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  1. Malwarebytes-Mac New Version

    The 3.2 version is now available. Check this page in the user guide: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/malwarebytes-for-mac/ It shows you how to enable notifications for new versions when they become available in beta (pre-release).
  2. 1a. Yes 1b. If you are buying it in a store, the key should be with the product 1c. I have Windows 10 and have no problems 2. Yes, and you can always check for updates from the main screen if you are in a hurry. 3. You will create an account on the Malwarebytes site to do that 4. The only difference is that because it is on CD, it is not completely up to date as far as component updates. Check for updates to get those.
  3. MBMC RAM usage and crash

    I've noticed you have checked this thread several times today, so I'm guessing you may be affected by this issue. If so, please read the thread I have linked here.
  4. Every customer with this product has a suite of documentation that comes along with it. Read page 5 of this guide: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/MMLNBPGuide.pdf It tells you how to fix many of the issues you folks are describing. In addition to what you have already found, records of each rejected request from endpoints are eating your server hard drive. You'll need to free that space up, and killing logs at the endpoint assure that you don't create the same situation again.
  5. MBAM Console Almost Unusable

    Please download this Admin Guide, and pay special attention to EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE on page 5. https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/MMLNBPGuide.pdf?d=2018-02-02-09-48-30--0800 The server is rejecting requests from endpoints due to the volume of issues being reported, and the error log is getting an entry for each rejection. Take care of that directory, and follow the other advice you were given here, and your problem will go away.
  6. I agree as well. I have not seen anything that Samuel chose to do that ended up poorly. He cares about what he does, and the results show!
  7. I won't try to sway you, but check out this map from the Malwarebytes website. It shows how many threats Malwarebytes is catching that others aren't. On top of the info it provides, its just plain fun to watch. https://www.malwarebytes.com/remediationmap/
  8. I understand your frustration. There's a lot of that going around today...me included, figuring out what was going on when RAM on 3 boxes were all maxxed out. I can tell you that Tech Support is building a new support portal, and you found a non-functional link (no excuses...that should not have been there in that state). @Porthos pointed out how to get support. I am not in Support nor do I have any involvement with that page, other than there are links there to access my user guides. The fix for the problem on the consumer version works fine...I used it on all of my computers while I was watching very carefully for any signs that it would not work. It did work. I do not have a business version of Malwarebytes at home, so I cannot (and will not) comment. As many staff members have done today, I offer my apology for the problems earlier today.
  9. How do I get MBAM to use less CPU time?

    Settings > Impact of Scans on System > Lower the priority
  10. What are you listening to?

    All musicians involved with Leonard Chess at Chess Records in the 1950s and 1960s. If that is your link, I am expecting to see Chuck Berry, Etta James or Muddy Waters next.
  11. What are you listening to?

    I don't ever inject my tastes here, but if you like blues, check out: Blues With A Feeling by Paul Butterfield Blues Band Driftin' and Driftin' by Paul Butterfield Blues Band Texas by Electric Flag Gibson Creek Shuffle by Charles Ford Band Runnin' Blue by Boz Scaggs They aren't vintage (all from 60s) but all are awesome. Thinking about them gets my juices flowing to put them on right now!
  12. Portable version

    It's not just a portable version. It is a sophisticated toolset for repair technicians to use for diagnosing computer issues, remediating malware, and keeping track of what they did in the process, for record-keeping and billing purposes. The portable version of Malwarebytes is just a small part of it.
  13. Adding to what @Porthos said, that same page you were on had a link for Guides (near the center of the screen). Click that link, and you can find a guide for any product that Malwarebytes offers. I always recommend the guides because (a) I go out of my way to write guides to help people solve problems rather than waste their time, and (b) They are likely a good source of information now (when you are looking for it), and the next time you need answers. They are available as web pages and as downloadable PDF files. Give them a try!
  14. Try this: When you start Chrome, a profile that has been pushed to the cloud by the sync process which contains malware (such as the PUPs you refer to) is stored there until you login to Chrome again, causing the malware to come back to your PC. Follow the steps listed in the above post to see if that fixes it.
  15. Why are updates so large?

    I would recognize @bdubrow as an authoritative voice on this issue. She will be fully aware of any product updates, and has specifically mentioned two days worth of issues with signature updates. As @canna said, signature updates are usually small and quick. The dates you mention do coincide with dates that @bdubrow mentions however.