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  1. I have a subscription in place for Malwarebytes Premium Android ( currently) via Google Play but am now getting a nag message to take up my 30 day Premium Trial. Why is that happening?
  2. I tried to update to VLC 3.0.6 via the program's update prompt and the Malwarebytes extension for Chrome that I have installed in Vivaldi (my current browser of choice) baulked at the update and wouldn't let me download it. When I downloaded the new version directly from VLC, it installed without problem.
  3. Another vote for KeePass - I've been using it for years to store software licence details alongside the normal day to day logins and passwords. I store the master encrypted file in Dropbox and there's an excellent port for Android so I can easily gain access to my info from my smartphone. No substitute for regular system backups though! Iain
  4. I have an old single user lifetime Premium licence which I'm pretty sure I bought directly from Malwarebytes and I got this added to My Account by raising a support request giving details of the email address and licence codes - sorted out in no time.
  5. Just to remind people that this "bug", if that is what it is, doesn't affect all Windows 7 systems. I'm running Malwarebytes Premium with all updates alongside MSE on Windows Home Premium SP1 64x on a Lenovo G560 and have not experienced any freezing problems at all.
  6. Also, it's important to note that the support tool contains its own dedicated uninstaller for Malwarebytes and it's advised that it be run in preference to the Windows Uninstaller. The former is far more thorough.
  7. Thanks for that insight - always fascinating to know what goes on behind the scenes. 😉
  8. I would have thought the best defence against installing a "repack" of a Malwarebytes product would be to ensure one only buys / downloads from the official Malwarebytes site. Or am I missing something?
  9. Yes, I think you're right. As a Brit living in France, I use the 24 hour clock now and have used the YYYY-MM-DD format for years computer work to ensure easy file sorting. The UK, as in all things (eg Brexit!), wants to go its own way and mostly doesn't use the 24 hour clock day-to-day but still prefers am/pm.
  10. The new Component Package Beta (1.0.482) seems to have resolved this issue for me on Windows Home Premium SP1 64x. Have rebooted a few times without the error showing in Reliability Monitor.
  11. Great - thanks both of you for your help, Iain
  12. Ah, simple as that! I clicked on that button but couldn't find anywhere in my profile that indicated I was actually subscribed to any forums after doing so,, so didn't think it was working - we'll see what happens - thanks for your help. Iain
  13. I'd like to be alerted to new posts in the Malwarebytes 3 Beta forum so that I can get a heads up when new versions are available, but I don't seem to be able to do it. There is a "follow" button but it only seems to show who is following the forum, but with no option to instigate it for me. It would be useful to see the betas and changes / improvements made when they become available rather than waiting for the beta to show up on the application in its own good time. I do have the option selected in MB to offer beta updates.
  14. Is your system time set by you entering the value directly or is it set to receive it from the network? Might be interesting to see know.
  15. I've been seeing this for a bit and have reported it - my understanding is that the error, while naturally disturbing, has no effect on Malwarebytes protection performance as it only happens on shutdown.
  16. If I go to the link https://www.malwarebytes.com/cryptojacking/ on my Nexus 7 2013, the links do open for me but are unreadable because the menu of options remains on the page and any link clicked on is displayed underneath. The page takes up 95+ % of the display and the link is only displayable if I swipe upwards until the bottom of the page is reached, then I can see the linked info, but only around a line at a time, so basically unreadable.
  17. Possibly corrupt? What format was it in? I've had issues with PDFs from legitimate sources over the years that have been impossible to open, no matter what software I've tried to use.
  18. That's great - thanks for your prompt response.
  19. I'm running version 1.0.30 in the latest version of Vivaldi 2.0.1309.29 (Stable channel) (64-bit) and it's blocking https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl
  20. @tetonbob Thanks, Bob, I've sent you a link to the uploaded file via PM Iain
  21. @dcollins - sorry for the delay, life got in the way again. I've had two problems occurring around the same time, the second of which is, I believe, unrelated and caused by one of my USB backup drives that may be failing that has caused a couple of failures and blue screens and I've now taken out of service. The Windows Reliability Monitor shows the errors reported as being Malwarebytes related along with the USB drive failure issues, but I think the second may be the main substance of the Memory Dump. Even compressed, it's 4.7 GB, so I can't upload it through wetranfer.com. I attach the Support Tool results generated when the Malwarebytes errors were being reported, along with 3 minidump files from that day, including 092418-27222-01.dmp mbst-grab-results.zip 092418-43259-01.dmp 102417-26582-01.dmp 092418-27222-01.dmp
  22. I had a crash this morning that I think was unrelated to Malwarebytes but note from the reliability monitor that Malwarebytes has been causing other errors over the last few days. Attached WhoCrashed info may give you the info you need.
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