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  1. Hope I'm not tempting fate but, apart from the issues on installation that prompted my opening this thread, all seems to be running well with version 3.6.1 Premium on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x. So far, no issues with having the Malwarebytes Service set at the default Automatic rather than Delayed Start (the setting recommended to me as a workaround to avoid the driver issues I'd had previously). Iain
  2. Hi Devin, I'm a long time Malwarebytes user and have a lifetime Premium licence with ID & key.
  3. Happy to provide any logs or run further tests if they can help with issues.
  4. Thanks @exile360 - it's no problem, I'll report on the performance with the Malwarebytes Service set to Automatic. If I get any other problems, I'll probably do a reinstall.
  5. Just updated to the latest version by selecting Settings / Application / Install Application Updates. I ended up with the free version, while I previously had the Premium version installed. Entering the Licence ID and Key sorted that out but some of my settings have remained while others have not been carried over. For instance, my scan schedule has been retained but the default one has also been added, my added Protected Applications have been retained but the Malwarebytes Service has been changed from Delayed Start, which I had set to resolve problems with the DDA Driver, to Automatic. Everything else appears to be in order - do I still need the Delayed Start option for Malwarebytes Service or has this problem now been resolved and can I revert to Automatic? I attach the mbst-grab-results.zip Windows 7 Home Premium mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I got no notifications of a new update but pressed the "Install Application Update" button out of boredom and got a new update which changed Malwarebytes to the version below. I do have the Beta Option Installation turned on but can't, at first glance, see any reference to this version in these forums. UPDATE: Just seen @exile360 post above, so nothing to worry about, I guess.
  7. Yes, if you go into Settings/Application and change the language to English UK, this will also change the date display format.
  8. AdwCleaner is now part of the Malwarebytes family of products. The latest version has a very similar GUI to Malwarebytes 3.
  9. Can't update Tweaking.com's Windows Repair. Had this problem before and it's now reoccurred when trying to update to the latest version of Tweaking.com's Windows Repair. - I've had to disable Ransomware Protection for the update to work. Windows 7 and Malwarebytes Premium. Diagnostic files are attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. I'm with @yereverluvinunclebert on this one. "Awesome" grates with me as well.......
  11. Did you reboot the computer after the Beta update? If not, definitely worth a shot.
  12. Not sure if this will help but, on my devices running Android 6, when the list of Apps is shown, at the top right next to the "cog wheel" there are three dots arranged vertically and clicking on them will give an option to show or hide System Apps. You could try showing System Apps and with luck the offending app should then display and you may be able to disable it. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for your response. Haven't had a real opportunity to play with it yet, but I will add to this thread if I have any other comments.
  14. It would be nice to see English (UK) as an installation language option, as it is in Malwarebytes 3.5.1. Not just because it's "proper English" to we Brits ? but because the date coding dd/mm/yyyy that goes along with it is what we and many other countries use. Great piece of software nevertheless!
  15. OK, I'll keep a closer watch for any changes and try to submit mbst-grab-results.zip and setup logs if it should happen again. Apart from this glitch, Malwarebytes Premium seems to behaving itself if I keep Ransomware RTP disabled.
  16. Sorry, Devin, there don't seem to be any MB setup logs in that folder - I did clear some temp files the other day when doing some general housekeeping.
  17. Scan schedule changed - not by me! It presume happened in one of the recent upgrades, but my Malwarebytes Premium Component Package 1.0.374 seems to have changed the Scan schedule time and type fromwhat I had set as 13:00:00 Hyperscan to some other random time and Threat Scan. I noticed recently that all the RTP layers were switched on when I had previously switched off the Ransomware Protection because of the interference with some program updates. I'm pretty sure this has happened in the course of an update and not clean reinstall, which I haven't done for a bit. I presume that these settings ought to be preserved in the update process? Logs enclosed for your info only. mbst-grab-results.zip
  18. It doesn't seem very helpful for the Malwarebytes Bot to be posting help instructions for the Windows version in the Android forum. However, l had the OP's problem persistently with one of my Android phones and it seems to have been resolved with the latest releases.
  19. That's good. Let's hope it helps you resolve the issue with music player.
  20. Settings / Notifications is in the Malwarebytes settings. The "Pause RTP for 30 minutes" will only appear if you select the setting in Malwarebytes / Notifications. Good luck.
  21. Yes, I had a lot of teething problems with the app but it seems to be working well now. You have a good day too.............
  22. OK, perhaps I didn't read your post thoroughly enough. I thought pausing Real Time Protection might be enough to see if Malwarebytes was at the root of your problems. If you want to disable it completely, I think you'll need to go to Android Settings, Security, Device Administrators and de-select Malwarebytes - I think you'll then be able to Force Stop it. Good luck!
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