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pdf User Guide for Windows?

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My Malwarebytes Premium updated to today to V3.0.5.1299.  My attention was also directed to a User Guide but when I looked a pdf was available ONLY for Mac and Mobile users.  Windows users were directed to your web site to view via HTML?  Since I am often in a situation where internet access is either not available or chargeable then I would prefer a pdf.  Accordingly, where can I get a pdf User Guide for Windows?

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This is unacceptable. You've already taken my money for the product. You have made PDFs available for Mac and Mobile users. You have a version 3 guide only as an html.

I paid for Malwarebytes Premium version 3, and so far there is no manual available to me in the most usable, searchable PDF format so that I can effectively use the product I paid for.

Get with it guys.

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As the guy who writes these guides, I share your feelings and your opinions.  I was directed to create only a HTML guide, and in spite of being a royal PITA, I didn't win the argument to create a PDF version.  Some people like them as a reference.  Some need them to study while on a internet-less flight.  Some lose their internet and have no way to get help unless they already have it in front of them.  I will direct my manager to look at this thread.  That does not guarantee anything other than I am being your advocate.  I WILL try.

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1 minute ago, gonzo said:

I had the help of a lot of customers who were requesting it.  Otherwise it would not have happened.

I don't really see why the customers had to request it, it should have been automatic like with most software out there.

Documentation as well as a proper in-install / cleanup tool should have been released at the same time as the product launch. IMO

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