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  1. gonzo

    Looking for live demo sites of Tech Support Scams

    Here is an excellent starting point: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/tech-support-scams/
  2. gonzo

    German translation error

    Checking the Malwarebytes Lifecycle Policy, at: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/lifecycle/ The oldest version of Malwarebytes for Android that is supported is version 3.2. The current version is 3.3.1. That page only goes back as far as version 3.0.0, so I don't know how long ago support for the version you refer to was dropped.
  3. You opened a support ticket to get this resolved. I am not in Support, nor do I have access to the eStore. Support is the correct group to handle this. Please be patient.
  4. If you opened a support ticket, they will take care of it for you. I'll close this thread.
  5. Please post the URL you were using that does not respond.
  6. gonzo

    Need Help With 3 Things

    If its a lifetime license, it is definitely single. There were no multi-computer lifetime licenses ever offered. Did you have multiple email accounts? Maybe your email is sitting in the other one. You would definitely need to deactivate before doing any upgrades. Make sure you copy down your license information just in case bad juju happens.
  7. gonzo

    mbae-test tool

  8. gonzo

    TV, Film, Ads and Costs

    Dangerous! Better to stand still.
  9. gonzo

    TV, Film, Ads and Costs

    In the long run, that gives you more time to pee.
  10. gonzo

    TV, Film, Ads and Costs

    Agreed! I always watch the credits, often to find out what the name of a song was or some other obscure reason. If you think that's bad though, watch a movie on TNT. Start pumping coffee into you ten minutes before the end of a movie so you can watch the credits zoom by at breakneck speed in the bottom half of the screen.
  11. gonzo

    Registry Cleaners

    It depends what is left and where it is left at. If it a parameter left over from malware that no longer exists, it is just unneeded garbage. If it an IP address or URL tucked away in a key that will be executed, that could be harmful. If it was related to malware, it should have been eliminated when the malware was eliminated.
  12. gonzo

    Registry Cleaners

    A registry cleaner is just that. They do not typically remediate malware. If an antivirus previously removed malware and left registry keys behind, the antivirus did not do its job completely, and Malwarebytes finished what it started. Malwarebytes will also look for any malware that was left behind, which is beyond the scope of a registry cleaner.
  13. gonzo


    There is one "news" site I go to often. I put that in quotes because I think it is more of an opportunity for children who think they are editors to in fact show they are not. I digress. There are tons of ads on many sites, by design. Websites that want to keep you on their site bog you down with ads, presuming that you will find some that bring them added revenue. As David has said, ads can also be malvertisements. Ad services generally mismanage memory severely, causing memory leaks (ever-increasing memory usage) and with that, opportunities for malware to actually get a foothold on your computer. The best thing to do (in general) is to use reputable ad blockers. Some web pages that you go to may deny you access if they can't spew garbage at you, but I have managed to survive with other sources for the same information. There are also other ways, but they require intermediate to advanced computer knowledge. Until they care as much about my internet experience as I do, I will use ad blockers and other means to keep what I described and what you described out of my world.
  14. gonzo

    Cheap Malwarebytes lifetime on eBay

    Thanks. I passed it on to our Legal department for investigation.
  15. Agreed with next-to-last comment...please stay on topic no matter how strong the urge to digress.

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