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  1. And if you called them based on a phone number which you had previous to this, please let us know what it is. When it comes to finding scammers, every piece of data helps.
  2. MCharlie, Please start your own thread. While you may have an issue, it is not the same as the original poster's issue. Thanks.
  3. Using your screenshot as a reference, the first one in the second row triggers the same block message for me. I get a port number as well, but the hostname and IP address are the same. That message is not uncommon. It may be blocked because of malicious activity hosted on the IP address or the hostname, and it may also be blocked because there recently was something bad there. Its hard to tell. The good things are that most pictures on the internet are readily available from more sources than you can shake a stick at, and there is no indication there's anything wrong on your computer.
  4. They may all be hosted on the same server. Click the graphic size to get the size you want and every site hosting that image will appear. You'll usually find one. Here's another hint...when you click the VIEW IMAGE button to see the larger image, right click on the image itself and save the image. Even though it shows a smaller one than the full size, it does actually save the full size image. I've gotten a bunch of those. Just don't go to the website and you'll have no problems.
  5. I looked up each exploit method that MBAE protects against so that I could ask intelligent questions before writing the guide on it. Burying readers with information that is highly technical alienates more people than it aids. Google and Wikipedia are great resources for information. Sometimes they cover it completely, and sometimes they open the research door more. Either way, that's a good thing.
  6. I believe that quarantined files are also encrypted to prevent them from being reactivated by another program. What you want to do would not work.
  7. You'll need to approach the problem in the forums. I write the guides and have no experience with malware removal.
  8. Post being reopened at OP's request.
  9. Ouch!
  10. Everyone please try to be kind to each other. There's a lot of frustration out there right now. A lot of people are working to fix the problems, though their efforts are not yet visible to anyone on the outside. Many are unhappy, so please take time to breathe before typing. It will get better! P.S. My comment here is not pointed at any specific person, just making a general request.
  11. They do seem pointless.
  12. You had to be there.....or not.
  13. I had the help of a lot of customers who were requesting it. Otherwise it would not have happened.
  14. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a search of your forum username on Google turned up your conversation as the #1 item returned. I don't want to discourage you from using the forums, but if you have to include something that you consider sensitive, its probably best to put it in an attachment and make a generic/neutral reference to it in your post. If Google does scour them, they would not be as visible to others.
  15. I'm going to make a slight change to what Aura said here. In the "Manage Exclusions" section, there is not an entry for processes. There IS one for Applications. An exclusion should be made on the Skype application. I'm saying this because making the wrong exclusion could make the computer vulnerable.