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  1. Mitch, You bring up an interesting problem though. I will forward this thread to the Support manager, because if you have MB3, Cleverbridge needs to be in sync with what we do. Otherwise, they are not doing Malwarebytes or the customers a proper service. Thanks for that!
  2. 3.1.2 contains Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware. Installing MBAE as well is redundant and unnecessary.
  3. I have one PC with package 1973 and another with 1974. Both experiencing same problem. I just fired off email to director and supervisor of QA. Its 3:30am here, so I don't expect a fast reply. Other offices may be able to jump in. Please be patient.
  4. I have seen many bank ATMs that (when they crash) show that they run XP. Banks are often slack in their protection, because their upgrades are tens of thousands of computers. That's not an insignificant amount of resources required.
  5. @lock, 1. You are not authorized to post responses in this forum unless you can provide assistance according to the forum guidelines. 2. You are not assisting. You are complaining. If you choose to do that, start your own thread.
  6. Ryan, You are correct. As it stands now, there are known issues with Terminal Server. Had you continued, your server would have crashed, as each session leaves residue in RAM. Our specs do not mention Terminal Server/RDP for that reason.
  7. That's what I thought was happening, though the method of getting there was a bit different than what I expected. Glad you got it figured out. Learn Linux. Become a wizard and have fun!
  8. Licenses are a sales-related issue, and you should contact Malwarebytes Sales. This is a support-related forum. By contacting Sales, it is possible that you could move to a higher tier, thus saving you money for your subscription. Possibly unnecessary, but possibly of value to you. The only way to know is to contact them.
  9. If you got the ISO, you must have said to OPEN it rather than SAVE it. It downloaded and saved for me as a single file. I used that link as well.
  10. Did you download from here? https://www.kali.org/downloads/
  11. Have you checked inside the \isolinux folder?
  12. Unfortunately, no. It is supported on physical and virtual servers as well as workstations. RDS/Terminal Services are not supported for technical reasons.
  13. Downhill slide at an ever-accelerating rate. Thread closed.
  14. Please read my response. The answer is no.
  15. No. Client operating systems only (Windows 7, 8.x, 10).