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  1. I have removed the email that was listed in this thread, as you would likely be inundated by unwanted emails. Please open a support ticket to get this resolved. The URL that will help you for that is listed below: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us
  2. I must be special. I got two of those today. Maybe I should be very scared that they captured video of me with the camera I don't have.?
  3. We do not specify a port number for connection to the SQL database. We use a Microsoft construct called NamedPipes, which allows us to specify an IP (or hostname) associated with SQL Server or SQL Express and the database instance name. Given the connection methods, that should be all that is needed.
  4. gonzo

    Protection money

    You can read all over our forums and our blogs about tech support scams. There are plenty of shady criminals doing this. It was not an ex-employee. While your friend was incorrect about that, I'm glad he took care of your issue quickly. As a general rule, we do not publicize our technical support phone numbers, and they are only publicized to business customers. Do a Google search on "tech support scams" and see what you find. You will likely be shocked.
  5. gonzo

    Firewall Rules

    When final resolution on this topic is reached, please let me know so that I can update the guide appropriately. My goal with the guides is to be an authoritative single source of truth, and sometimes that takes extra effort.
  6. gonzo

    Received Hacker Email

    Ignore the message. You will find several reports of this on the forum. I have also received one myself. What you should do is make sure that any passwords you were using in the past have been changed, preferably to something rather cryptic. If you do not use a password manager to help you remember the more cryptic ones, consider that. LastPass and 1Password are ones that are common. All passwords that appear in these emails are ones that were in use 1-3 years ago and were obtained by hacking a major site that you had an account with. As long as you practice safe internet habits and don't allow passwords to become stale, you should be fine.
  7. They work fine if you set up exclusions for Malwarebytes in Norton, as well as exclusions for Norton in Malwarebytes. That is true for almost every antivirus at one time or another...it all depends on the update. Some are fine, and some are not.
  8. If you have PREMIUM and deactivate it, it will not revert back to PREMIUM until you tell it to. It has NEVER had behavior to turn itself on without you telling it to. If you do NOT have PREMIUM, you don't need to worry. Look in the upper right corner and see if you have a button called MY ACCOUNT. It doesn't really look like a button, so just look for the words. If you see that, you have PREMIUM. Just my opinion, but I think it is much more convenient to know that it is protecting me, AND that I can schedule scans to run when I am not using the computer. Much better to be protected than to wish I was.
  9. If you only want protection when you ask for it, go to MY ACCOUNT and DEACTIVATE LICENSE. You will then be using the free version and you will have no real-time protection of any kind.
  10. As you are new to Windows 10, I'll tell you something you will likely find quite discouraging. Windows 10 has an extreme fondness for looking for updates, downloading updates, and installing updates. I go looking for sources of slowdowns on mine, and the updates are always the cause, with Malwarebytes contributing to it by checking to make sure downloads are safe. Unless you loaded a ton of stuff on your 500GB HD, free disk space is not the issue. Very few of the apps you mentioned above are actually running, they are just toys for people who need toys. Windows Updates will be far more active on Win 10 than you are used to. Start Googling for ways to defer update activity and how to throttle it. That will help.
  11. The notification about a new version does not appear every 30 seconds, but it is very irritating to be continually reminded. I update when I am ready to update, but as Samuel said, the SETTINGS window allows you to not have it inform you or download it and nag you about installing it. I just leave it on my screen until I am ready, because it will come back if I X out of it. Advertising for other products ONLY happens if you have the free version of Malwarebytes. If you have a premium subscription, you will not see ANY of those. Notifications about issues that affect your security will be shown regardless, because.....they affect your security. If you don't want to see messages about scan completion, schedule your scans to happen during hours you aren't using the computer, and set the recovery so that it is not an interruption. As far as telling me that a scan was run and no errors were encountered, I am pleased about, but for a reason you would not expect. Bugs in earlier versions of the product prevented scans from running if a new version was available and was being actively ignored by the user. Now I know its working correctly, and I'm rather pleased about that.
  12. I get driver issues often after Windows updates, AND you can uninstall programs that come from Microsoft all you want, but there are no guarantees their next update won't reinstall them. They want you to use THEIR stuff, and they shove it down your throat. One thing you should look for is bloatware that is preinstalled by your computer vendor. Many are notorious for that. For lag, check your exclusions on anti-virus and anti-malware.
  13. m2018, Log details shown in most recent complaint are FOUR MONTHS OLD. Check by current usage, not with old log data. If you are still actually having issues, follow Dashke's advice.
  14. Samuel, If you had Comcast, its because they do counties and county groups. Right hand was completely unaware of what left hand was doing. Nowadays both hands are reaching into your pockets.
  15. I found this. Maybe it will be of some value.

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