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  1. I am seeing no problems with outdoorpainter.com. If it is a link from this page (or content on this page that leads elsewhere), please specify. I added actingtogether.org to the whitelist after verifying cleanliness. Give it an hour or so to propagate out.
  2. I have been able to access the site and listen to music streams (I liked it too!) with no issues. I asked questions internally to find possible causes why it is blocked for you and not for me. I have not yet received a response. I will pursue it further.
  3. Just pushed out an update. Give it an hour or so to propagate.
  4. I verified that they are both still blocked. Passed word on to @rakka to get his attention.
  5. I verified the block, did the download, tested it, and have passed your request on to the Whitelist Masters. Reply should be forthcoming after they notice the request.
  6. I will pass your request on. (Waiting for authority to do it myself). Sorry for delay in responding.
  7. Glad Zack Wylde got added to this list. I'll throw a few in too... Roy Clark (so much more than just Hee Haw) Les Paul (put magnetic pickups on a guitar and look what happened) Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, solo) Carlos Santana Al DiMeola (Return to Forever, Go, solo, speed AND precision) Rodrigo y Gabriela (both of them..listen! you will be amazed) Albert King (where SRV got his style) Jimi Michael Bloomfield (made Chicago Blues popular in the 60s) Eddie Van Halen Steve Vai Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Gamma, dozens of video game soundtracks,a relatively unknown genius)
  8. I find the title bar for the program itself interesting...Malwarebytes UNDEFINED 3.7.1? Something is definitely wrong there. It should be defined as Free or Premium or Trial (not sure of the exact wording on the last one).
  9. If you put ten years worth of work and effort into your idea and hoped that it would provide for you in the future, you would be very much in favor of patents and copyrights. You won't be able to pay your bills with good reviews.
  10. Yes. Patent applications contain information on methods, logic and processes, but do not contain source code. If you ever read one, its amazing that anyone can make a damned bit of sense of what they are really about. Several
  11. Try this: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Windows_Server_Administration I did a Google search on "Windows Server Fundamentals". There were lots of paid classes available, but this one looks like it might be free.
  12. You cannot prevent what you have not detected. Detection is done by scanning data, looking for specific data, patterns, regular expressions, data substitution that conforms to patterns, and basically anything that tells a bad guy that something good may be just waiting to be discovered. It is similar to scanning for malware, just that you have specific targets in mind (charge card numbers, social security numbers, drivers licenses, etc.).
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