't, that's almost £3000 worth of hardware I don't know how to repair.
  13. So I was going to upload a Kernel Dump created just now, but they still seem to be erased whenever Windows 10 fully reloads. Fortunately I have discovered another function of Windows 10, SilentCleanup, was the culprit purging them... until this issue is resolved I have disabled it, so the next Kernel Dump (fingers crossed) should help figure out what's happening. However, it could be something simple I've overlooked - though I'm not on Windows Insider Previews now, I was previously. I am, therefore, downloading a fresh, standard version of Windows 10 with the MCT in case I just need to replace the current build.
  14. I have, but in some instances it still does so, or simply erases the dumps alogether. This is a laptop and, when I purchased it (a month before RTX laptops launched), I thought I would only need 500GB M.2 SSD for the OS and 2TB for storage, because a 1TB OS drive at that time was 4x as expensive... unfortunately this is making my problem harder. This is the most advanced system I have, and I don't have much money right now to fix it, should this turn out to be a hardware issue.
  15. Since we last spoke, I haven't experienced a single crash with the ndu.sys until today. When it occurred, I found Malware and Ransomware protection had turned themselves off, where I turned them on. A few minutes later, they turned off again. After downloading an update to MBAM, I then tried to turn on both shields a second time, which caused a GSOD (green screen of death) with the ndu.sys file listed, and "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" – interestingly, however, I am NOT running a Windows 10 Preview Build. In the process of planning to upload the Kernel dump to OneDrive for review, my system froze again, where upon reset it was deleted. I am also, periodically, receiving “unable to connect to license server” errors, even though I am still connected to the internet… I have, therefore, uploaded the FRST and Addition files to this post; note these wouldn’t create on Desktop, so were saved to my storage drive. I have further changed the destination of the Kernel dump to my storage drive, When I experience another crash, I will provide a link. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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