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  1. If you refer back to the quoted thread, you will see that it is a false positive. Read page 2 of this thread as well:
  2. If you want proof, eat some stale peanuts and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  3. gonzo

    Doesn't work on mojave

    I had to look that up to find out what you were talking about. Mohave is scheduled for a Fall release, so you can expect that by the time Apple gets the bugs out of it, we will also have produced a version that is compatible with it. Pre-release code is always sketchy, as you are finding out now.
  4. gonzo

    Malwarebytes not updating

    Yep. Server rooms and AC systems run off same power source. I just hope those people aren't paid hourly...
  5. gonzo

    Malwarebytes not updating

    No excuses for lack of notifications here, nor for a better way of informing in the program. This is a facilities downtime in our main facility where several backend servers are located. Air conditioning is being upgraded by external service personnel. Employees are supposed to be notified when systems are up. That hasn't happened yet.
  6. The article that you are referring to was posted on 2012/07/03. Have you followed up on it and its ramifications since that time? There are likely to have been many discussions on the topic since that time.
  7. gonzo

    Got strange threating email.

    It was a nice gesture that they offered kind regards... Make sure you leave a tip for that.
  8. Ouch! You're right. I dug out the 2.0 pictures, and we had not yet added that checkbox in 2.0. I just went through all of the forums looking for an answer that is relevant to your version and didn't find one. I'm going to ping one of our guys to see if he can check in on this thread when he gets a chance. We are in the middle of a 3-day weekend here in the US, so it may take a day or two to get his attention.
  9. This should do it for you. You can still get database updates if you uncheck it, but you should also know that you will have only the anti-ransomware protection that is provided by the Anti-Malware product. The newer versions contain both Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware protection, so you are protected in multiple ways.
  10. Actually it is complicated. When you purchase a subscription through Cleverbridge or Avangate, you are buying one or more and receiving keys for each of them directly. They are both tied in to Malwarebytes directly courtesy of their partnership with us. Other vendors receive Malwarebytes in a different manner. They either get a large number of keys provided to them and sell them (with a download) one at a time, or sell Malwarebytes in a box. In that case, they purchase a large number of boxes and sell them one at a time. In either of these last two scenarios, we can't know which one (of many) would get sold to any individual buyer, and therein lies the problem.
  11. Its all available on our web site. We are ONLY looking for how to make our products better and how they are being used. We capture nothing about you, where you go, or what you do. Here's the link: https://www.malwarebytes.com/privacy/
  12. gonzo

    Fast Scan Time

    That is normal for a Mac. Apple maintains rigid control over access to the underlying system, so there is far less "system" to scan on Mac than on Windows. It caught me by surprise the first time I ran it on an iMac. Checked it out with the developer and he said it was normal.
  13. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    @ralatmby, You had not posted anything by the time I told the original poster to look for a private message. You should not expect to find one. There should not be any reason you cannot create a new topic. If that is the case, respond to this post with a screenshot and someone will assist you.
  14. I am assuming you have not read any of the user documentation available for this product. The answer to your main question can be found here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mb/Settings3.html#about Here are answers to all... Most people want to take advantage of the premium trial. I believe the free version now has a single scan set up to protect you, and it updates the protection database then. Beyond that, it offers no real time protection when you are in the free mode. You always have the ability to terminate the extra protection we offer you. There are database updates (protection) and there is a program upgrade (free/trial to premium). They are two different things. Upgrade means upgrade to premium. Not free and not trial...premium. We will not tell you about program upgrades if you turn off the first two settings on this page (https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mb/Settings.html#appupdates If you turn off the settings mentioned in item #4, you will NEVER know when we are offering a new version unless you check the web site.
  15. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    A private message is coming to you in just a second...

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