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  1. I am afraid that you are not alone in having this problem. Many people are awaiting a resolution.
  2. Many thanks Porthos. We all wish you luck and a speedy resolution to this issue.
  3. I fully understand that you would like a set of error logs. However, MB screws my system so that it simply does not work - i.e. I cannot peform any actions. It follows that no matter which logs you would like I am UNABLE to provide them because Windows is NOT working. I have restored Windows from an earlier image (Dec 2016) when MB was NOT installed so it follows that my current functioning Windows DOES NOT HAVE MB ERROR LOGS nor does it have any other logs between Dec 2016 and Feb 2017 when I installed the image. Moreover, please note that I am not prepared to reinstall MB again until thi
  4. I too have had all of the problems you describe. However, unlike you I could not revert to Version 2 and Windows 10 was running like pig and Office 365 simply would not function - no emails!! My only solution was to load a previous image which, thankfully, I had taken just before I upgraded to Malwarebytes V3. I am now back to a responsive error free Windows 10 and all of my Apps function very well. Malwarebytes asked me to reinstall V3 and then perform a series of tests and send them the results. Whilst their request sounds reasonable enough I had to decline because my PC simply would no
  5. Would you please note that the only way I could get my PC to work was to load a previous image. That image DID NOT have Malwarebytes installed therefore there are no Malwarebytes logs that I can obtain and send you. Moreover, if you think that all I need to do to install Malwarebytes and then send the logs, then please recognise that Malwarebyes completely screws my PC to the point that it is unworkable and I will have to restore a previous image again. In other words, I am currently unable to provide the information you request. My only solution is to wait for a flawless upgrade to Malwar
  6. Many thanks for your update and I am hopeful that you will be quickly successful in resolving this issue.
  7. Many thanks for your response and suggestions. I have done as you suggested but , regretably, it does not work. The install process fails to complete and the whole PC simply freezes and must be hard rebooted. ONce it has rebboted I can no longer run Control Panel (it simply reports "Not responding") to see if there are any error messages that I can provide. Thankfully I took a PC image immediately prior to following you instructions so that I can restore a workable PC. I think you can apprecaite that I am not at all happy with your suggestions so shall now abandom Malwarebytes until you are
  8. I am running Windows 10 Pro build 14986 and since Malwarebytes Pro V (hereinafter called MB) causes serious issues with Microsoft Office 365 (frequent crashes and very slow if it works). I decide to uninstall MB, reboot and then reinstall. I attempted to reinstall MB but received the following message: - A copy of the screen print is attached. I have tried installing MB v but that too creates exactly the same error message. Now I am unable to run any version of MB!!!!
  9. I too experinced these problems. Furthermore, I established that ALL of Microsoft Office 365 applications slow down considerably and my fall in productivity is accompanied by a great deal of frustration. It has been necessary to turn off Malwarebytes to regain performance.
  10. Since upgrading Malwarebytes Pro from v2.2.1.1043 to v3 I have experienced problems with Office 365 being very slow to start and frequently freezing. I have set up Exclusions in Malwarebytes and whilst Office 365 opens more quickly now it is still very slow compared to what it was lke under v2.2.1043. As a test I have shut down Malwarebytes Pro v3 and that eliminates the problem. I have timed how long it takes to open Excel with and without Malware bytes and here are the results: - Without Malwarebytes: 1.5 seconds With Malwarebytes: 12.7 seconds Presently I can
  11. My Malwarebytes Premium updated to today to V3.0.5.1299. My attention was also directed to a User Guide but when I looked a pdf was available ONLY for Mac and Mobile users. Windows users were directed to your web site to view via HTML? Since I am often in a situation where internet access is either not available or chargeable then I would prefer a pdf. Accordingly, where can I get a pdf User Guide for Windows?
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