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  1. You might check the status of your .NET install on each machine. Sometimes you need to install, and sometimes its already installed but you need to enable...it depends on the OS involved.
  2. Support for v.1.2.6

    1.2.6 is currently the "most recent" version. It runs only in the foreground, but it is also remediating after the damage has possibly been done. 3.0 in Premium mode offers REAL-TIME protection in the background. Real-time is a MAJOR advantage when it comes to protection.
  3. My Account

    "Hamburger" is a term made popular by the smartphone generation. For you and I, its three bars. Click that, and look at the top of the left column. You should see MY ACCOUNT at the top.
  4. I changed one word in the thread's title, which may help. Tell me if the title change suits you.
  5. The guide you are referring to is for the 1.80 Business version. Drastically different beast.
  6. "Updates not current" always happens

    @wowbobwow, Check how often you should look for updates. If your computer has been off for longer than that check-in interval, you will get that message AND immediately after that it will get the updates. You should check for updates at least once every 3 hours, but we should give a newly-booted computer a chance to get upgrades before we warn you. That is OUR issue, known AND being dealt with.
  7. This Has Gotten Real Old

    I'm not taking a stand either way, but have you checked your junk mail and spam folders? Depending on wording and your mail provider's rules, a reply may have ended up there. I'm not in Support so I can't help here, but that is something that happens often.
  8. There's a bothersome quirk in the program in that area. If you are set to get updates every 8 hours (let's say) and you turn on your computer 7 hours after the last update, you would not see the message. If you turn it on 9 hours after the last update, that would mean it is 1 hour after the threshold and the message is displayed.....AT THE VERY SAME TIME that it performs the update. You get confused and wonder why. We'll get it fixed...soon, I hope.
  9. True, but we would also have to write forum software to take advantage of the spiffy anti-spam code we would write. In the meantime, our products would suffer. Having been outsourced many times when I was doing an outstanding job, it was often the same reason..."Its not what we do." My specialty supported their line of business but it wasn't their line of business. Same applies here. As one of the people who gets very tired of dealing with "Baba the love sponge" and other stupid stuff, I totally agree with your sentiment though.
  10. mbams discrimination

    If you would like to take the matter up with the people who can answer it, send an email to legal@malwarebytes.com. I have reported sellers in the past, though not lately. There are very few legitimate lifetime licenses still out there, and a huge number of pirated/cracked installations. Many sellers will sell hundreds of copies to users and provide one of a handful of keys. They look legitimate, but the overuse of the keys would trigger license enforcement. Some resellers have been identified as being legitimate, and as a result, are left to sell their goods. None of what I have said here applies to any specific seller. I am speaking generically, but trying to give you a bit of insight at the same time.
  11. There are a number of reasons, and rather than trying to embarrass any segment of our userbase, let's say "they just do." Some posters are confused. Some can't decide where is the most appropriate place. We move them to the most appropriate place when we spot them, and its up to the OP to find them. We do try to maintain the focus, but that's the nature of forums.
  12. I can only speak for myself, but I would love to be able to do that. The problem is that with all of the various methods that we and our forum vendor use to alleviate spam, we still can only minimize it. The reason I am answering your post here is because I am making the rounds looking for spammers. Hopefully we will all be happier about this subject at some point in the future.
  13. My first thoughts on MalwareBytes

    I will pass on your comments to the web team. Thanks for your input.
  14. You are up to date unless there is a problem. You are told that the signatures are out of date immediately before it checks for new signatures. It updates the signatures, and by that time you have checked and found there is no problem. They'll get it fixed at some point. In the meantime, wait a minute or two before checking. If the signatures have not updated by then, there may truly be problem. It does that to me too...

    "setup.exe" really stinks when you have 20 or so on your disk. You either create folders for each based on the app its for or rename every one of them. I have an extensive collection!