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  1. Actually it is complicated. When you purchase a subscription through Cleverbridge or Avangate, you are buying one or more and receiving keys for each of them directly. They are both tied in to Malwarebytes directly courtesy of their partnership with us. Other vendors receive Malwarebytes in a different manner. They either get a large number of keys provided to them and sell them (with a download) one at a time, or sell Malwarebytes in a box. In that case, they purchase a large number of boxes and sell them one at a time. In either of these last two scenarios, we can't know which one (of many) would get sold to any individual buyer, and therein lies the problem.
  2. Its all available on our web site. We are ONLY looking for how to make our products better and how they are being used. We capture nothing about you, where you go, or what you do. Here's the link: https://www.malwarebytes.com/privacy/
  3. gonzo

    Fast Scan Time

    That is normal for a Mac. Apple maintains rigid control over access to the underlying system, so there is far less "system" to scan on Mac than on Windows. It caught me by surprise the first time I ran it on an iMac. Checked it out with the developer and he said it was normal.
  4. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    @ralatmby, You had not posted anything by the time I told the original poster to look for a private message. You should not expect to find one. There should not be any reason you cannot create a new topic. If that is the case, respond to this post with a screenshot and someone will assist you.
  5. I am assuming you have not read any of the user documentation available for this product. The answer to your main question can be found here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mb/Settings3.html#about Here are answers to all... Most people want to take advantage of the premium trial. I believe the free version now has a single scan set up to protect you, and it updates the protection database then. Beyond that, it offers no real time protection when you are in the free mode. You always have the ability to terminate the extra protection we offer you. There are database updates (protection) and there is a program upgrade (free/trial to premium). They are two different things. Upgrade means upgrade to premium. Not free and not trial...premium. We will not tell you about program upgrades if you turn off the first two settings on this page (https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mb/Settings.html#appupdates If you turn off the settings mentioned in item #4, you will NEVER know when we are offering a new version unless you check the web site.
  6. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    A private message is coming to you in just a second...
  7. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    Well, the Cleverbridge ones are automated and are info only. As far as the support ticket, it is written as waiting for a response from you. Please let me know who you were writing to and I will follow up there as well. It seems like there is a disconnect...I just don't know where. Please bear in mind that it is now weekend, so unless they are working on the weekend, it may be a few days before I can hear anything back. I will follow up!!!
  8. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    Referred this forum post to one of our Customer Success guys. He told me you have at least one open support ticket on this issue (from March 15), and they are waiting for you to respond to the email they sent you. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Junk Mail or Spam folders to see if it may have ended up there.
  9. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    No problem. I am sending this over to our guys in Customer Success. Hopefully this can get taken care of rather quickly. Sorry for the problems.
  10. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    OK. That is still Cleverbridge, so please let me check in with Sales. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm off a conference call cnd get a chance tot talk with them.
  11. gonzo

    Is it safe to buy MB 3 from Avangate ?

    You should be able to purchase it on the Malwarebytes web site. Click the orange BUY NOW link. There may be other information that Malwarebytes passes to Avangate as part of the purchase transaction that you initiate. Please try again using the link I provided. If it does not work, please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE which includes a screenshot of the rejection. Exact wording may be a clue. PLEASE NOTE: If there is anything confidential on that screenshot, you should NOT post it on the forums.
  12. AWESOME! That's what I was hoping for. Glad I could help.
  13. Andy, I will NOT be the person assisting you here -- I want to make that clear -- but it would be good to know whether this machine has EVER shown up in the console. If not, have all of the pre-requisites been satisfied. Not only are there .NET requirements, but service pack levels and a specific update to the machine which must be installed prior to installation of Malwarebytes. I write the guides, so I don't consider myself qualified here but I wanted to ask those questions, just in case that made a magical change in status. If you're using Server 2008 R2, you need Service Pack 1, 2008 needs SP 2. Both need .NET 4.5.2 or 4.6 installed and enabled, as well as update KB 4019276 installed AND enabled. A lot of requirements, but they make the difference. I hope this helps.
  14. gonzo

    idle threads/ semaphore threads

    A user who has paid off the rental and has paperwork to prove it should be able to sue them out of business. At the very least, carefully (and truthfully) use some social media tactics to help them get zero business in the future. Protecting their investment is one thing. Holding people hostage forever is something else. This all assumes that what they state on that web page is not all FUD. I could be wrong (and please do not assume that I am right), that any hardware addition could be circumvented followed by a BIOS upgrade. If this is Alienware, it is from Dell. They make all software upgrades (including BIOS upgrades) available on their website. AGAIN, do not make assumptions. Investigate, or have someone who is knowledgeable that you trust investigate. A solution may be available once facts can replace fears and assumptions.
  15. gonzo

    Malwarebytes MEE 1.80

    I have been looking through guides to find a logical reason for this, and am coming up short so far. If your users are just using Windows Explorer from the GUI (not from within another app), a 2ms delay should not cause a "Not Responding" issue. That doesn't nullify the fact that you are getting that. If your server has a static IP, this should not result. If it has a dynamic IP and the endpoint has the old IP in its cache, it is possible, but that should also show up in ping or tracert results. The other possibility is that another app is controlling the attempted connection to the server via Windows Explorer and Anti-Exploit features are getting in the way. Those are all just semi-educated guesses though. What I would realistically suggest is to create a ticket with our Customer Success team so that they can look into it deeper, or possibly draw upon knowledge that I don't have. You do not need to disable the product...we just need to find the cause. Collect your facts, and if something doesn't stand out as the cause, open that ticket tomorrow.

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