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  1. I did a clean reinstall as you suggested. All is back to normal now and all those TMP files are gone. Thank you
  2. To: LiquidTension, Malwarebytes Staff: I tried the steps in your email of 3-28-2019 at 09:34 AM CDT to run the support tool and send you the support logs. After running the support tool Malwarebytes disappeared Malwarebytes is no longer in Windows start menu Malwarebytes is no longer in Windows task bar Malwarebytes icon no longer on Windows desktop Malwarebytes is no longer in Windows control panel – programs in features Malwarebytes is no longer in Windows Task Manager Malwarebytes is no longer in Windows Task Manager Startup tab The only files
  3. Here is the file I got after running the support tool as indicated in your instructions mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I am running Malwarebytes Premium version 3.7.1. On a Windows 10 Pro desktop machine. Windows update says Windows is up to date.I have a small SSD drive that includes my operating system and my Malwarebytes Premium program folder. There are many ".tmp" in the C:\Program File\Malewarebytes\Anti-Malware folder adding up to more than 15 MB. I am unable to delete any of these files even though none of these files have been accessed since May 2017 according to Windows File Explorer. When I try to delete any of them I get a message that I need administrator permission to delete the files. I am
  5. This is unacceptable. You've already taken my money for the product. You have made PDFs available for Mac and Mobile users. You have a version 3 guide only as an html. I paid for Malwarebytes Premium version 3, and so far there is no manual available to me in the most usable, searchable PDF format so that I can effectively use the product I paid for. Get with it guys.
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