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  1. On my 1920x1080 display, Browser Guard takes up roughly 600 vertical pixels (or < 60%) on that same screen. Your friend should probably check his Windows display settings to see if he is using settings that cause magnification. I don't think its a Browser Guard issue, although life does throw surprises at me now and then. The devs may not be reading this board until Monday, so if I am wrong, report back and expect a delay in their response.
  2. The download link actually works if you give it time. If you don't want to wait, the first and last mirrors were blocked. I tested all and whitelisted those two. Should be fine within an hour.
  3. I just whitelisted the Canadian download link , which is the one she selected. Give it as long as an hour to propagate and it should be fine. If she's in a hurry, the alternate download link (right below the big red button she picked) works now. Adding to my response so I can answer your question. Browser Guard is new, and we are going to great lengths to protect you from you. Many download links are blocked, and when they are reported, we test them and if they are clean, we whitelist them. It was a false positive because we are still working this one out.
  4. gonzo

    False Positive

  5. A few vendors are flagging this site for phishing, per VirusTotal. You should check out any possible borderline material, and challenge the vendors on their findings if you find them erroneous. I have whitelisted it.
  6. Whitelisted just now. Give it a while to propagate out.
  7. I just picked three at random...no problems noted. Same setup as you.
  8. Blocked in Browser Guard as well.
  9. @gatortail This specifically required the "http://" prefix" as well as the "/" on the end. Whitelisting without those was ineffective.
  10. I did not find fuguhub.com to be blocked by BG. (Checked on both Chrome and Firefox). I did add a whitelist entry for the other two.
  11. Its working for you now? Its not for me.
  12. We seem to be having a problem with this one. Whitelisting is not working. I will escalate.
  13. The first site you brought up was blocked by our main product line, so a Browser Guard whitelist would not have helped. Browser Guard blocks are secondary to our main product blocks. The second one was primarily a fine-tuning issue (which we are improving on) AND people who did not use Browser Guard would not have been affected.
  14. I have a scheme in mind to do exactly that, but it may be for internal use only. Whether or not we go that direction, we are still in the process of fine-tuning Browser Guard and that will very likely result in changes for the better for both you and me. Then I can go back to dreams of taking over the world rather than nightmares about whitelisting. Its not a full-time job, but it does take time and attention away from other things on my plate.
  15. Both websites whitelisted in Browser Guard. Please allow as much as an hour for propagation of changes.
  16. We recommend that you contact the vendors to get them to change their status. Per our researchers, there was a phish present in hxxp://onshow.com.au/shop/ecobank. They also said it has been cleaned. I will add a whitelist entry, but you should still contact Avira and Kaspersky directly. Whitelist entry has been added. It takes an hour or so (max) to propagate out.
  17. This site is showing as a phishing site on VirusTotal. Status has improved since September tests, but it is still beyond the threshold of unblocking it. Sorry!
  18. It is being blocked by Malwarebytes main program as well as Browser Guard. I have requested a review by our researchers. If the primary block can be removed, I can then remove the Browser Guard block. Waiting.....
  19. There will be an intense meteor storm on the evening of November 21 (or morning of November 22, depending on where you are). It will only last 30-45 minutes and could produce meteors at the rate of 400 per hour. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/observing-news/intense-meteor-outburst-expected-alpha-monocerotids/ Should you be paying attention, also tune your FM radio to an empty frequency and turn up the volume a bit. You may be listening to FM radio stations from 500-800 miles away while the storm lasts. The meteor trails cause the atmosphere to ionize, allowing radio signals to bounce back to Earth. Works for lower-frequency TV channels as well. One of my insane hobbies, as is banging my head against table tops .
  20. The specified website has been verified as being blocked, then whitelisted. Please allow as much as an hour from now for propagation of the whitelist. If it is still blocked after that, please post a reply on this thread.
  21. Site is now whitelisted.
  22. The cause of the trojan is: vogons.org/download/file.php?id=20920
  23. gonzo


    Site has been whitelisted.
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