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  1. True, and true. Its a trivial nuisance, though if you're not familiar with the program, it could be a cause for alarm. I'm sure its in the backlog as something to be fixed, but there's always the battle between prioritized bug fixes and new features (not counting unplanned problems). They'll get it fixed.
  2. An addition to what @Porthos said: If I don't use my computer for a day, I will get this warning at the very same time that it goes out to get updates. Irritating, but it usually comes out just fine.
  3. Your existing license should be transferred to the newly-updated version. You'll be fine.
  4. I just had to do one to see. I tried to go to a site which is blocked. Malwarebytes blocked it. I did not add an exclusion and the notification went away after a few seconds. Then I went to the system tray and clicked on the Malwarebytes icon. I had all of the program choices there as well as the opportunity to add an exclusion. It likely came and went while you were using uTorrent, and you became aware of the last one blocked by the notification you spotted.
  5. It would definitely have something to do with uTorrent. You would also get the same symptoms when using Skype. IP addresses that you connect to -- and those who connect to you -- may have some users who are "good guys" while other users are "bad guys". We block addresses because of known or suspected malicious activity. If you read the forums over time, you will also see some false positives due to turnover on ownership of the IPs...the bad guys are gone and someone new now has the address. The bottom line is that unless you know that each and every user attached to that IP is trustworthy, do not make an exclusion.
  6. If you did not use the Malwarebytes cleanup utility, you left residue behind. Read this post for more information about that utility.
  7. If you show processes from all users (not just you), you will see the additional memory that is taken up by processes being run by the system itself.
  8. Topic has been reopened at OP's request.
  9. The two Malwarebytes processes take roughly 265MB on a Windows 7 machine, and a bit more on a Windows 10 machine, and 50-70% more when a scan is in progress. If yours takes more, you might want to go over to the Malware Removal forum and see what they can do for you.
  10. Outside of apps, a more important thing for me is what browser plugins and history do I absolutely need. I have jumped through a million hoops to get browser histories from drives that no longer run my computer. I won't run them through Chrome because of the risk of propagating malware through profiles stored on cloud, so everything is though Firefox. Alas, my beer glass is empty. Probably a good thing!
  11. Jyuma, I will try to explain it to you, though this is an easy one to go in circles with. First, Customer Support cannot take care of this issue for you. Lack of response is not acceptable, but at the same time, @djacobson has responded to you here three times, and he is in Customer Support. It is entirely possible that because of that, it is not being paid attention to outside the forums. I am not in Customer Support, so I cannot say. They do try to do things via one method rather than trying to be everywhere at once. Now, to the issue at hand. You have bought the product...actually a subscription for a certain number of seats to use the product for one year. You want to add more seats. Malwarebytes cannot give you more seats...they must sell you a subscription for the additional seats. That is why Sales needs to be involved. You would NOT want to purchase another license, because then you would use license #1 or license #2 but cannot use both at the same time. Contacting Sales is the right thing -- and the only thing -- that can get you what you want. It is also possible that you may move from one pricing structure to another, giving you a better per seat price. I don't know, but Sales could tell you. Also, good near-future forecasting of the number of seats you will need may get you into a better price range too. If you send me a private message with the email address, company name, and contact information attached to your subscription, I can walk it over to Sales myself and try to help. Would that work for you?
  12. TextPad editor FastStone Image Viewer Foobar2000 Music Player LAME suite to support Foobar2000 Malwarebytes Firefox Skype VLC Video Player Anything else, I'll get around to. Its very hard to remember only one computer. Have always had at least 2 since 1981.
  13. As David H. Lipman said, you are asking a very generic question. I have multiple computers. I use each for different task groups, with a bit of overlap. On one, I would use Gmail and stay clear of questionable sites (thanks to profile malware propagation). The other may go multiple shady places, all on restorable VMs while the physical machine stays G-rated. Neither the physical nor the virtual ever sees a Google login to keep the environment clean. I could go on forever. What are you really looking for?
  14. As @AdvancedSetup said, our protection package did prevent it almost a week before it became known. Same for EternalRocks. Complex threats may require complex defenses, so make sure to use the full program (don't disable parts for convenience),