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  1. I verified the block, did the download, tested it, and have passed your request on to the Whitelist Masters. Reply should be forthcoming after they notice the request.
  2. I will pass your request on. (Waiting for authority to do it myself). Sorry for delay in responding.
  3. Glad Zack Wylde got added to this list. I'll throw a few in too... Roy Clark (so much more than just Hee Haw) Les Paul (put magnetic pickups on a guitar and look what happened) Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, solo) Carlos Santana Al DiMeola (Return to Forever, Go, solo, speed AND precision) Rodrigo y Gabriela (both of them..listen! you will be amazed) Albert King (where SRV got his style) Jimi Michael Bloomfield (made Chicago Blues popular in the 60s) Eddie Van Halen Steve Vai Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Gamma, dozens of video game soundtracks,a relatively unknown genius)
  4. I find the title bar for the program itself interesting...Malwarebytes UNDEFINED 3.7.1? Something is definitely wrong there. It should be defined as Free or Premium or Trial (not sure of the exact wording on the last one).
  5. If you put ten years worth of work and effort into your idea and hoped that it would provide for you in the future, you would be very much in favor of patents and copyrights. You won't be able to pay your bills with good reviews.
  6. Yes. Patent applications contain information on methods, logic and processes, but do not contain source code. If you ever read one, its amazing that anyone can make a damned bit of sense of what they are really about. Several
  7. Try this: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Windows_Server_Administration I did a Google search on "Windows Server Fundamentals". There were lots of paid classes available, but this one looks like it might be free.
  8. You cannot prevent what you have not detected. Detection is done by scanning data, looking for specific data, patterns, regular expressions, data substitution that conforms to patterns, and basically anything that tells a bad guy that something good may be just waiting to be discovered. It is similar to scanning for malware, just that you have specific targets in mind (charge card numbers, social security numbers, drivers licenses, etc.).
  9. I deleted all of your duplicate posts and left this one untouched so that you can get proper assistance.
  10. Clickbait warning before I can even get to the website. Its the only sure fire way to know that the Illuminati are not conspiring with the Bildeburgers to take over the world as we know it. Short answer -- beer was good and experience was not. No problems on the known-good website. Please remove the warning.
  11. Have you looked at the Admin Guide yet? I just opened it to see if it offered anything of value to you. Page 41 shows how to use files/folders with wildcards. I have not tried this myself, but it appears that if everyone has the file on their drive C:, you should be able to use something like: c:\*\xxxx.exe If that file could be one level deeper, you would need to add an entry for that, as I expect that the "*" would only serve that depth in the directory structure. Try that and see if it helps.
  12. I have to assume Windows, since that's the only one I have in front of me. Click on MY ACCOUNT (upper blue panel). A new window will open showing you your license key. Write it down!!! Look for the Deactivate License button at the bottom right. Click it. You may be asked to confirm. If so, do it. You will revert to free on that machine. Your license is now available to use on another machine. On that other machine, install the free version, then activate it using the same license key that was on the machine you deactivated from.
  13. If you use it at home, select HOME. I don't know if it will launch into ex-wife mode if you're coming in from a work network. It has been tested to help us to get people using the right version for where they are using Malwarebytes at. Imagine the admin running a domain with 12000 (pulled out of the air) users and he is trying to deploy one of our business products. He finds out through trial and error that 855 (again, out of the air) are using a home product in a work environment. He is (#1) responsible for license compliance and he is definitely out there, so he cab get his knuckles rapped by his boss, and (#2) he will have to jump through extra hoops to do that deployment. In the meantime, you want access to something critical and he is busy taking care of the confusion caused by the wrong software. That's a big one we are trying to fix. It starts with awareness of the issue, for us and for you.
  14. On rare occasions, people actually read license agreements. We have consumer products for consumers and business products for businesses. Using a consumer product in a business environment is against the license agreement, and in many cases, a business user could be served better by a business product. At the low end of the spectrum, they are the same whether it be business or consumer. Business offers a number of different options above and beyond what is offered in the consumer product. We actually have hundreds of business customers who have had issues with employees installing consumer products on their work computers and causing a lot of extra work for them. The right protection creates the right results, and we are trying to get the message out.
  15. I can't speak for future plans, unfortunately. But having worked in the past for a company that focused on DLP, much of what we did then had little to do with detection or remediation of malware. Obviously, any malware that can expose information on your computer/network is a risk which we do go after with all of our products. At the same time, much of DLP comes down to your apps, their storage methods, your ancillary storage methods and the method of transport between your storage or I/O devices and the apps which will use them. I was going to write something very profound and realized that I was making it too hard to understand, so thank Bubba for the delete key. Many users store confidential information out in the open, and if the computer CAN be breached, it eventually WILL be breached. Humans are always the weakest link in the chain. Malwarebytes can and will provide excellent protection for your systems, but its always a cat and mouse game. If you shift the responsibility to someone else to protect you 100% of the time, you will eventually pay for that choice. You can choose to be your best friend or your worst enemy. Having worked at that company taught me a lot about how I nonchalantly exposed things that could have cost me dearly. I didn't mean to climb on a soapbox here, but it actually could have been much longer. Going back to where I started, several people have requested Malwarebytes to create a product focused on DLP. As a rule, we do not speak of anything we are developing until it is at a place where we can feel comfortable about doing so, and that is usually nearing release of a product. It builds anticipation as well as expectations. That can be a good thing, and also a bad thing. I honestly don't know of anything DLP-related here, nor have I asked. I'm just trying to give you a thoughtful answer.
  16. I was typing as the previous response was entered. @exile360 is correct. The version you asked about is listed under MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWARE MOBILE. It is far beyond end-of-life, and is no longer supported. As the number of users dwindles so low that the extra efforts required to support those few along with the lion's share of the audience, support for much older versions of Android may be discontinued. I do not have any specifics on which ones or when, but it has happened in the past. It will likely continue to happen in the future.
  17. You can run them together, though you may need to set exclusions on each so that they do not interfere. They may also get along just fine. A virus is a type of malware, and is generally obsolete. Modern attacks rarely use them anymore. Instead they rely on exploits and people letting their guard down and not protecting themselves properly. Think of malware as the umbrella. A virus fits under the umbrella, as does an exploit. Anti-virus programs have always depended on signatures, which take more and more storage, and testing data against the signatures takes more and more of your computer's horsepower away from you. Malwarebytes' newer technologies rely more on detection of exploits and providing protection against them. There are an infinite number of things to protect against, but all of them need a way in to your computer for an attack to succeed. You block the pathways, and you block the attack. That is a strength of Malwarebytes.
  18. Malwarebytes approaches ransomware from several different angles at the same time. If you are seeing anything detected by Malwarebytes (which it sounds like you are from your description), its because we are not labeling detections generically as ransomware. That is the end result, but it relies on several different types of attacks to achieve its goal. If you block the other attacks, you also block the result from occurring.
  19. America eats its young, one byte at a time.
  20. Looks like he replied to your other topic on the same subject.
  21. I checked with our guy who wrote the code, and he said there is not a way to do what you requested. He also said he would respond to this thread himself tonight or tomorrow..
  22. Make a posting in The False Positives forum on this website, listing the URL(s) and IP. The researchers will check it out, and if they concur, you'll be removed from the list. They do their best, but there are so many that have become infected over time that removing them from the "bad guy list" ends up requiring a process like this. They're quick AND fair.
  23. I checked in with Support and was told someone has/is/will be reaching out to you shortly. Have you seen the following excerpt (from page 6 of the Best Practices Guide)? Managed Client Installation with WMI Depending on permissions settings on a target endpoint, you may encounter the following error message during a push install. RPC server is unavailable. Please allow WMI through Windows Firewall. If this occurs, open a command line window on the endpoint (as an administrator) and enter the following command: netsh firewall set service RemoteAdmin enable Installation should be able to continue as planned.
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