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  1. I had a problem with a box in the past that was very similar. In my case, it was a power supply's overcurrent protection. It shut down to prevent further damage. There are no guarantees that your cause is the same as mine, but I just wanted to pass on my experience. A spare power supply is generally available on Amazon or Newegg for $20-$50, depending on your supply's ratings. Never hurts to have a spare anyway.
  2. Try going into SETTINGS > PROTECTION and look for STARTUP OPTIONS (two thirds of the way down). Play with those settings and see if it improves. Malwarebytes 3 contains more protection modules than were in previous versions, so its possible that one or more of them is doing battle with startup options for other programs on your computer.
  3. It appears that technology loves and hates you as well. Glad you got it taken care of.
  4. @nord1, Soon...very soon. I can't (and won't) say when, but soon.
  5. Woke PC out of sleep mode and found web protection off. It would not turn on. A scan was lightning fast because it scanned nothing. Update from 3.0.4 only went to 3.0.5. Followed @dcollins example and life is good again. Thanks, Devin.
  6. You can definitely run the unmanaged version on a workstation, so that should go fine.
  7. The management server can ONLY be installed on a server-class machine that meets requirements as listed on the web site. You can load a console (NOT the same thing as the product name) on a workstation or server, but that is only used as an observation point for the server and its interaction with clients. We muddied up the waters by calling the product and a component of the product by the same name.
  8. sman, With all due respects, you can't understand the nature of his post when it is that brief. Your post may be anecdotal or may have true meaning for you, but he can't know that with a "lol" response, and you don't know what he was thinking. I'm just trying to make sure a flame war doesn't erupt, that's all.
  9. All fixed. Sorry for the mess-up.
  10. Forwarded to me, and I have forwarded it to web team. Updates being pushed out now. Should be live very soon.
  11. The best source of information on that subject would be Google. Be sure to read product reviews.
  12. Thanks. I try to help. I don't know if you have seen this, but this web page helps explain as much of Malwarebytes as I could say for public consumption. https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mb/ Click SCAN on the left side to find out what the different scans do. Lotsa good stuff in there!
  13. I doubt that would happen. A threat scan is designed to scan places which are commonly used for malware attacks. No attacker would depend on the presence of a second drive to deliver their "goodwill."
  14. And if you called them based on a phone number which you had previous to this, please let us know what it is. When it comes to finding scammers, every piece of data helps.
  15. MCharlie, Please start your own thread. While you may have an issue, it is not the same as the original poster's issue. Thanks.