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Found 12 results

  1. I have brand new DELL computer. I've been using Google Chrome without a problem. Malwarebytes keeps popping up notification that free update should be installed. After I did it, Google Chrome is running very slow. And when I tried opening a PDF file, it would not open. And I keep getting this error message now (see attachment). I tried Microsoft Edge browser and that is working very quickly. I'm not a technical guy but can someone help me?
  2. Hi, Problem: “Convert to Searchable PDF” in SnanSnap Organizer for Fujitsu scanners fails with error 5 when beta is enabled. Temporarily disable protection, and the problem goes away. Exclusions don’t seem to help. OS: Windows 10 1709, 64-bit. Confirmed on a second PC. Investigation: I used ProcMon to identify the source of the error as SetRenameFileInformation() failing with ACCESS DENIED (Windows error 5). Then I identified the application causing this by a process of elimination. I found that the ScanSnap organizer runs OCR and adds the info to a copy of the original PDF. Then, if successful, it replaces the original with the updated copy. However something MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware is doing seems to be breaking the SetRenameFileInformation() internal Windows API for .PDF files, and several other file types such as .jpg, and .txt, but not for .docx, .htm, or random extensions such as .xxx. When protection is enabled, this API returns ACCESS DENIED for files with certain extensions. But when disabled, the API succeeds as expected. Fortunately I found that this problem can be reproed using the following simple batch file so you don’t need a Fujitsu scanner to work on this: @echo off echo Test > f1.pdf echo Test > f2.pdf echo ---------------- echo Moving PDFs will fail (access denied) if Anti-Ransomware protection is enabled, and succeed if disabled echo on move f1.pdf f2.pdf @echo off echo. echo ---------------- echo But many other file types are not affected anda move always succeeds echo Test > f1.xxx echo Test > f2.xxx echo on move f1.xxx f2.xxx Note that when the above move fails, the del command will delete the destination file. So I know this isn't a problem with permissions or a file being locked in memory. I suspect this problem may break other software as well. Thanks. This is the first problem I’ve had since the very early beta. I really like your program. Others nag me with false positives, but this seems much smarter.
  3. My Malwarebytes Premium updated to today to V3.0.5.1299. My attention was also directed to a User Guide but when I looked a pdf was available ONLY for Mac and Mobile users. Windows users were directed to your web site to view via HTML? Since I am often in a situation where internet access is either not available or chargeable then I would prefer a pdf. Accordingly, where can I get a pdf User Guide for Windows?
  4. Hi, I'm quite new to this forum. Originally I'm a mac/linux user. Today one of my friends asked me for help. I spent all the day searching and researching. We even tried Avast antivirus, but no success. They have a Windows server 2008 in their small office and have a bunch of files shared on it. Since this morning, all word, excel and pdf files are opened and saved. Last modified date time of them shows that. Their extensions remained unchanged. When trying to open them on any of workstations (Windows 7) a message received saying that file encoding has changed. We even tried to upload them into Google drive and open them using cloud based software. Again unsuccessful. I also tried to use 'open and repair' in Microsoft Word. It didn't work too. Errors screenshots are attached. Thank you for your help in advance!
  5. When I try to download a legitimate PDF file from the Microsoft Publications site, using the inbuilt PDF reader, as soon as I click the download button to invoke the actual Adobe Reader (to handle the download hand-off and read for proper save dialogue) I get a ROP error from MBAE and Chrome is forced to exit with a crash. Please advise. MBAE User folder attached. MWB_AE_USER_FOLDER.zip
  6. Windows 10 - I have Chrome browser set as default for displaying pdf files. With Anti-Exploit started (so Chrome is protected), if I try to print a displayed pdf, Chrome is automatically closed, supposedly to protect it. Why? I therefore have to stop Anti-Exploit every time I want to print a pdf, which is quite regularly. Is there a setting that allows me to print pdf files without stopping Anti-Exploit?
  7. Running Windows 10, IE and using Gmail. Attachment of a PDF file causes a "fingerprint" block. Must turn off Anti-Exploit to attach PDF in Gmail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Wayne
  8. I use the Tracker Software PDF-Xchange viewer. I have added the executable to the shield list however it also operates as a browser plug-in. Are there additional steps I should take to protect this aspect of its operation?
  9. Just as the reads. Oh, an FYI, Pale Moon (an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser forked-off from the Firefox/Mozilla source code, focusing on efficiency and ease of use) doesn't seem to like this forum. I can sign in, search and read threads here, but when it comes to actually posting or creating a new thread, it won't show the field to start typing. Why is that? Anyways, here are my attachments: FoxitUpdater.zip mbarwind-00.zip MBAMSERVICE.zip Ok sorry, there was another attachment which was the setup.exe of Foxit Reader, but it was to large. So I hope this enough.
  10. Hello, I read an old forum post (2009) saying: "We do not focus so much on vulnerabilities in third-party software, such as Adobe Acrobat, like the PDF exploits you mentioned. That is something that antivirus vendors are usually quite good at. However, we certainly do detect the payloads and remote code execution that such exploits lead to." Is this still true, or has MalwareBytes Anti-Malware changed meanwhile? I am interested to know about the free version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Is MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free capable of detecting malicious code inside PDF and Microsoft Office files, just by scanning them (before opening the files with the reader like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, etc.). Thanks.
  11. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocks the download of Iceni Infix PDF Editor. I used this tool in the past. It is still my #1 choice for PDF editing. I don't know what happened in the last 1-2 years that led to this. I don't recall it being bundled with crappy stuff. Steps to reproduce are in the attached video (compressed to zip). iceni.zip
  12. Hi everyone, First time poster here and I thought I'd see if anyone in this community has had to deal with a similar issue and recover from it. Let me just say that the malware that caused this issue has been removed and dealt with and is no longer an issue. It is the cleanup process that I'm interested in. One of the users on our corporate network received a zip file that contained some malware that slipped through our AV protection. He of course thought it was legitimate and opened it up and then realized his mistake. He noticed soon after that Word and PDF docs on his desktop became encoded and unreadable, with Word prompting for the proper encoding to display the file. Adobe Acrobat simply said the file was damaged. After discovering this, isolating the file and removing it, we also noticed that the malware had scanned a network drive and began changing files on this network drive. Thankfully we caught it and stopped it before it did a whole lot of damage. I've been able to restore most files from backups but there are some that we cannot restore and now have some unreadable files. The malware itself was detected as a "Trojan.dropper" but otherwise MBAM and McAfee AV gave no specific name. It was located in the following directories (win 7) and had the following file names C:\Users\UISER\AppData\Roaming\Ecyzz\dejiis.exe C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Eiswoijjkbddzp.exe The 2nd file ran as a background process and when attempting to Taskkill the open process by ID number, it prompted a message on screen with the famous line from the Terminator movie, "I'll be back." I laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny at the time (smart @$$ hacker). It also wrote entries to the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER in both the Run and RunOnce keys so that it would load on startup. With the process running, it would automatically recreate the registry entries if you tried to delete them. So that's the malware info. Now for the damage it did. At first I thought it might be one of those new Crypto viruses that encrypt files using high-level encryption and ask for a ransom to get the key to unlock all files. It's not one of those thankfully. This piece of malware actually changes the contents of Word and PDF files, changing the encoding to display in what looks to be Asian characters some kind, according to Google translate, its Korean. I can provide a plain-text sample if anyone wants to check it out. I can open the Word files in plain text by changing the encoding type, which shows the Asian characters. So the files are accessible only changed. What I wanted to know is: Has anyone experienced this type of malware before? Searching online has not yielded very much information. Does anyone have good method of recovering files like this and reverting them back to their original form or at least recovering the data? I'm looking at a few different types of software, but so far tests have not worked. My fear is that the actual text has been deleted and replaced but my hope was that it was just changed and may be possible to recover. I translated a document on Google translate, which told me the language was Korean but all it came back with was more symbols in the translation. Any tips or information you might have would be helpful. Thanks!
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