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  1. It should be OK within the next hour. If not, please let us know.
  2. Website just tested OK with VirusTotal, so I added it to the whitelist. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Added to whitelist. Please give it an hour to propagate. Thanks!
  4. Blocks that @rakka adds are just for the browser extension. I have flagged @MysteryFCM here so that he can read this thread and check what is happening for the browsers themselves.
  5. I just went to the site using Chrome with the browser extension turned on, so it looks like someone added it to the whitelist but didn't say anything. Should be good now.
  6. I just verified the block in Chrome, and then checked the URL you provided at VirusTotal.com. It is currently being detected as MALICIOUS or PHISHING by 8 different security products.
  7. Added to whitelist. Please give it an hour or so and it should be accessible.
  8. Added to the whitelist. Should be accessible within the hour.
  9. Your site was just added to the whitelist. It should be accessible within the hour.
  10. I just whitelisted it now, so give it an hour or so and it should be fine. Thanks for letting us know.
  11. Just checked it now. With no special voodoo or secret sauce, I got to the website as planned. Should be good for you too.
  12. OK. We verified that the block was removed from one reference, but not on another. I just made a whitelist entry for memecode.com on that one. Give it a little while to allow the database to propagate out. Report back later on to let me/us know if its handled properly now.
  13. Yes, it is risky. Malware evolves, and becomes more dangerous. The protection against that malware evolves too. If you don't upgrade to newer technology, you are daring someone to take a shot at you. Eventually, they will.
  14. Verified your VirusTotal findings and updated the whitelist. Please allow an hour or so, and report back if there are any remaining issues. Thanks!
  15. Give it an hour or so, try again, and please report back. I want to see if I fixed it properly (just not sure yet). Thanks!
  16. I am seeing no problems with outdoorpainter.com. If it is a link from this page (or content on this page that leads elsewhere), please specify. I added actingtogether.org to the whitelist after verifying cleanliness. Give it an hour or so to propagate out.
  17. I have been able to access the site and listen to music streams (I liked it too!) with no issues. I asked questions internally to find possible causes why it is blocked for you and not for me. I have not yet received a response. I will pursue it further.
  18. Just pushed out an update. Give it an hour or so to propagate.
  19. I verified that they are both still blocked. Passed word on to @rakka to get his attention.
  20. I verified the block, did the download, tested it, and have passed your request on to the Whitelist Masters. Reply should be forthcoming after they notice the request.
  21. I will pass your request on. (Waiting for authority to do it myself). Sorry for delay in responding.
  22. Glad Zack Wylde got added to this list. I'll throw a few in too... Roy Clark (so much more than just Hee Haw) Les Paul (put magnetic pickups on a guitar and look what happened) Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, solo) Carlos Santana Al DiMeola (Return to Forever, Go, solo, speed AND precision) Rodrigo y Gabriela (both of them..listen! you will be amazed) Albert King (where SRV got his style) Jimi Michael Bloomfield (made Chicago Blues popular in the 60s) Eddie Van Halen Steve Vai Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Gamma, dozens of video game soundtracks,a relatively unknown genius)
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