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  1. gonzo


    Site has been whitelisted.
  2. The .info site has been whitelisted. The rest of the hostnames you sent come up as 404 errors. If any of them are blocked as you bring them online, let us know so we can test them and whitelist as needed.
  3. Site has been whitelisted. Fortinet does show warnings for the site on VirusTotal.com, but it is the only vendor that does.
  4. Adding site to whitelist. Thank you for the input.
  5. Whitelist entry added. Please give it an hour to propagate.
  6. Whitelist entry added. Please give it an hour to propagate.
  7. Will add a whitelist entry now. It may take as long as hour to become operational.
  8. A whitelist entry has been added for easytime.info
  9. Whitelist entry has been added.
  10. gonzo


    A database update should have unblocked it by now.
  11. gonzo


    Whitelist entry added for the files subdomain. Main URL was accessible already.
  12. gonzo

    False Positive

    I added a whitelist entry for the site after checking it out with VirusTotal. Download links for EXE and ZIP files are notorious for being something other than what is expected by the user. As a result, I get to be very very busy.
  13. gonzo


    It was blocked for me in Chrome, but not in Firefox. I am getting a lot of weird results going between browsers and browser versions. Several websites that were accessible on the last version of both main browsers were not in the new versions. I don't know where the issue is, but its an observation. I just added a whitelist entry for that site.
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